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❓:: I wanted to know if it is possible to stimulate points on a child of age of 3 years to treat the asthma? If yes, which?
And another general question, can we stimulate any point to treat a child, there is not a minimal age?
Merci d'avance,
Camille C.
❗️:: We do not stimulate points on a child of less than 4 years old but rather zones and with the fingers.
For the small babies —for very surprising that this could seem— the ideal way is to treat the mother. In effect the communication mom - baby is very intense and the natural therapies allow to restore the balance of the energetic flow treating the mother.
For the asthma thinks about all the “respiratory” formulae of the book or of the application that are very effective.
Here what Faceasit’clinic proposes choosing:
››› Anatomy: lungs
››› Symptom: Asthma
Evidently we are not going to do all the bqc·points proposed!
We remember that Pr. Bùi Quôc Châu discovers numerous points on the face thanks to his treatments to drug addicts. In addition, the above mentioned were suffering very much of asthma.
For this reason, the principal bqc·point representative of the energy of the lungs is the number 3·. Because he numbered his points for chronological order of discovery, the retained ones for the treatment of the respiratory disorders are the first ones.
Faceasit’clinic proposes 100% of the possibilities and in order to facilitate the things, the bqc·points considered important are in red.
The points 3· and 13· of the left side allow to moisten (yin side) when the 3+ and 13+ (right side yang) allow us to dry and to warm the lungs.

Create a personal card from the fifth button (+) to eliminate those who are insensitive during the stimulation.
And pressing the elongated button you can transform the points into reflex zones (green).
We stimulate then the zones with the help of a tool with yin effects if we must increase the pulmonary dampness or rather yang if on the contrary we want to dry and to increase the temperature. For example the multireflex tool nº219 and its mini-rake for yin effects and the tool nº307 for yang effects.

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