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Apple estimated Able to Send 10 Million Units of the iPhone 5 in September Only
to RBC Capital Markets, the Apple iPhone 5 will be able to sent as many as 8-10
million units in the month of September. This
estimate is based on the fact that despite the new iPhone 5 will glide 21
September, but this product is already availabl...

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Huawei Honor 7 Recorded 9 Million Pre-order
Huawei smartphones has becoming more popular nowadays. I had written about Huawei Honor 7 leaked before its launch  previously and it is really announced by Huawei a few hours later. The emergence of Huawei Honor 7 brings passionate to the whole world smart...

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How to Maintain Between Gadgets And Family
It is seem bunch of gadgets rolls out till today. Either low-spec
and the high-spec ones. There are many brands to be elected. It is made us mixed
feelings to buy while thinking our budget. Those who afford will get it
straightly. What about those who kept ...

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How to Save Mobile Internet Data
Internet connection is can be necessarily for our life. I think the most people in the world will go for internet everyday. Moreover the increasing number of smartphone users around the world. They might be surfing internet once a day at least. I myself abs...

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Real Effects of Buying Clone Smartphones
All this while, i was ripped of buying several clone smartphones.At first, i did not know what the real effects that i had to face when bought those clone Smartphones.   It is all
seem perfect as real one. My younger brother told me that there is only a

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Transfer Money From Facebook Messenger released
I can't imagine if we possible to give or transfer money via any messenger applications. It is sound freak but i was true now. After Facebook announced its payment transaction features which is dubbed peer-to-peer via Facebook Messenger a few months ago and...

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First Blackberry With Android Will Release
Blackberry. I haven't use this brand so far. I ever had intention to buy one of Blackberry phones before. It was long story. When i read from Amanz blog, Blackberry was only able to sell about 7 million unit in last year. It is really small figures compared...
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