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Fabrizio Ruggeri

Hello guys. First of all I want to thank you for kde neon, it's my distribution since its first release and I'm so happy with it!
A little question: why the kde partition manager package is not included?

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I've a question about aggregations: I need to aggregate result based on a field, which is simple. So at the end I'll have n buckets any for, just saying, tipology. Then I need to obtain the most relevant results in which the "most relevant" s meant as "the result which score is higher than others of a defined factor". An example with simple numbers:
If the results are:
1 -> 0.9
2 -> 0.8
3 -> 0.78

no result is more relevant than others. Else, if
1-> 0.9
2 -> 0.6
3 -> 0.5

the the first result is considered more relevant.

How to obtain this information in elastic search?
I know the question is a bit "empiric" in fact I need to formalize the question too probably

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Announcing the open source Cassandra ORM for NodeJS! 
We developed Apollo to interact with cassandra in a simply way through javascript models. We hope it to be useful for you too.
It's still in an early development stage so any comment/feature request is welcome!

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Impressionante (come sempre) lavoro di +Francesco Raffa !

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Accorrere aerografisti!
Aperti i ‪#‎corsi‬ individuali di ‪#‎Aerografia‬ e ‪#‎Pittura‬ ! 
Condividete, condividete e condividete 
presso RAFRART

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