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FairTax Dave gives us a visual for #IRS   agents secretly training with AR-15 rifles. Do you want to END the IRS for good? Then demand your Congressman or Congresswoman support the #FairTax‪  legislation here:
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Criminals need to train in order to rob, thus the need for rifle training
Why do accountants train with firearms? 
Because they are more criminal than ur run of the mill accountant
The message here is is the fix.
When we pay our taxes at the cash "register" ie.. #CashRegisterTax
Solved no need for treasury agents needed.
Long story short!
What's say you @Barack Obama give every #American a pay raise. Free the capital of all business - they the corporations could. Parley there savings into expanded medicare.
"Got to feed the chickens to make them lay eggs and everybody eats .!@?"
WHY cannot the American people get together and take what they want.  They did it when they wanted their freedom from the United Kingdom.  Have the American people become so wimpy that they cannot do anything about their futures and the future of their children? I am ashamed of the people who only do what the media tells them to.
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