A physiological and normal step in a woman's life: MENOPAUSE
Menopause is the time of life when a woman's ovaries stop ovulating and menstruation ends. The average age for menopause to begin (pre-menopausal) is 50, although it can begin as early as early 40,s.
There is a tremendous range of treatments, but like everything in life there is no ideal treatment or "quick fix" pill and symptoms can range from almost nothing to down right annoying.
You question the effectiveness and possible harmful side effects that come with Hormone Replacement Therapy pills (HRT) and we share your decision not to use them.
So here are some tips:

Dress in layers, so you can remove a layer or two if you get really hot.
Maintain a lower room temperature, (your family may have to add a layer of clothing) and avoid hot drinks, like tea or coffee.
During hot flashes place a cold, wet washcloth on your neck. And avoid smoking, take this opportunity to quit!

Thanks to it's spiked design, the brass toothed cylinder of multireflex tool nº219, enables faster and deeper cooling to the skin without damaging it, and it encourages the body's natural auto-regulation to reduce heat and soothe hot flashes.
For 3 minutes, starting at your forehead gently roll back and forth over your entire face, working small areas at a time. From the forehead work towards your temples, then down through your cheeks and around your mouth to your chin. Because of the yin effects of the tool (refreshing and dispersing), you will quickly rebalance your body and cool down. Repeat the treatment whenever the first signs of a hot flash appear.
With the mini rake end of the tool gently rake the sides of your nose, (which, on one of the many Dien Chan diagrams, reflects the uterus) and under the eyes (which reflects the ovaries) to regulate ovarian activity. 2 minutes per eye will be sufficient.
Keep the tool in the fridge after each use to make the yin effects even more effective; it's much better than using an ice cube.

This is caused by decreased estrogen levels, as the ovaries begin to close down.
Everyone wants to stay fresh and clean and intimate shower products are increasingly advertised on TV, but they can actually cause vaginal dryness, and too intense hygiene destroys the natural bacterial flora in the vagina which protects you and allows natural lubrication... and there are many lubricating gels advertised for that too; it's a vicious circle!
Use only a gentle lubricant before sexual intercourse and natural vaginal moisturizers.
Dien Chan suggests you massage around the lips of your mouth just before an intimate relationship as this increases your body’s natural lubrication.
And as a supporting treatment, stimulate the bqc·points 3· 287· 38· 63· on the left side of your face only, with the rubber tip of the little hammer nº128.

For SLEEP disturbances:
Go to bed when you are sleepy and get up at the same time every morning.
Remove all screens from the bedroom (mobile, tablet, TV, etc...)
Avoid caffeine and other stimulants after midday and do not consume alcohol.
If your brain is “too busy” at bed time, use the rubber tip of the little hammer nº128, to tap gently on bqc·points 124· 34·. These points relieve stress and will help you sleep well.
To facilitate “letting go” again, tap gently with the little hammer on bqc·points 103· 37·.

Try to stay active and exercise.
Seek emotional support among women in the same, or similar situation.
Also follow this Dien Chan treatment: Using the Yin rake nº416 gently rake your skull (not just brush your hair) from the forehead to the nape of your neck for 5 minutes. You will soon notice how your energy levels rise.

Come on!
This change of life, as we all know as “The Change” is the time to start your journey of personal wisdom and leadership, just as nature planned in her evolutionary project.
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