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Faith Gauthier
What are you waiting for? Live Your Dream!
What are you waiting for? Live Your Dream!


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Thanks @LovelandReporterHerald and @KennethJessen 

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Had a wonderful time with Mary Waters and her "Ultimate You" photo session.

#glamourphotography #LovelandGlamourPhotography #LovelandBeautyPhotography
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Good morning looks like a nice sunny day here in Colorado but the wind is still blowing like crazy. 

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Guess what's cooking for tomorrow?
Decadent Orange Chocolate Gluten Free Cupcakes
Go over and sign up to get the recipe

#glutenfree   #recipes   #dessertrecipes  

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Added photos to It's Party Time! Share Your Favorite Latin Dishes.

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How fun! 
The Weekend Share-a-thon
I'm sharing you!
Reply with a link to your best work and I'll share it!
(But READ the RULES below first)

So I went to my profile this morning and yesterday's post is just gone.
All those wonderful comments from you folks, all your plusses and shares … gone.
I'm really frustrated with this photo upload bug right now so I thought, instead of sharing my work and the liabilities involved with the current #GooglePlusUpdate , I will share your wonderful work until it's fixed.

Here are the RULES

1– Go to your best shot in the lightbox and copy the link in the address bar and put it in the comments here. if the link you've gathered ends in "posts" it will go directly to your profile stream, NOT the image and I won't be able to share your best shot. I won't spend time looking for it either––so double check that your link works before you leave the comments here or I will just pass it up. Google+ links only, please, no blogs, etc. (EDIT: For anybody who is having issues getting the proper link (i.e., the one that does not end with the word "posts"), rather than clicking on your favorite photo from your stream and entering a lightbox view, go to your Photos tab and access the photo from within your albums. That's where you'll find the proper link.)

2 – Don't shorten your link. No "". No "". No shortening at all. This is because less-than-honest people post links to other things via link-shorteners and I want to be able to tell at a glance who the good folks are posting links to their actual work.

3 – I'll be selecting people to share randomly from the comments here and not in any particular order. I'll be doing this until I feel it is "safe" to post my own work again here, so if I don't get to yours, don't take it personally––I just want to be fair.

4 – Links to your original work only OR, if you are feeling generous, you can post a link to the shot of another photographer's original work whom you admire. I can check actual originality on works easily.

5 – Share this post to your photographer circles. You do not have to share it Publicly––I'm not doing this for self-promotion, I just want those who would like to have some exposure get a chance at it and I don't know every photographer on Google+.

6 – I'm kind of picky, so if the image you want shared is not up to my standards of excellence, I might just go and pick something else of yours to share instead (or not share your work at all, but I want to avoid that, if possible … :o))

7 – I'll only be going through comments at my original post. So, if you found this through a share, go to the original post to reply:

I look forward to the opportunity to get to know you all better by doing this. 

Thank you for participating!


#rgwoodpost  #rgwshareathon  

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One of my favorite things about photographing #weddings was when you would just capture that moment. When there was just the "two of them" together, unaware of anyone else in a room full of people. Even though I don't photograph weddings anymore I still love these images.

For #SentimentalSunday +Louisa Catharine Forsyth 

Wishing everyone a magical holiday. May your homes be filled with much love & laughter. 

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Add of course my little man #WorldwideChristmasAlbum

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Thought I would share this for #WorldwideChristmasAlbum
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