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Google Developer Expert and Entrepreneur

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Hi Folks! Need your help! Droidcon Boston is happening and they have two more spots. To win the two spots you have to get the most likes for your tweet. I'm trying to get a flutter talk going!

We have till Monday morning!

Please like the tweet here

Here are all the votes for the rest of the talks

We can do it!

know the platform just opened up to all developers, but when will it be open to users? Is it happening this year or in January?


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Preview slide from our Angular 2 dart talk at Dart summit!

Art as always by the talented


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Hey gang! I've forked SQLJocky as SQLJocky2. The old one is not maintained but fully stable (and used in production in many apps), but I think its time Dart gets a proper MySQL connector thats maintained.

I've gone ahead and merged +Kevin Moore's PR from almost a year ago from the original repo. There are a few other Pr's outstanding but they have merge conflicts. Would be great to get them merged also!

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Gang! anyone have any experience setting up SSL with Dart?

The documentation is clear but the struggle is going from ComodoSSL and what they give me to what the documentation outlines.

Any help would be super appreciated!

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Learn a few new tricks using Angular 2 pipes in Dart, including how to make your custom pipes globally accessible just like the built-in pipes.

#gde #dartlang #angular #article #tutorial

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Sorry, guys... Had to post this one more time now that it has its awesome new graphic, courtesy of +Rachel Ward.

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How much can an SSD improve your Android development experience?

Web Technologies #GoogleDevExpert Faisal Abid on how to deploy a Dart server to Google Compute Engine using Docker and continuous integration:
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