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We are teaching Dien Chan and Chan'beauté in San Francisco June 10th to 12th 2016.
contact@multireflexology.com or courses.multireflexology.com to get more information.
Chan'beauté, the beauty and æsthetic part of Dien Chan (the original method of facial reflexology) offers a new way of observing the face and helps complete the sentence “The face is the reflection of the soul” by adding “... and of our internal balance”.
Beauty marks, moles, wrinkles, dimples and spots on our face reflect a potential internal imbalance and indicate present or past weaknesses. By observing tone, brightness and texture, the face is an important source of information about the general internal state of the body and is a very good indicator of our health.
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Dien Chan is the original method of Facial Reflexology. We stimulate without needles fix points and reflex zones on the face. We use precise multireflex tools that produce yin or yang effects...
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