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Coming up tomorrow...the latest news out of Israel, plus updates on the Benghazi investigation, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, and the Petraeus scandal. We'll talk to Senators John McCain, Olympia Snowe and Dick Durbin. It's going to be a jam-packed hour. Grab a cup of coffee and join us!
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Sorry to say it, but John McCain has long since lost his credibility by being a servant of the neocons.
Anyone who picks Sarah Palin cannot be taken seriously or be of sound mind.
W. Howard  thank you for speaking without four letter words and hate of Sarah P.
McCain, you would have made a fine President in 2000, your time has passed. This tragedy occurred regardless of the semantics of what the leaders used or didn't use. Concentrate on creating jobs and stop factories from being offshored.
+lois howe  I keep my four letter words very rare. Hating backing does little good. However there are those who think mere disagreement is hate. As for Sarah I am gonna say she would have been great as VP. (now watch the libs give ME the four letters and middle fingers.)
Its difficult, but keep going. ....If your right, you don't have to worry.
+Mike Duncan you are right. McCain has committed acts RINO in the past. However, at least he is doing right by this issue.
RINO or not as long as he follows the word of God and as he is helping scociety.
William some just cannot accept the truth and would rather make accusations with no basis in fact, they like you live in an alternative world.
What is this "alternative",  world and it called Gods word to follow not mans word, Gods Word, tricky words wont stop God..
+David Laguna and that is why YOU should not accuse McCain of not being of sound mind of the Palin pick. John McCain has endured far more than most and still came out a successful man. I am so sick of liberals who attack those they disagree with by playing the race card, the intellect card, the crazy card or the gender card. You folks have a full house of crap to throw at people with no basis. Can you even measure up to a Sarah Palin or a John McCain? Most liberal losers cannot. Instead they make a life of begging the government to extort more from us productive folks.
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