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Can we finally expect a TWRP update for OnePlus3 to fix data decryption?
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You can honestly "expect" nothing, exept you build it yourself... 
Stock OP3 is now f2fs and encrypted based and we have to build what exactly? TWRP can't decrypt f2fs encrypted OOS 4 data partitions. 
+Fabio Minotto that may be the case, but twrp is open source and free software, it's not that anyone owes you something, that's why you can't expect anything.. OOS 4 is out for like 3 days so be patient, op3 is one of best supported phones out there... 
+Sam Nakamura​ It owes ME nothing. But since everyone with f2fs encrypted data have this bug, they could at least look into it. OP3T was shipped stock with f2fs encrypted, so I am sure they can sort something out using op3t sources, like eng.stk did with Community Build 7: It had the bug but he patched it, sadly OP once again modified crypt libs in N Open Betas, so here we are again. I agree OOS4 is out for 4 days (and I don't get why they haven't published sources yet) but this bug is at least 1 month and half old.
+Fabio Minotto​​​​​​ "could at least look into it" - very demanding for someone who's contribution to the project is leaching others work for free... 😑
And yes, sources were published late and we don't know about other issues..

Edit: closing the comments? Lol
Arguing with donations? Because they take donations doesn't mean you have a contract with them, nor does it put any responsibility on them to fix anything.. They do it if they have the mood, the time & the device.. You aware that a big holiday season just passed?
And again, you're not asking, you're demanding in an inappropriate way.. And that is disgusting and should automatically lead to a 2 month delay 😀
Who are you to demand, it's open source, so go study and build it yourself or flash any of the available custom roms..
+Sam Nakamura​ I am here to ask how in the world is this possible. Last TWRP update was in August. We are in January. We went thru OOS 3.2.x to 3.5.x and now OOS 4 from August. TWRP released the recovery for OP3T (NOT AFFECTED BY THIS BUG) which ships with 3.5.x as stable - they have sources - it means they can look in solving this bug IF THEY WANT. Hundreds of people can't root their devices, that's a fact.
The only dev who actually did something, as I said in the post before, was eng.stk - releasing a patched and updated TWRP version when needed. And he's not even in TWRP team.
Since someone demanding a bug to be fixed is "leeching other works for free" then let OP3 support be sloppy and careless - TWRP in OP3 is bugged.
Lmao at everytime someone is "asking" the "free work" card is pulled off. This is getting old. If you believe in your project you work hard for it, no matter what. Plus, free work my balls. I see a PayPal button on the site and I usually send money to devs (either Roms or kernels) for their milestones, even for supports if my "problems" take over a whole page or more on XDA. For sure people won't donate if the first thing they read is "build it yourself". You are a marketing mastermind.
I reported the bug. Peace out.