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The #FairTax : For Americans who want to keep their paycheck instead of the  #IRS . Agree?
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The time is now. If Washington will not listen we must use Article V of the US Constitution to hold Amendment Conventions in a Convention of States. 34 states forces all states to hold conventions. 
It's time for the "Fair Tax," folks, and I will repeat again and again, the "Fair Tax" not the flat tax, as the flat tax keeps the IRS in power, and we want those IRS people GONE!
So write your senators and congressmen and women and tell them what you want, and share this post across the whole USofA!
The problem with a flat tax is that it never stays flat. It has been tried and failed. 
Hey Randy, I think you should know that I just got an email from a guy Raymond Babcock, calling the "Fair" tax a "flat" tax, as if that's what it is, so I hope that guy doesn't have too much power in Cyberworld!
Fair tax solves healthcare! No tax more incentive for employers to provide health insurance, which is the root of the whole problem. 
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