Introducing: Collections 101 Mentors!
Apply to be mentored here by Sat 6/3:

Want to learn how to make great Collections from Google+ experts?
Collections 101 is an event where our top Creators on Google+ share their knowledge and expertise in creating great Collections. And for our next event, you could be mentored by our expert Panelists!

How does it work?
If you are selected as a mentee, you’ll receive personalized feedback from our Create Mentors for 2 weeks. They’ll work with you and help you transform your Collections and Google+ content. The Collections you work on will then be showcased in our Collections 101 Panel event, and you may even be featured on the Official Google+ Page!

You should apply if you:
~ Have at least 1 Google+ Collection (with more than 5 posts)
~ Are a member of the Official Google+ Collections Community
~ Are open to feedback and willing to work on your Collection in the next few weeks
~ Want a G+ mentor to help improve your Collections and Google+ presence!

Interested? Apply to be a mentee by Saturday, June 3rd!

And if you haven't yet, check out our past #Collections101 events featuring +Nina Trankova, +Shane Dallas, +Azlin Bloor, +Peter Quinton, and +Randy Resnick: and
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