Wrinkles and lines of expression
If you want to power the active ingredients of your cream and this way use less… and this way to be able to buy a better quality one…
It is very simple:
Before applying your cream, realize a soft massage of the contour of your eyes with the mini-brush side of multireflex tool nº252. Softly, “kneading” without never damaging the skin, draw small circles during 3 minutes.
You can follow the sense of the ∞ beginning from the superciliary left arch surrounding the eyes as glasses.
This massage beside activating the blood microcirculation, drains the liquids and prepares to a better absorption of the active ingredients of the cream that you apply after.
You will see that you will be able to put less product and that its effects will be major.

With the smooth cylinder you can revise the circles and around the commissures of the eyes “iron” wrinkles and refresh the skin.
But at dusk if you have to go out, the ideal thing is to pass the cold cylinder of brass (golden part of the tool) on the most “subdued” zones of the face. You will notice how you recover light in your eyes and how the facial muscles are strengthened.

➤ They are too simple gestures with common sense for an industry greedy for chemical innovations!
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