Let’s avoid anti-inflammatory when it's not necessary!
In Spanish we say "to kill flies with a cannon”. It works but may destroy the house!
Anti-inflammatory pills are a little similar. Why not to try before softer, less invasive methods, which are not going to damage our stomach, kidneys and liver?
Why not to open a window and make the fly go out before gasing the family with the insecticide?
To treat lumbar vertebrae pain with Dien Chan we use the great effective information from Mtc: rebalance the energy flow of the meridian of bladder!
Our knowledge in anatomy indicate us that the lumbar zone must be connected with kidneys. And by coincidence they are in direct connection with the bladder. In fact we always fall again on our legs if we learn to build bridges between the various information sources. This is multireflexology reasoning.
›Let’s remind that meridians are channels that borrow the energy to circulate in the body.

§ The meridian of bladder comes down along the vertebral column, passes in the middle of the gluteus and comes down behind the thigh, joining the calf to finish on the side of the foot and the little toe (it is the sciatica path).
§ Furthermore, any overwork of loins can have an incidence on lumbar vertebrae and provoke the famous "back pain" or "lumbago". And conversely, a “lumbago” entails a renal imbalance.

We are thus going to activate the blood microcirculation of the kidneys and to work also on the bladder to solve the energy blockings along the meridian.
It is always recommended to begin with a light local work to call the brain on the zone we are working on. In the case of lumbar vertebrae, the big hammer nº430 is the ideal. On the zone, we begin with some slow percussions with the suction cup side (yin) to make liquids going up during three minutes. Then we renew the operation with the yang side provided with some gums, to distribute them. Do not forget the constant dialogue with the patient because it do not have to ache especially but even rather pleasant.
To work locally the meridian of bladder we have the ideal tool. The Double yang ball nº410 allows to roll around the vertebral column without touching vertebras and stimulating exactly the path of the meridian. Roll from the bottom up during 5 minutes. Light, without pressing, and if it is a little painful, use a fine clothe between the tool and the skin.

Then we apply our facial treatment that will receive all the attention of our subject thanks to the body preparation.
For the lumbar vertebra zone we find generally tender spots with the detector on the nose: 45· but if you are a beginner do not hesitate to stimulate bqc·points 300· with the small hammer nº128 on the forehead.
To work the bladder meridian you can roll with the little spike ball of tool nº206 along the nose and complete with the stimulation of bqc·points: 87· 85· 126·.

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