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Faiz Malkani
UI/UX Designer and Android/Web Developer
UI/UX Designer and Android/Web Developer

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Keyline Pushing v2
It's been a long time coming, but the first version increment of everyone's favorite grid app is finally here and it's worth every minute of effort put into it.
It's been a fun experience rethinking the app's logic, implementing modern code standards and using cutting-edge APIs, a far cry from the initial release which only had a switch and two color blocks and over the next few days, I plan to document my experience building Keyline Pushing. But enough reading - go try it out!
As always, the app is completely free, devoid of any ads or hidden purchases.


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• New look, new icon, complete branding and design overhaul! Everything looks different, but deep down it's the same old app :)
• Favorite Keylines: Switch between a favorite set from the notification
• QuickSettings Tile: Add the grid toggle action to Quick Settings on Android N and above
• Submit Apps: Found an app that lines up well? Submit it to have it featured in the next release
• Share: Love the app? Spread the word using the share option from the menu

A big thank you to +Nick Butcher who inspired and continues to inspire me.
And because some people were asking, yes, the names originates from +Kirill Grouchnikov's hashtag.



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Finally got around to giving Figma a shot for the XDA Feed icon, love how powerful it is!


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Material mixer, a tool that allows you to mix and match primary as well as secondary colors of material design.

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I conducted a presentation and hands-on workshop on writing your first Conversational Agent using +API.AI this weekend at #MADMeetup in #Mumbai.

I have made my material (presentation, hands-on guide (25-30 pages) and Sample Server side code for a Webhook (Go Language, Python, Node.js) available for everyone on Github.

You can use the material. Feedback and Improvements are most welcome.

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So +SpaceX is scheduled to launch their first previously used Falcon 9 booster this month! Rebounded +Chris Basha to commemorate it

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Design like a Developer

The design team at Nimber wrote an article about how we work with our developers. This article focuses mainly how to think as a developer when designing in Sketch, and how to make the delivery more efficient.

#UI #UX #Design

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Thanks for the shoutout +Juhani Lehtimäki! 
I wanted to give a quick shout out to two Android apps that designers and app UI developers might find very useful in their work.

Huge thanks to both of the app teams! Android developer and designer community is amazing. Many of us spend our free time to make everyone's work easier.

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Can barely believe it's been almost two years #keylinepushing

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First #MADMeetup was great. Join the Mumbai Android community no matter where you're from, or what you do

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