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The constant ringing that seems to come from inside your head, known as Tinnitus, is suffered by many, in fact too many. Some describe it as “Bees buzzing” others as “A wind whistle” and others “The hiss of an old TV” (White Noise)
There are so many causes that it's particularly difficult to resolve - A hearing disorder. Accidents, such as head trauma, loud headphones or earbuds, loud concerts, using construction or lawn equipment without hearing protection. Even overuse of drugs, especially anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.
Antidepressants also do not solve the problem and in fact can have a contrary effect. It is much better to seek natural remedies without contraindications!
In Dien Chan we try to reach the cause through several multireflexology roads.

• Looking at the diagram of the ears on the face we see that the area of the antitragus of the ear (the cartilage located just above the earlobe) coincides with the zone of the adrenals on the viscera of the face (bqc·point 17·).
Using multireflex detector nº101 almost vertically, we can stimulate to find a sore spot on the lower contour of the ear hole. This is often a very painful point, so detectors with spring pressure, which do not allow adjustment to the stimulations, are not recommended.
The complete facial formula is: 300· 290· 45· 17· 235·. Using the small yang hammer nº128, tap for 30 seconds, 3 times per point.
As always Dien Chan has the extraordinary ability to verify theories in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) bqc·points 300· are the kidneys, which reflex the ears and vice versa... Amazing – yes?

• The same diagrams also show us that the gallbladder may be involved. And this is interesting as it often happens that the meridian of the Gallbladder is used for hearing disorders and a “tour around” the ear, stimulating the bqc·points 41· 233· and 50· rebalances the hepatic system (liver).

• On an emotional level remember, the energy of the gallbladder is involved with decision-making and the ears which reflect the kidneys - buried fears.
When angry, or a rage has started, tinnitus can be provoked. In this case we have to treat the liver (see formula above) and add the bqc·point 70· on the left side; yin point that rebalances the liver (calms and cools).

However, Tinnitus can be a symptom of other disturbances. In Dien Chan we have the ability to test without risk.

• Bqc·points 5·, 74· and 10· correspond to the cranial nerve nº7 which controls facial muscles, saliva and tear secretion and also the sensibility of the ear. Point 5· and 74· are located in the centre of the nasal fin and at it’s base. They allow us to resolve problems of tinnitus linked with cranial nerves. When pressure is applied, the pain (especially point 5·) is very accurate for locating their positions. Stimulate 3 times for 20 seconds each one.

• The principle of similarity, guides the creative therapist to the Malleolus in the ankle that resemble the Antitragus of the ear.
Stimulate the area with a yang tool, or use moxa to warm the area.

➤ Tinnitus is not an easy condition to resolve, but we do get good results once we find the right “path” - Kidney's, Liver, Cranial nerve(s) or similarity of shape.

★ For individual self-treatment: Find your “path” and apply, daily for 3 minutes.
★ For professionals: Show your client how, in the comfort of their home, to use the small yang hammer nº128, and the points they should be addressing. It is only by sharing your knowledge that your credibility and confidence will grow.

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