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I can’t find the rule saying that the ring must be passed each time a sister receive trauma. Did I invent this rule ?
Thanks for your help

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Je copie un message que j'ai posté sur Casusno

Pour cause de déménagement et de manque de temps que je ne peux plus nier, je vends ces jeux :​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Envoyez-moi un MP si ça vous interesse. j'habite et je travaille à Paris, va le poids des bouquins, une remise en main propre est à privilégier, mais vous les frais de ports de vous effraient pas, je peux aussi envoyer tout ça.


​​​​​​​Vampire Requiem V2 VF : la boite "Le Cercueil" du Ulule avec tout dedans (j'ai enlevé le plastique, vérifié le contenu et c'est tout) : 40€

Loup-Garou l'Apocalypse 20e anniversaire (le livre de base, Wild West, les marcheurs blancs, les fiches, la carte, chants du soleil & de la lune, le livre de cuisine, le carnet, la bourse de dés (le Ulule, quoi), jamais ouvert : 40€

Libreté & Perdus sous la pluie : 10€

Vampire Mascarade 20eme anniversaire, l'écran et le Compagnon : 40€

Night Witches avec le supplément papier : 15€

Monsterhearts (le meilleur jeu du monde) ( 2 exemplaires) : 15€/unité

Ryuutama, l'écran et le supplément Traversées : 15€

Chtulhu Gumshoe, l'ecran et le supplément : 15€

Fate, la boite à outils, l'écran et 8 dés : 15€

Loup-Garou les déchus : 10€

Vampire Requiem : 10€

Le Monde des Ténèbres :​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 10€

Dirty MJ : 5€

Raôul : 0,1 €

En Anglais

My Little Pony : Tales of Equestria : Le livre de base, The Curse of the Statuettes, Official movie sourcebook, Bestiary; Festival of Lights & Tokens of Friendship : 40€

Vampire Requiem V2 : 15€

Masks a new Generation hardcover: le livre de base, les decks de cartes, HC Herald collection, le set de dés : 30€

Apocalypse World V2 softcover : 15€ 

Urban Shadows : 15€

City of Mist : Le livre de base, le starter set, locations maps, themebooks, tracking cards, character cards, starter set rulebook, posters : 40€
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Ce soir, on joue à Monsterhearts (enfin)
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Codex, le fanzine de The Gauntlet. Avec du Fabrissou à l'intérieur dans le dernier numéro !
Codex - Joy is now available!

We have just launched the first issue of Codex Volume 2, which means there is no better time to check out our zine! Here is a breakdown of what you will find in Codex - Joy:

Bunk Beds
Codex has become a great place for intensely creative, short-form LARPs, and Joy continues that tradition with this game by +Adam McConnaughey. It’s about kids having a sleepover, whispering in the dark about their lives, and scaring each other with “true” stories of the supernatural. Occasionally, one of them falls silent. It features whimsically creepy art by +Evan Rowland.

So You’re Becoming a Dragon
This short LARP by +Wendy Gorman was one of my favorite entries from the 200 Word RPG Challenge. It’s about a young tenderwing consulting with a dragon about making the transition to adulthood. Puberty and dragons, together at last! It features an adorable illustration by Emily Griggs.

The Kawaii!!!
The Kawaii!!! is a new playbook for Apocalypse World, based on the real-life Japanese band, Babymetal. The Kawaii!!! is all about having fun, eating candy, and rocking out! This playbook was written by +Oli Jeffery and features art by +Jesse Ross.

Seven Celebrations
This is an extended Dungeon World feature that contains seven festivals and fetes for you to drop into your game. The celebrations include: The Festival of Ma’ayahla by +David LaFreniere, My Big Fat Ork Wedding by +Paul Edson, The Becoming by +Logan Howard, The Feast of Fools by +Kate Bullock, The Day of Stories and the Crowning of the Teller by Daniel Fowler, and The Last Vintage Before the Long Winter by +Slade Stolar. It features art by Claudia Cangini and +Vandel J. Arden (Vandel's art can be seen in the cover image below).

Gauntlet Daddies #001
In which we are introduced to the glorious, full-color Gauntlet Daddy, including helpful (and sexy) biographical information. Gauntlet Daddy was illustrated by +Fabrissou.

Three Dozen Attractions at the Carnival of Dreams
This months’s dreamy, wondrous, frightening miscellany takes its inspiration from books like Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Night Circus, and TV shows like Carnivale and American Horror Story: Freak Show.

This month’s cover illustration was by Vandel J. Arden. The excellent layout was by Oli Jeffery. Editing was by myself and David LaFreniere.
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J'ai rencontré +JC Nau​ ! #TeamLenore
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Vivement !
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Ensemble, faisons de nos parties de Monsterhearts des expériences merveilleuses.
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Sur le Twitter de Avery Alder
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Skin Deep est un kickstarter pour des nouvelles skins pour Monsterhearts 2.
Plus que 9 jours avant la fin de la campagne !
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+Matthieu B Avery Alder a un truc à te dire ^^
among a few different project ideas, I'm considering revising Dream Askew and turning the text into a book-length guide. After years of play and honed design skills, I have lots of ideas about how to transform and develop that game - slicker & more robust setup procedures, better rules for shared setting ownership, streamlined character sheets, more setting details embedded in the text.

is there interest in that idea?
votes visible to Public
I would totally buy that book!
I'm potentially interested, need details
I don't see a need to revise this game.
Move on to newer, better things already!
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