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A small post about the second coming of vinyl.
I used to get really pissed off when I heard people talking about how vinyl sounds better than digital recordings, independently of physical support (CDs, SACDs, audio files and so on). I won't ge...
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Nicely put. I've heard complaints from old-school music lovers that modern-day dynamic range compression is ruining music and so their love of vinyl is really a love of well-mastered media not a love of obsolete tech. Do you have any idea if modern vinyl is properly mastered or is it all uniformly loud like pop CDs?
It has to have less compression, yes. I didn't want to get too technical in this post, so I didn't include this.

BUT! You can also compress less on CD and digital files - actually people are starting to do this because modern audio players equalize the volume between tracks, and this makes over-compressed music sound bad. Also, you need to use compressors to reach uniform loudness to a certain level anyway, or else the album sounds like a disjointed collection of tracks.
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