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Check out some of Bob's thoughts about his interview tomorrow morning with former Pres. Clinton. Will you be watching? 
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je penses a ses blagues en live, tout de meme il fera pas poid pour detroner le Morman
+james powell when is bill not trying to get into the spotlight. but I think this is about the clinton foreign policy institute business that's going on.  'ILLUMINATI"
+1 David C. Clinton est un menteur et un tricheur. Le public n'a pas confiance en lui. C'est domage.
et es porteur du symbole de l'ane, ont su ca ou pas ( le PDemocrate) ou bien les yankees sont comme aussi bornés que les francais!! pour reelir l homme invisible??
Former President Clinton was a great President and he sticks to the facts. (who cares if he got a BJ). If Al Gore had become president, the 9/11 attacks probably would not have happened as he would have stayed on UBL's ass just like Clinton did. Richard Clarke would have made sure we stopped that attack. The NeoCon's (Paul Wolfowiz wrote the article in 1998 for the Neocon website: "Project for a New American Century" ); Wolfowiz wanted a "new pearl habor" to motivate the country into war in the middle east. 
I will be watching Face the Nation on my PC in the morning.
like a president taps ass frm time to time
Golly, Bob,
Why not just hug the president? 
Here's a soft lob, Bill. Wow, you really hit that one.
Here's another. Double wow.
I really cannot think of any difficult questions.
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