Everyone who wants to discover and commit to the well-being of their peers and themselves should be able to do so with Chan’beauté.
The trend today is for relaxing, natural care and many Wellness Professionals and Spas have asked us for advice on how to integrate the therapeutic aspects of Chan’beauté into their aesthetic treatments.
At EiMDC (the school of Multireflexology – Dien Chan), the more we worked, the more we realized that we could not lock all our knowledge inside a simple manual just for our students. That would be a pity!

So, even though this was not our first objective, we began to write our advice.
We didn't want it to be a dense, boring text book; we wanted it to be illustrated, to breathe. However the notes and illustrations dragged us into a new dimension.
We realized, as time went on, that this document needed to be transformed into a magazine of enlightening and practical use. However many doubts arose and questions flourished.
The beginning of creativity!

Over the past few years we have received a great deal of feedback with the many comments and testimonials sent to us. It confirmed the enthusiasm everyone had for natural beauty and has encouraged us to move on.
So to all the readers, aesthetic professionals, students and those who believe in natural beauty, we want to thank you for using the facial tools, enjoying Chan’beauté and sharing your experiences with us.

Our goal is to have a manual not only for our students within the Chan'beauté universe, but for you too! – Someone who has not yet taken any training courses.
To help us continue in the right direction, please take a few moments to answer our mini survey - we value your opinions.

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