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The web is more Walled-Garden than you might think at first blush: 

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My phone screen is 426ppi. This cardboard convinced me I need more in just 5 minutes. 

Dear Telephone and Voice Over IP service providers. 

The year is 2015 CE. 

We have had the Internet for at least 30 years now, and average speeds, even in remote parts of the world are above 100kbps.

It is safe to increase the voice quality on your damned networks to something other than the 8 kilohertz junk you keep pushing down multi-megabit pipes.

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An Incredibly smart person at Google believes that this kind of misbehaviour (in Google Chrome) is good for the User.
Big shame, because I need to get my work done, which means I will look for another browser that doesn't get in my way like this.

If you're wondering why this is absurd:
I can connect to a non-encrypted website like: (Yes indeed, it is unencrypted until you actually start doing payments) and Google won't block it for being "unsecure".
Somehow they think that weak encryption is worse than no encryption.

The wifi calling on EE has horrible voice quality. Shame really considering that wifi typically has more bandwidth than 4G.

I don't know where developers got the idea that Shaking your phone means frustration.

One time out of maybe 1000, hou deliberately shake the phone because you minimized candy crush and lost all your progress on a hard level. All the other times, it's just random movement of your hand as you are moving about or adjusting your body...

Then you have to dismiss a silly feedback dialog or read some trash about taking a break to relieve stress.

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This is what +VMware  makes me go through in order to download a product I paid a not insignificant amount for.

Why does +Google Now display different cards on my different devices? It completely destroys handoff.
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