Treating emotions with Facial Reflexology
In Dien Chan as Traditional Chinese Medicine we observe the human in its entirety. We consider that there is no separation between body and mind. An emotional disorder can disrupt our health and vice versa.
Do you know the theory of five elements?
The five couples of organs and entrails are related to emotions.
It may be an emotion which is not expressed or at the contrary, which is excessive in its intensity or its duration. It will disrupt the energy balance of the body.
The energy flows such as the Qi will not circulate properly in the body, causing physical and physiological disorders.

So we can stimulate the reflex areas of the face to rebalance our energy flow.
The numbers marked on each card are the bqc·points of the map of Dien Chan that you have to transform into zones.
Het help with Faceasit'clinic*, reflex zones are automatically built from the points and you find all the emotions from the red button of the brain.

*Faceasit is the ultimate App of Dien Chan able to build protocols of care, study the many diagrams of projection and create custom client notes.

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