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Fahran Wallace
Enthusiastic. Hungry for knowledge. Loves programming, and also the sea.
Enthusiastic. Hungry for knowledge. Loves programming, and also the sea.

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Had an amazing time at Barcamp London X this weekend - such fun geeking out with old friends and meeting new ones. Hats off to the Geeks of London for repeatedly organising these great events.

As a present to my future self (because I have a brain like a sieve), I did sketchnotes for lots of the talks I went to.

Some people noticed me scribbling away, and encouraged me to upload them, so here they are!

They weren't intended for public consumption, and so I've gone back, scrawled in a few more twitter handles etc. They're also much more an 'aid to memory' than real notes, so if you didn't go to that particular talk, my notes aren't going to make much sense.

If I've misquoted or otherwise maligned you - please drop me a note and I'll fix it.

ALSO: I cannot draw. Especially people. But I have a go anyway, as it helps me remember who the speaker actually was!
If I have drawn you, I'm sorry. You don't look that squashed or squinty or deformed in real life!
Barcamp London X Sketchnotes
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Over the weekend, I systematically ruined my taste in music, and it's all Tom Lehrer's Fault.

For those of you who don't know him (and I strongly encourage you to remedy this if you don't!), he was a comedy singer/songwriter in the 60s, specialising in parody, satire and absurdity. His most famous songs are "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" (Tom Lehrer - Poisoning Pigeons in the Park - with intro) and "The Elements", (set to a possibly recognisable tune) (Tom Lehrer - The Elements - LIVE FILM From Copenhagen in 1967

There are two problems with binging on #TomLehrer. The first, he only ever recorded three albums, so withdrawal sets in pretty early. Secondly, he's a lyricist of such striking pithiness and wit that all other songs seem flat and lifeless afterwards. Seriously, I tried everything from The Kinks to Muse, and nothing works. No-one else even attempts rhymes such as "Oedipus" with "duckbilled platypus". Disappointing as, as Mr. Lehrer proves, you can totally get away with such things.

Go listen. But don't say I didn't warn you.

We Will All Go Together When We Go (You will all go directly to your respective Valhallas. Go directly, do not pass Go, do not collect two hundred dollahs.) Tom Lehrer - We Will All Go Together When We Go

Oedipus Rex (You may have heard about his odd complex.
His name appears in Freud's index
'Cause he loved his mother.) Tom Lehrer - Oedipus Rex

The Masochism Tango (Let our love be a flame, not an ember,
Say it's me that you want to dismember.) Tom Lehrer - The Masochism Tango

Going to try fill the void with Tim Minchin now. I hope he's up to the challenge!
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