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New post series: #CreateBuddy

Google+ has always been a great place to share and connect with others around interests. It is especially great to see users working together on Google+ to share knowledge and help each other create high quality content. More than just creating and developing Collections, working together helps build a stronger Google+ community where people can learn while creating lasting relationships.

What is #CreateBuddy?
I am very excited to introduce #CreateBuddy - a series of posts where Google+ users can share their experiences of when they coached users and helped them make great content and Collections on G+! I find it so inspirational to hear these stories, and I hope that it will encourage you to create more Collections, ask questions, seek advice, and develop more relationships in our Community!

What if I have had an awesome coaching experience too?
We welcome you to share your experience of mentorship and coaching with us! Whether you helped someone work on a Collection, or have been helped by others, tell us all about it in a post and share it under the Google+ Wins! category!

We can’t wait to hear all of your awesome stories, and get inspired to make some high quality content. Until then, keep creating!

Edit: Shoutout to +Paolo Amoroso for coming up with our awesome hashtag #CreateBuddy!
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+Nina Trankova, I'm really looking forward to it! Hopefully get to hear a story from you too hehe :p
Thanks +Faith Tan.

"a series of posts where Google+ users can their experiences": there may be a missing verb here.
A great thing for the Create+ members to help out with.
got too many stories! :) encouraging and helping others create collections... create content... become more aware of the rules of social media... collaborate with each other... develop a sense of commonality and oneness... and now we are going to have a community... a community to be built brick by brick by all the members...
all stories on my profile...
thanks for providing the platform for our thoughts and ideas! 
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