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Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
Someone will host games on this Roll20Con? I would love to be on one Fate table
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Someone will be at the Roll20Con? I want to join some table as player to see if I can get on with international players (more specifically: if my spoken English would be enough)

Forgot to say: I'm up to any setting, but preferably Young Centurions, Nest, Do, or Strays
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Fábio Emilio Costa

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Agora sabemos como o Bowser recruta tantos membros para seu exército. Cartazes bem comunista kkkkk.

The Mushroom Kingdom Needs You!!!!
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Fábio Emilio Costa

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Our U.S. doodle today celebrates Harriet Tubman, who led hundreds of slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad. 
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What a reference for soundtracks for Young Centurions. 
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Bit off-topic

Google had launched Spaces, a new tool to share files, links, images, etc...

Do you think this will be good for Fate online sessions?
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+David Hayes​, yup... I think we'll discover more uses in the next days. They just released that today, it's look still a little crude. 
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A little off-topic

I'm working on an adventure for Young Centurions in New York and need to know about gardens and parks, specially where circus could be mounted. Anyone have a good reference for this? I found just Coney Island, but Ringling Bros normally used it in the off-season...
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This isn’t really what you asked for, but you might find it useful: The historical touring routes of the Barnum & Bailey’s Circus, 1911–1918:

Looks like they’d start out in NYC in the spring, travel around the country, and then winter in Bridgeport, CT.
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My Young Centurions adventure, Fortivitus, translated for English
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It was something I did as a way to have some description and rules on it. It worked very well into real life. 
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Fábio Emilio Costa

Actual Play, Characters, & Examples  - 
Game report: Young Centurions

TL;DR version: It was Funny, but a disaster somewhat

As I've shown before, Saturday past (05/21/16) I've GMed at on a local event a adventure for Young Centurions called Fortivitus.

The players were two somewhat experienced guys in RPG, a not experienced guy and a total newbie. No one had any experience on Fate. So, I took at least 10 minutes explaining the rules for everyone.

They took:

- Samuel Armstrong, the Spirit of Equity, a guy from an ex-slaves family that feels that need to prove he can do everything people does
- Jiang "Jillian" Chou, Spirit of Knowledge, a Chinese girl who grews up in US from a family that is patronised for a big guy in the Triads that, paradoxically, is a Century Club Retainer
- Oregon Cadmus, Cosmopolitan Spirit, a NYC newsie that works for Pendrik Press, controlled by the 19th Century Spirit of Communication, Jonah Pendrik
- Nathan "Coyote-Arrow" Naalish, Spirit of the Future, a Navajo kid that the elders knew needed to grow beyond his tribe, and was sent to NYC

Everything started during a circus presentations at a bandshell in Washington Square Garden in 1911 NYC. A group of Crazy Peope gone amok while some poor kids from a local school was seeing the presentation of Lil'Nico (Nicolino, as used in Brazil), stage name for Nicola Castrogiovanni, Spirit of Optimism (that I used as a NPC).

The things had gone a little wrong when Samuel's player had chose to give in, even before any exchage had passed. He also, before the conflict, had used some firecrackers because he tried to get into the clown alley. So, I chosed to accept the give-in. He received a FP in a very shameful way: Samuel had took some clown makeup, wig and clothes and, while the girl dancers got out the bandshell, after a "Hey Rube" call from Nicola and a Star and Stripe Forever call, he was catch that way (the players just knew after the conflict resolution).

The other ones had little problem to fight the Crazy People without causing any damage (treated them as mooks), with some help of their mentors (I used this to show them the power of a Centurion, even one waning in his powers).

Before the conflict, they discovered a clue on the adventure, about the addicted people

Then, in the next scene, Oregon discovered about a thing called Foritvitus in the newspapers (Oregon has a descriptive thing that he reserves a newspaper for himself to read as part of his Cosmopolitan Spirit Aspect). In meanwhile, Samuel was bullied by a racist guy and almost thrashed him, if Nathan had not stop him. However, then, hte bully drank a thing from a Ginger Ale bottle and gone amok (it was Fortivitus, but the PCs didn't knew) and gone on Samuel, with a 7-stress hit on an Attack. Nathan fought some other bullies, but even him was in problem (in the meanwhile, Jiang and Oregon's players had to get out the session) so they chose to give in. As part of the giving in, I decided that Samuel had passed out and had gone to Century Club and Nathan was put grounded in school by Madame Sheridan (also a Century Club Retainer)

In school, Nathan and the others discovered that Nicola (now a student while the circus were into the winter time) was also a Centurion. Nathan than chosed to run away to the Century Club, and did it successfully, including avoiding some of the bully's gang.

In the meanwhile, in Century Club, Samuel was lectured a lot by his mentor, Uncle Barnaby Washington III, 19th Century Spirit of Freedom, while recovering from a twisted knee (a Moderate Consequence he suffered while fighting the bully). Samuel called Barnaby names and he cast him off the Century Club for a time (changing the Moderate Consequence to Uncle Barnaby is upset with me. At the same time, he was abducted by someone.

In the Club, Nathan now learned about Fortivitus, but he chosed to wait for some extra clues from other Century Club associates, like Warren McLaggen. This had made one of the planned scens goes to the dogs, so I chosed to put more drama on Samuel, whose player was on the F$%k everything mode, because I didn't allowed him to kill people - I explained the setting and the fact they were kids in 1910s in a PG setting.

So, he had been took into a place (he didn't know, but it was the secret lair where Fortivitus was produced) and someone gave him a porridge bowl laced on Fortivitus (I din't say him also, but it was the main villain on the adventure, Lemont Fitzlefebvre, Shadow of Noblesse), so he was under a Addicted Aspect. Then, I compelled this to make him run amok and tried to find somewhere to go, until a Bag Lady found him (it was another 19th Century Spirt, Brighit Danaan, Spirit of Community) that brought him to a kind o camp made of big trunks, all with smelly, but clean, blankets

When he was sleeping, he suffered an Abstinence crisis from Fortivitus, dreaming that he was killing all the people he saw, but they were raising from the dead.

After wake up, he was again lectured about being a Spirit, this time by Danaan, and she took him with her to see about the great warehouse from where Samuel got out. He was given some Filthy Rags to avoid be recognized by anyone who saw him before on there.

While this, Nathan had gone with some of the other Spirts, including some of the mentors, Nicola, Jiang and Oregon (all as NPCs). He tried to see everything and had a Success with Style to see the warehouse security,. He broke out on a door and entered, at the same time Samuel and Danaan got in by the opposite door.

There, they saw big siloes full of a white substance (pure-form Fortivitus) and Samuel needed to pass on a Forceful Defense roll to avoid go amok and try to take another dose(s). As he was successfully, he searched for one of Fitzlefebvre mooks and was successful with style on knock him out, taking his Tommy Gun, and (the trigger happy player) he shot awhile. Another Success with a style and I need to intervene so he could not kill everyone.

By this, I chosed to use an option I put: some of the people who was flasking Fortivitus were Addicted. When he shot, he destroyed the siloes and the Addicted run to take all the Fortivitus they could. However, the overdose side-effect was that the Addicted had gone into an Atavic Transformation, turning into beasts that destroyed everything in their way.

Nathan's player had gone and, with another Success with Style (they had lots of FPs, lucky dice and, in Nathan's player case, incredibly clever use on his Centurion Stunt) had punched Fitzlefebvre out, taking him out)

In the end, the Atavic monsters were catched by the Century Club and the other Addicted being sent to places where they could be treated.

I liked the roleplay, but in the game I had two problems:

- Samuel's player (the total newbie) was in a totally hostile understanding on RPGs, not helping all the others. If otherwise, Samuel's Centurion Stunts would really help a lot, as it provides +2 on each teamwork he receives/gives, instead of +1

- Because of this, half of time I needed to spend avoiding Samuel being killed/mauled. He misunderstood some of his Aspects and thought he was a kind of 1911 Black Panther...

Anyway, it was really challenging and funny, but for just a bit things didn't gone to the dogs.

Hope next time I'm luckier on players
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With all the NPCs 
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Any chance for a Fate /Fudge roll? 
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+Daniel Clarke​ true, the main difference is that "rak" will also output all four single results
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Ready for Young Centurions tomorrow .

translation: Fortivitus, an adventure for the 20th Century Young Centurions. Rating : P/PG
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I thought on Stronger and healthier. Pig Latin all the way 
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Why open source rules!

"When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you sometimes find that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it." (Winnie the Pooh)

Have fun!
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Sorry... Now I've seen that G+ shared this for Fate Core community
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