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BassMidi VSTi 1.1

Bassmidi VSTi is a portable VST 2.4 instrument/software MIDI synthesizer for Windows that is based on the Bass/BassMidi libraries by Un4Seen.
You need some SF2/SFZ soundfont(s) and a VST Host/DAW to use it. In the package both x86 and x64 versions are included for different x86/x64 hosts.
Using x86/x64 host bridges are not recommended.
Bass.dll and Bassmidi.dll have to be copied to the same (VST) directory as BassMidiVsti.dll.
Copying BassMidiVsti.vstxml is optional. It's only included for easier parameter customization.
Bassflac.dll is also optional, it's only needed when FLAC compressed SFZ files are used.
Supported MIDI events/controllers can be found in BassMidi documentation.


Fast and lightweight.
Supports both 32 and 64 bit processing.
Supports up to 5 different stacked soundfonts even on different banks (16384 maximum instruments).
Supports 12 different Reverb/Chorus effect types.
Supports 14 parameters for options that are not (or not easily) Midi controllable.
Can send midiProgramNames to hosts that support it.
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Sound Redirector 2.0

is a simple portable application to redirect Wave In to Wave Out.
Any Wave In source and any Wave Out output can be selected. The most evident scenario to use the program is to connect an analog set to line-in (e.g. old walkman). Mute the line-in playing source, and enable the line-in recording source then start the program and choose line-in for input. Then you can use equalizer, noise filter and other effects your sound cards provides on wave out but most likely not on analog line-in. From version 2.0 you can also use VST plugins.

version 2.0
The new version is completely rewritten and now uses Bass audio libraries.
This means that Sound Redirector 2 requires at least DirectX 8.0.

1. Added VST 2.x plugin support.

2. Added volume/Balance controls.

3. Added 3 band graphic equalizer.

4. Added audio recording support.

5. Added options for selecting sample rates and 32 bit floating point sample format.

6. Added x64 binaries to support 64 bit VST plugins.

7. Settings are saved into ini file.

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Ultimate MIDI Emulator project featuring Falcosoft Midi Player
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16. Midi Player - How to use Capital Tone Fallback emulation
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Added new features:
1. Palette animation.
2. Anti-aliasing.
3. Preset saving.
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Soundfont Midi Player

version 3.0
1. Added scale effect settings that enables to transpose notes to different scales (major, minor, pentatonic and other user configurable unique scales) .
2. Added taskbar thumbnail buttons (Windows 7/8/10+) and playing control shortcuts to taskbar menu.
3. Added support for Midi system real time messages to Midi input (Start/Continue/Play).
4. Playlist title and path parts are separated and tab positions are saved.
5. Other improvements: restructured menu, added show border option, position trackbar beat precision, many other fixes.
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2015.07.14. -én az NFS World evilági pályafutása véget ért. Ennek megfelelően a Magyar Ranglista emlékoldal üzemmódba váltott.
A nosztalgiázni vágyóknak az eredmények, valamint az utolsó napi offline mentésekből a profil, autó, stb. adatok is elérhetőek maradnak. További jelentkezéseknek viszont nincs értelme. Búcsúzóul megköszönöm az adminoknak az eddigi munkájukat és az egész magyar NFS World közösségnek a támogatást. Mindenkinek kívánom a legjobbakat.
Bacskó Zoltán (Falco)
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Soundfont Midi Player update

version 2.8
1. Mono volume meter is replaced with a stereo one.
2. Last played item on playlist is saved and restored.
3. Lyrics is center aligned and lyrics window is fullscreen capable.
4. Lyrics window and spectrum analyzer can be snapped to main window.
5. Save re-patched midi option added to playlist menu.
6. New channel handling option for midi input
7. Added active/inactive state feedback to main form's caption.
8. Fixed buggy 'Always on top' behaviour.
9. Added displaying midi mode of midi files for known Sysex types.
10. Added 'Shuffle' option to playlist menu.
11. Added option to main menu 'Fix SysEx patch changes'.
12. Minor cosmetic changes on Windows 8+.
13. Finally a help file with Howto videos is added.

Howto videos playlist:

Soundfont Midi Player 2.8 can be downloaded from:
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Ati Directshow Encoder

Ati Directshow Encoder is a program/frontend to encode video files with the help of AMD/ATI supplied directshow filters.

In earlier ATI Catalysts there was an option for a very limited video encoding via AVIVO Video converter.
Moreover the author of Ati Tray Tools made a utility called ATI XCoder that extended the basic functionality of AVIVO converter.
Unfortunately in the latest 13.x drivers AMD doesn't provide a frontend for it's encoding engine, and with the new unified driver sets (Catalyst + Video codecs) AMD removed atixcode.dll that was a necessary file for ATI XCoder.

So as far as I know there is no freeware solution at the moment to use the hardware accelerated encoding engine in new ATI drivers.
The good news is GPU accelerated transcoding is working with the new drivers in Windows 7/8.
With the help of this utility you can use this feature.

The program works with older drivers too since it only requires the registered atimpenc.dll that is part of the avivo package for a long time.
However (for me) GPU assisted encoding is working only with the newest drivers.

The program uses the ATI filters only for the encoding process. For decoding the input file you should install the appropriate directshow filters (eg. ffdshow).
If you can play a file with a directshow player, you can transcode it with this program.
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