Smoking and nervous system
Q?:: Can I work the stop-smoking for a pregnant woman of less than 3 months. Ray the face, to raise the energy? The use of the hammer does not seem to me appropriate.
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✔︎ On a pregnant woman it is not to stimulate any points under the horizontal line that crosses bqc·points 50· and 39· because organs are compressed by the baby and it could disturb him.
We shall thus use the diagram of internal organs on the forehead.
For a treatment to stop smoking more than to raise the energy it would certainly be necessary to calm the nervous system. The small hammer nº128 is the most indicated because it allows us to stimulate bqc·points 124· and 34· to calm and 103· to strengthen the will power to stop (they are all on the forehead).
Then a good trick is to stimulate the bqc·point 14· every time we re-feel the envy to light one. It corresponds to the throat and makes salivate; it is just situated in the junction of the lobe with the ear.
Raying the forehead allows to make a “reset” and to change the taste of the cigarette; to more bitter.
With the application you will find all the diagrams and many more protocols of care more detailed that you can adapt.

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