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DID YOU KNOW: On average, over the last 10 years #Congress  has changed the tax code more than once per day! Americans are sick of "reforming" our tax code but lobbyists aren't. We need to END income taxes and END the IRS. The #FarTax  legislation does this and more. Demand Congress pass the FairTax, HR 25, here:
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+FairTax May I suggest the possibility of working with the Internal Revenue Service.
Our government will need the Treasury and the IRS to manage the new sales tax system.
They have the data to run the parallels of "revenue" to prove the facts behind FairTax.Org,
The IRS  can run the "sales tax" numbers against GDP and cash receipts.
 The goal should be move the ball forward on the new "progressive  _retail sales tax_ system" and how Fair Tax #NotFlat  gathered by  #FairTax  will tax money when it moves in the market.
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I am a believer in the FairTax.Org
States already have sales tax infrastructure and systems in place to implement. The IRS is really not needed. Maybe, as you mention, in a very, very small oversight capacity, but that's it.  99% of the IRS can be eliminated. :)
This seems great.  What are some of the failures/deficiencies/drawbacks of this plan?
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