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Tag Manager / EEC Question

I'm trying to develop a EEC checkout event with GTM.
I've developed a HTML Tag to push the ecommerce object into the datalayer, using a productData array to push products.
My problem is, the 'product' key merges all the products together into a single product: so, when a customer buys 3 products, I have in GA 1 product with the 3 names merged together, like "product1 product2 product3".
Any hint?
Here's the tag code:

var productData = [];
productData.push ({
'name': {{orderformProdTitle}},
'id': {{orderformProdId}},
'price': {{orderformProdPrice}},
'quantity': {{orderformProdQty}}

'ecommerce': { 'currencyCode': 'EUR',
'checkout': { 'actionField': { 'step': 1 },

'products': productData

} ,
'event': 'ProductCheckout1'});

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Nulla è #SEO  se non è misurabile e +Fabio Piccigallo  potrebbe essere interessato alla faccenda :)
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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to build an advanced segment based on multiple conditions. 
The segment should be something like:

ConditionA OR
(ConditionB AND ConditionC)

I'm not figuring out how to do this: it seems to me that GA understands only
(ConditionA OR ConditionB)
AND ConditionC

That is: it picks A and B only when C  is true as well.
Is there any workaround to succeed in this task? Regex is not an option, because C is an Event and Aand B are Landing page paths: so, I want to profile users that enter on the page path A toghether with the users that enter on the page B and generate an event C.

Hope it's not too confusing :) 
Thank you

Hi, I'm trying to use the Google Analytics add-on for Google Spreadsheet.
Everything is fine, but I can't figure it out how to add one ore more segments in my report. Whatever I do, runs an error.
I've tried for example:
and the encoded version:
I've tried with or without the "segment=" before gaid::, I've tried gaid: instead of ::... what am i doing wrong?
Thank you

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La top 10 dei reclami dei consumatori italiani nel 2015.
Una fotografia della situazione del consumo in Italia, come emerge dai dati della +Unione Nazionale Consumatori

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Quali sono i settori più problematici dal punto di vista del consumo?
Lo spiega una bella #infografica firmata +Unione Nazionale Consumatori
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"Non si può migliorare ciò che non si può misurare": ecco perché vale la pena fare web analytics.
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La coerenza di brand, o brand consistency, sembra essere la più grande criticità che oggi le aziende devono affrontare nel mondo digitale.
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Come impostare correttamente il codice di tracciamento di Google Analytics? Ecco una guida minima su come fare.
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#Facebook, se usato per scopi promozionali, è uno strumento molto complesso che richiede un’attenta strategia di #marketing.
#ads #comunicazione #digitalmarketing
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