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Wernher von Braun follower (in reality...wage slave and Steve Carell look-alike!) ^_^ Also, struck - more than once! - on my way to...Damascus. :)
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Fabio Sau

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"The Northern Lights over Alaska with a planetary exclamation mark! Good Morning from Space Station!"

Credit: NASA/JSC, U.S. Astronaut Scott Kelly
The Northern Lights over Alaska | International Space Station
Scott: "The Northern Lights over Alaska with a planetary exclamation mark! Good Morning from Space Station!"

Credit: NASA/JSC, U.S. Astronaut Scott Kelly
Release Date: October 4, 2015

+Scott Kelly 
+NASA Johnson Space Center 

#NASA #Space #ISS #Earth #Alaska #Aurora #Borealis
#NorthernLights #Spacecraft #Technology #Engineering #Astronaut #ScottKelly #Photography #Art #Science #USA #UnitedStates #Expedition45 #YearInSpace #JourneytoMars #OrbitalPerspective #OverviewEffect #STEM #Education
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Fabio Sau

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Fabio Sau

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Atmosphere of planetary bodies in the Solar System:

the four giants planets with their hydrogen-helium "star-like" atmosphere;

nitrogen atmosphere ( Earth, Titan, Triton, Pluto);

carbon dioxide atmosphere (Venus, Mars, Callisto);

oxygen atmosphere (Europa, Ganimede);

Io (sulfur dioxide);

Comets (?)

Bodies with nitrogen and carbon dioxide atmosphere are scattered all over the Solar System: 

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Fabio Sau

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+Fabio Sau We are all cut from the same block of cheese... And the joke is the idea that the block was cut in the first place is an illusion... We are as important as the empty space between the galaxies.. We truly are one, with each-other and everything else in existence (in this Universe and the next)... If you view the Universe with these eyes you realize how dangerous the idea of "Us VS Them" is (<- and you see how unenlightened it is)... The illusion of separation is the cause of greed and ego, it is the root cause of all the problems here on earth with regards to humanity... We must evolve with Love being the power that helps us ascend.... Everything is the same at its core, that is a Universal truth.
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Fabio Sau

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Role models, entertaining, and funny.

These two gentlemen crack me up at every turn.
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Fabio Sau

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Fabio Sau

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Genesis 1, 14-15 states, And God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years, 15 and let them be lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light upon the earth." And it was so. (ESV).

The earth appears to be uniquely designed to witness spectacular full eclipses of both the sun and the moon.

In the Creation Research Society Quarterly, Vol. 35, No. 1 (June 1998), astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner shows how the earth-sun-moon system provides evidence of design in the context of eclipses.
Dr. Faulkner’s abstract states,
It previously has been argued that the circumstances of total solar eclipses for the earth-moon system are unique in the solar system and that this suggests design.
This is reexamined using the latest data on the many satellites now known to exist in the solar system. This argument is shown to be stronger than ever.
Some comments about the design argument in astronomy are made. It is suggested that discussion of the definition and application of the design argument be pursued.
You can read the full text of the article online at the CRS website here: 
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Astro images nebula galaxy astroimage astroimages moon sun saturn planets narrowband RGB photos space star stars avaruus galaksi teleskooppi

Le migliori uova giganti che conosco! The Best giant-size eggs producer in Sardinia to me! Bene così! :) Keep up your good work! :)
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Miglior gommista di Cagliari: provare per credere. Best tire specialist in town! Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.
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Eccellente in tutto: prodotto ordinato ritirato in perfetto stato, gradevole celerità e cortesia. Grazie.
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Friendly, professional, customer satisfaction. I bought from Automania 2 a brand new Audi Q5. Staff awesome in every respect. I am a happy camper now. Thank You, guys! Great job! Keep up the good work. --- Professionalità, simpatia, tempi rapidi, massima chiarezza e disponibilità verso il cliente. Ho acquistato una AUDI Q5 nuova fiammante: sono rimasto favorelmente impressionato dalla speditezza, trasparenza e capacità del team di Automania 2. Personale sempre cordiale, preparato ed affidabile. Consiglio questa concessionaria di auto a tutti, che si tratti di auto nuova, km 0 od usato. Complimenti e...continuate così.
• • •
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Risolto un "bel" problema per la mia auto durante la Vigilia di Natale 2011. Professionalità e cortesia al Top. Bravi!
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