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A leading source for facts, information and resources for today's generation
A leading source for facts, information and resources for today's generation


Please I don't know and understand why this page cannot be visible to communities. If we post an amazing pic or infographic in a  community that is it is related to, we don't see any engagements, no plusses, shraes or comments. If I personally share it to th same community, I get 100+s and tons of shares and comments.

I am even skeptical if you can see this post though.

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What do you think this Apple car will lack?

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You may often think that you are crazy, or different, and feel that you 're underrated, because of your idea.

Don't be ashamed of your genius. You can change the world. the world needs you.
What ever happens, you'll always win if you don't quit and despair.

Think Different.
#inspiration #Apple

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We should take a cue from this and work out methods of preserving animals in danger of extinction.

#nature   #animals  

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Factwide has a new look

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Good work, Jason
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What is aural microsuction?

Aural microsuction is a method of safely and painlessly removing wax from the ear.
In contrast, oto-irrigation (what used to be known as ear syringing) has been unavailable for a long time through district nurses, as the traditional ear syringe is no longer considered best practice, and the oto-irrigation equipment is quite cumbersome. Also, there is a chance that a preexisting perforated eardrum could be undiagnosed and the irrigation process may push wax, dead skin and bacteria through the eardrum into the middle ear, with the resultant potential for infection. This is why many GP surgeries have stopped ear syringing and oto-irrigation and now refer all patients to their local ENT department for aural microsuction.
This service is free under the NHS, but the usual two week wait for syringing by the GP Practice Nurse has now extended to up to six weeks or more, as ENT clinics struggle to cope with the demand. At London Hearing Aids, we can offer aural microsuction wax removal in London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire. For more information head over to

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One solution to internet connectivity to those who don't have it.
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