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Coming up this Sunday: top Republicans Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich talk to Bob Schieffer about Campaign 2012 and the upcoming debates. Will you be watching?
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Absolyely NO,,! They are disgusting people. Always have been.
"Will you be watching us toss softball questions set up explicitly to allow nearly unchecked spin from two conservative nitwits acting as Romney surrogates on the state of the 2012 race?"

-FTN, what they meant to write.

No thanks. I'll wait till the Sunday shows decide to mix it up a bit and veer from the shades of red just a tad before I watch. I'd rather read something informative and insightful that required real investigative work than watch some incompetent boobs provide an unchallenged microphone for coordinated party talking points.
Nope, since the candidate I'm voting for (Gary Johnson) isn't even on the list of participants.
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