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It's REAL! But many don't know so please 1) LIKE this picture and SHARE it and 2) DEMAND Congress end the IRS with the FairTax here: It takes one minute but think of April 15th and do it! Thanks!
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While this "sounds" good on face value, the reality is that it would be replaced by some other department/agency. It's like saying 'Kill all the lawyers' to end stupid lawsuits. We NEED to erase the current rules and start all over so that it is fair on ALL levels. Loopholes and "incentives" do nothing but help the rich and greedy while adding nothing to the common and general welfare. 
+Kevin King I know it's not perfect Kevin.  But Goddess knows something has to change.
I totally agree and the Goddess will help us if we put effort towards it. That starts with supporting and electing local politicians and legislators as well as scholarly (objective and non-refutable) research as a basis of educating common everyday folks. It won't happen over one cycle but every cycle we'd be that much closer to goal. 
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