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Sunday: The new war on terror with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., and a panel with Jane Harman, James Lewis and Bob Orr. Plus, a politics roundtable with David Leonhardt and Kevin Merida. What questions do you have about cyber attacks and drones?
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Well...what happens if some crazy hacker creates a backdoor in one of the drones ?
Watch Graham and Harman channel Netanyahu's rants? I think not.
"if a U.S. Citizen is plotting against the United States, do we have the legal and moral authority to kill them without a trial?"

Sunday is too late. California... Modoc Coyotes vs Big Bear.
+Mike Martin Graham got his briefs in a knot when he faked outrage yesterday at Panetta saying there wasn't enough time to send in a rescue team to Benghazi on 9/11/12, but not about the F-16s not having time to arm themselves when they were order to take down jets on 9/11/01.
You can have all the people on face the nation or any main stream media you want but its just a show no one on the program or cbs gives a damn about the usa its all about trying to make republicans look bad and ignoreing the facts the facts are if we would let the world take care of them selfs and we take care of our bussiness the world would be better off all this other is bull shit and if we think some one else wants to hurt us blow them off the globe .if the 11 million illegals are confirmed get them out i have ti obey the law but they dont but cbs and washington wants to give them a free pass this country is takeing our rights daily and covering it up ith dron strikes and imigration talk that is just talk to cover up their corruption we are a nation of corruptness lies theives and double standards no wander we are hated
Lindsey Graham is nothing but a blamer, does nothing to change things, He himself will not respond to anyone outside of SC.  He wrote that military were never told that they would have health care for life if they made military their career.  Don't have much faith in him.  Who cares what the President was doing at the moment of crisis, what was Lindsey doing at that moment, probably blaming someone besides himself.  He is the reason we need only 2 terms for Senators.
Senator Lindsey Graham needs to work on other problems.
We have greater problems than the 4 great Americans we lost there, if we had done what he suggested we would have had more lost of lives.
I have never seen the Nation with such poor leadership in Congress!
 I agree they should be limited to 2 terms also.
Ljubica..would be a good director.

Use of unmanned aerial vehicles will continue.

You do not need to kill without trial.

Internet attacks will be, but are not dangerous, they can not endanger.

. and can not do great and serious damage or danger.

But they are very important people who work in these institutions.

To NOT disclose information.

This is most important.
Ljubica.. The consensus thinking appears to be that John Brennan will be confirmed as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency,.
Yes it that true...
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