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Big announcement regarding Sunday's show: Bob will be interviewing former President Bill Clinton. What should we ask him?
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How much lying did he have to do during the DNC speech?
Who is the best president in his lifetime?
How do we break up this logjam called Congress and get both sides working together after this election?
He had to work with a republican congress with Newt Gingrich and John Kasich.  What is the key for a president to work effectively with the other party in control of congress. 
Is it true he suggested using an empty chair to Clint?
Will he be as supportive of Hillary in her next attempt at the presidency?
What does Bill Clinton think of the Obama support for the NDAA and appeal of Judge Katherine Forrest's ruling?
Would you ever consider running as a vice president? You would make an awesome vp.
Why didn't he do more to make the alarms that Brooksley Born, then head of the CFTC, was sounding about derivatives on Wall Street be heeded and instead allowed her to be driven out of her position which likely exacerbated - if not outright caused - the disastrous financial implosion of 2008
What do you think Romney is really up to? Regarding his campaign, he really isn't working that hard to get voters, sample taking weekends off, campaigning out of swing states. Also, he seams to answer any question with what ever the audience wants to hear. Looking forward to watching you on Face The Nation!
Bob was great as a news anchor and well trusted, he is good at this position as well. good for him!
If Clinton was president now what one thing would he do to restart the economy
Would a modern form of WPA work now?
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