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Family Indoor Shooting Range
Shooting Range
Today 10AM–7PM
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Thank you for your posts. We are making every to bring you the best and safest gun range in Indianapolis. Please feel free to post you honest thoughts.
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30 S Post Rd Indianapolis, IN 46219
30 South Post RoadUSIndianaIndianapolis46219
Shooting Range, Gun Shop
Shooting Range
Gun Shop
Today 10AM–7PM
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Indoor shooting range, firearms safety training, and accessories. Outdoor gear, and personal safety equipment. (Range closes 1/2 hr before store).
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"First off, I felt completely ignored the entire time I was in the store."
"Went here despite all of the negative reviews to get on the range."
"Part of the issue is that the "sales people" are highly UNeducated."
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Vladislav Kiselyov
in the last week
Update: I increased the rating to 5 stars based on my latest experience. My problem with the membership was solved in a good way after the range remodel was over. The remodel itself was mainly in the shop part and not in the actual range, but as I said earlier, the range was actually quite good to begin with. The shop and range appears to be very popular despite all the negative reviews. Due to this popularity the range can get quite busy and there might be a waiting line (a LONG line), but since people are willing to wait that means that the waiting time was worth it. I don't really understand those reviews where it was mentioned that the staff were rude, disrespectful and uneducated. This has never been my experience. The customer service was always GREAT when I was there. However, this range is probably not for everyone. The ranged was/is heavily used, and it shows it, but that's the look I actually like. If you are after a "pointblank" look, this may not be the right one for you. Thank you for your reply. I will update my review depending on how it goes when the range re-opens. I was here a few times and I actually liked the range. I decided to buy their membership for 1 month and now they are closed all of a sudden due to a remodel. My membership is soon to expire, but there is no information about when they will be open again, and they don't answer phone calls. I even came to the range to find out what is going on. I knocked on the door many times, but nobody opened it. I could here noises coming from the inside, so someone was there. This is totally unacceptable. The 1 star rating is due to recent experience. The range itself was good.
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Response from the owner - 3 months ago
Business was sold... Sorry all your range time will be honored, so do worry you will get much more.. All you heard were contractor doing updates and upgrades. We will hope to see you soon.
Tyler Gibson
3 months ago
Showed up with a couple pistols and my wife hoping to get a lane to practice. Ghetto people were outside blasting music from their cars eyeballing my range bag. Upon entering and getting in a line, I didn't notice the sales clerk at the other counter because he had a mouth full of food and was rudely beckoning me over with a waving hand, the line I was in was long. Before the young man even introduced himself or asked what I came for, he looked at me and said rudely "It's gonna be an hour or more.", with food still in his mouth. I said thanks anyway and left, and was very upset. Steer clear of this place unless you want to get treated like dirt. Guns and ammo over priced.
• • •
Mike Smith
8 months ago
The sales people are terrible. The old guy in particular has absolutely no clue about his products, or even guns in general, and thinks you're an idiot for asking any questions at all or wanting them to do their jobs and help you. Don't go; it's not worth it. They will treat you like an idiot for doing anything, especially if you're a new shooter. I once went to shoot my CZ-52 there, which fires 7.62x25 Tokarev, and when they looked at the gun, they asked what it shot. I told them 7.62x25, and they looked at me like I spoke Hungarian, and said "I've never heard of it." So I told them it's what a TT-33 Tokarev fires, and they said they'd never heard of that either. No big deal; I don't expect everyone to know about old Soviet firearms, but when I restated that it's 7.62x25, the guy behind the counter (the same one who said he'd never heard of the round) said, "7.62? That means it's considered high-powered. You can't shoot that here." (hint: It's not) I pointed at the guns you can rent and said, you can fire .45 ACP and .357 magnum here, but not 7.62x25? To which he repeated, "it's considered high-powered." I called another employee over to see if I could talk some sense into him, and the other employee didn't know what it was either. I told them I'd shot it there before, and the one I called over said that it was okay then, because I'd done it before, and then the original know-it-all parroted what the other guy said, and told me I could shoot because I had done it before. Apparently the fact that I had shot it there before somehow made it so that 7.62 didn't mean "it's considered high-powered" anymore. I don't understand how anyone at all could get hired in the firearms industry, even just manning a counter at a range, when they think that the number 7.62 means that a round is too high-powered for a shooting range. It's ridiculous. And their prices are way too high for what they sell, especially with their used guns; I've seen standard arsenal-refurbished 91/30s go for $50-100 more than what they should go for there. I remember an old beat-up pinfire revolver in their counter that was there for years, because it was so highly priced; that was back when I didn't know about Beech Grove's range, and didn't have any other options. Overall, you'd probably have a pleasanter and more knowledgeable (and even more well-lit) experience buying from some guy's trunk in a back alley, downtown.
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Michael Martin
11 months ago
Absolutely terrible place! Part of the issue is that the "sales people" are highly UNeducated. Rude doesn't begin to describe the employees there. Also, their prices are a joke and their range is disgusting. Read other reviews before going! Going to see if we can get their FFL revoked!
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Rick Moore
2 months ago
If the business really was sold i hope all the life forms that dwelled there never return. Dons guns is WAY better and thats saying quite a bit. People........use Google and locate some OTHER business. no matter what one you use it will be better. plainfield shooters, premier arms, Bradis, beechgrove. any of them.
Ted Riley
a month ago
This place is absolutely horrible... Sales team will treat you like a punk. This is the closet shop near me. I have made two gun purcheses in the last three weeks and it wasn't here. Good Luck in 2016, your gonna need it.
Insomniac Visions
9 months ago
Went here despite all of the negative reviews to get on the range. I went to the counter to get on the range for the first time and the associate behind the counter was very rude, pompous, and disrespectful and would not let me on the range as 'i did not know what i was doing' . He cut me off in the middle of speaking and seemed like he really hates his life. I understand the safety aspect and all of that, but the customer service is just terrible, look at all the negative reviews and dont waste your time. From the vibe of this place, the word "Family" in the title is a joke. Get a new range boy that can help boost your ratings.
• • •
val C
a year ago
I've been there many times and of the 3 things gun stores do: 1-L/R wing politics, 2-Acting like you're bothering them by asking them to do their job, and 3-murdurous vibe/can't wait to use their guns, this store has given me all 3, especially the last 2. I have never been to a place where they are this rude, and was cursed at repeatedly by them. I also expect people to do their job eagerly, as do I at my own job, but these guys not only act like you're bothering them by asking questions about guns (at a gun store, like so..), but are also very uninformed and even misinformed about many of their products, and moreover are arrogant about it. I have never been so disgusted by people whose salary I've helped to pay, except when dealing with criminals who have badges, and the only reason they're still in business is because of the lack of competition of good ranges in Indy. EVERY one of their items are overpriced and the place is dimly lit and gives off a rather negative vibe. They also have a poor work ethic and keep short hours, instead of helping shooters and the gun culture. I've seen them turn down people who drove an hour and came in just for the last half an hour, willing to pay for a full hour. This is by far the last place I would take my family to and I hope that you consider this too negative/hostile to want to be around, as well as too much of a rip off to waste any of your money at. Normally after all of the negative reviews, you'd expect to see some of the things that customers complain about improved upon, but not with these guys. It's unfortunate really, that after all this time, this is about as good as it gets for this place.
• • •
Response from the owner - 11 months ago
I could not believe Val would come back... We are sorry anytime a customer has a bad impression. But with the amount of competition we have, I can not think of a reason he would visit us so often. Something is not right.