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Martine ask us 3 very precise questions:
1- I have 2 frown lines that I would like to decrease, conscious that they cannot disappear.
2- I would like to firm up and to tone up the bottom of my face to avoid jowl.
3- I would like to relax certain parts of the face as the forehead.
We answered:
1- For wrinkles, practise the Yang~yin protocol which consists in stimulating the zone for one minute with the yang ball of the tool nº206 and then another minute with the yin side of prongs or the toothed brass cylinder of tool nº219.
››› Like this, you will work in-depth the ground and then distribute the reactivated nutrients.

2- To firm up jowls:
…a) We use the concave cylinder of the multireflex tool nº207 to stimulate the outlines of the face. Two minutes by side are enough.
…b) Then with the beauty pad nº374 we exercise a soft sweeping (no need to press; it must be light), of the neck towards cheeks. Use a bit of soap or a natural oil.

3- To relax the face:
››› With the double yin roller (prongs roller) of the tool nº308 or the smooth brass sphere of tool nº207 you will feel a powerful painkiller effect. Roll the forehead one or two minutes and listen to your body to feel the difference.

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