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know the platform just opened up to all developers, but when will it be open to users? Is it happening this year or in January?


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We wanted to give developers a little bit of time to build actions before we start approving them. You will (ahh, may) see a trickle of new actions in Dec, and many more in jan. See note at the bottom of this doc: - Distribute your Actions | Actions on Google | Google Developers

There will be a directory in the home app, see info on that here:
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Faisal Abid

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Hey gang! I've forked SQLJocky as SQLJocky2. The old one is not maintained but fully stable (and used in production in many apps), but I think its time Dart gets a proper MySQL connector thats maintained.

I've gone ahead and merged +Kevin Moore's PR from almost a year ago from the original repo. There are a few other Pr's outstanding but they have merge conflicts. Would be great to get them merged also!

Any help would be appreciated!

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Great! I'll merge in my repo changes shortly!
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Faisal Abid

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Learn a few new tricks using Angular 2 pipes in Dart, including how to make your custom pipes globally accessible just like the built-in pipes.

#gde #dartlang #angular #article #tutorial
Pipes in Angular 2 (known as filters in Angular 1.x) are a nice, convenient way to keep your application data clean, unsullied by visual artifacts, but still present that data to your users in an attractive way. Currency would be a good example of this situation: Users like to
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Faisal Abid

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Google just announced a re-designed AdWords experience. In case you’re not familiar with AdWords: businesses use it to advertise on and partner websites. Advertising makes up majority of Google’s revenue, so when G...
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Faisal Abid

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How much can an SSD improve your Android development experience?

Web Technologies #GoogleDevExpert Faisal Abid on how to deploy a Dart server to Google Compute Engine using Docker and continuous integration:
With continuous integration and deployment using Codeship! You'll notice that there aren't a lot of documented ways to deploy Dart onto Google's cloud. App Engine has no support and Managed Vm while technically supports Dart, it's not out of beta yet, so I don't trust it. One way to deploy
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Great write up +Faisal Abid
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Faisal Abid

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Please upvote this on hackernews!
Hacker News new | comments | show | ask | jobs | submit · login · Dart, Angular 2, and Polymer Together ( 3 points by monyr75 13 minutes ago | past | web | discuss · Applications are open for YC Summer 2016 · Guidelines | FAQ | Support | API | Security | Lists | Bookmarklet | DMCA ...
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Good notes, +Justin Fagnani! Interestingly, the article does note that Angular components don't work outside the context of an Angular app, while Polymer components can.

I regularly argue, myself, that to maximize reusability of a component, you should create a true web component instead of an Angular one. However, main-app has no use outside of this Angular application, so of course it doesn't fall into that category.

I will review the article's text to make sure the very important distinction you brought up is clear.
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Faisal Abid

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Hi Gang! anyone have any experience setting up SSL with Dart?

The documentation is clear but the struggle is going from ComodoSSL and what they give me to what the documentation outlines.

Any help would be super appreciated!
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Hey Lunix! Can I contact you via email? my email is 
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Faisal Abid

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Just noticed that Dart Dev Compiler ( was added to Dart SDK 1.16! Cool!

DDC can allow write libraries in Dart and consume them in pure JS!
dev_compiler - Experimental Dart to JavaScript compiler designed to create idiomatic, readable JavaScript output.
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Faisal Abid

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Sorry, guys... Had to post this one more time now that it has its awesome new graphic, courtesy of +Rachel Ward.
I've written before about using Dart, Angular 2, and Polymer Together, but that tutorial only demonstrated the use of a handful of simple Polymer elements, like paper-header-panel, paper-toolbar, paper-icon-button, and the flexbox goodies of iron-flex-layout. That's all great stuff, and I scarcely write an app without those things, but what
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Faisal Abid

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Like Redis? Check out using Redis with Dart on Dart Academy.
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Faisal Abid

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Flutter is looking great!
Lots of progress recently in the Flutter universe. The prettiest progress was a demo that Viktor landed showing how to integrate our sprites library with our Material widgets library, which looks really sweet. I included a screenshot below, and you can see the source at:

Hans has been working on implementing the various patterns described in the Material Design "Scrolling Techniques" page, which has a lot of subtlety. I've included some screenshots of this below too. Hopefully if we can build all those techniques into our widget library, applications written with Flutter will be able to replicate those patterns easily by just setting a few flags. One open question is how much we should bake into the Scaffold widget and how easily we can make things overridable so that you can provide your own variations.

Meanwhile, I continued to work on making Flutter apps accessible. I've been focusing on Android so far, and I've hit a major milestone: you can now navigate Flutter apps with the TalkBack service, hear the labels, and press buttons! You can see this in one of the screenshots below, where I've turned on TalkBack's captions so you can see what it's reading out. There's still lots to do, and it's still relatively buggy, but I think we have a good foundation.

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