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Fabio Basile

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I'm officially all moved in!
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Fabio Basile

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Looks like a serious workspace 2 me.
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Fabio Basile

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New location!
I've finally moved to a great new location downtown Santa Cruz and loving the new office!

331 Soquel Avenue, Suite 206, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Call 408 307 9344 to schedule your free initial consultation!
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You look
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Javascript/PHP question:

I am building a CMS where the website owner can create, edit and delete pages using a form. These pages are PHP documents that are dynamically disguised as html files for appearances sake.

The index.php provides the global template for the site through a Switch case statement.

The meta into the head tag is provided by a script that sits on top of the document, loading a text file that contains all titles, descriptions, etc.

The way pages are generated happens through a PHP form, which creates files that contain php variables providing title and description for each page. I figured it would be the simplest solutions to allow the website owner to create and destroy only one single file, instead of fragmenting the process across the site.

The problem is, the head tag variables are set way late, which means i cannot pass them to the head tag anymore because they are create within the body of the page. Changing that would break the logic of the rest of the site, so this is something i am trying to work around.

So far what i came up with is to echo my variables into the input fields of a form, then create another form to which those variables would be cloned (upwards). Next i would try and fish those $_POST variables from the new form and dunk them back into the head tag .

This so far has been causing me a headache you won't believe. If you guys have any ideas i'd appreciate it!
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Sounds very similar to what i have +Scott Sawyer . Most of the times i have a content.php file where i keep my switch case statement. In this particular case i were able to insert a script into the statement to automatically search the root folder for php files according to a certain string value present in the file name and list them into the switch case, ready to be url_rewritten and included into the site.
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Fabio Basile

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A compelling look at Apple's lack of innovation...
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When I said they work 'flawlessly', I meant that they don't fail like the old laptops used to, where you'd end up swiping your finger multiple times before you could log in.

The fingerprint scanner works flawlessly in terms of usability, but admittedly less flawlessly in terms of security.
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Fabio Basile

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I got my Wacom Tablet back!
The sad demise of my production rig's mainboard has prompted me to get creative and resurrect my old Gateway NV53. Overheating is still a problem, but surprisingly my Wacom tablet turned out to be a straight plug-n-play affair on Linux Mint. MyPaint for Linux is a great surrogate Alias Sketchbook, with full support for pressure sensitive stylus and flawless automatic calibration. No extra drivers needed, apparently. Why should it be the case on MS Windows, escapes me.
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Well, occasionally I need to use Fireworks/Photoshop. I was interested in checking out MyPaint as a replacement or maybe I could get Gimp to work well enough in Mint. I didn't have much luck with Gimp in Windows.

I'm just really tired of how slow Windows gets. Especially like Google+, slows to a crawl. Also recently I had a similar situation with a hard drive as you did with your tablet.  It was a drive from a customer's old Windows 98 machine and I needed to retrieve some data.

I tried adding it to a couple of Win7 machines and it of course wanted to convert to a dynamic disk, but then failed saying it didn't have enough free space on the drive.  After several different tries with different Windows machines, I finally booted to an Ubuntu Live CD and with two clicks I was looking at all the files on the drive and ready to copy to my usb.

However Ubuntu was a bit slow on my older laptop, so it's good to know Mint is a good choice.
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Fabio Basile

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Cable Internet is finally running through the new office! One more piece of the puzzle in place. I'm finally ready to hit the ground running. Next up: door signage!
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haha! Hopefully i'll get enough business so i can keep it! ;-)
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Did you lose your authorship picture in search result?
Besides the obvious occasional tweaks and adjustment from +Matt Cutts , have you checked that your authorship code isn't actually pointing to a Google Plus page, instead of your profile?

Often times the best solution is the simplest. (Results may vary)
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Fabio Basile

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Pacific Grove, CA
Galaxy Note 3, panorama mode
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I think I'm also jealous of your living place...
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Web developer, Webmaster, Graphic artist
Responsive web development,html5, php, css3, seo, branding, ppc, AdWords, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterFX, Autodesk Maya, Newtek Lightwave
  • Bay Area Bridal & New Things West
    Graphic Artist, IT, Webmaster, 2009 - 2013
  • Mimar Architects, Inc.
    Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Marketing, SEO, 2010 - 2012
  • Portable One Inc, Morgan Hill, CA
    Graphic and Web Artist, 2007 - 2009
  • Bond MFG, Pittsburg, CA
    3D Generalist, Concept Designer, 2008 - 2008
  • Design Reactor, Campbell, CA
    3D Generalist, 2007 - 2007
  • Guthier Enterprises, Gainesville, FL
    3D Generalist, 2007 - 2007
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Santa Cruz, CA
Turin, Italy - Imperia, Italy - Perth, Western australia - Tokyo, Japan - Brentwood, California, USA - San Jose, CA, USA - Santa Cruz, CA
Responsive web developer, graphic designer and organic SEO consultant
I'm a freelance website developer, graphic designer and webmaster.

I specialize in responsive website design, and organic optimization.

Check out my my portfolio and services at

I am known for my strong work ethics, as well as my strong views against cheap outsourced labor. 

I am known for saying:

"Anybody can say "yeah, i can build you a website", but i like to be the kind of designer who can actually do the job, instead of taking the client's money and pay a fraction of it to some off-shore design sweatshop while i go fishing." ... and yes, you may quote me.

I have a passion for technology, games, music, fine arts, diorama making, and in my spare time i'm hosting and managing SkyLine Grid, a small OpenSim-based virtual simulation grid.

Fellow Californians: feel free to join and participate in discussion at the new G+ California Community, as part of the G+ Local communities network set to establish local topic discussions across the US and Worldwide. Join and make yourself at home!
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  • Istituto d'Arte di Imperia (Imperia Art Institute, Italy)
    Graphic Design, 1992 - 1994
  • TAFE College, Perth, Western Australia
    Graphic Design and Multimedia, 1996 - 1997
  • AMTC TAFE College, Perth, Western Australia
    Multimedia, 1997 - 1998
  • San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA
    GED, 2010 - 2010
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Chow mein is acceptable, the pork tasted actually OK. The salt and pepper shrimp was good, though not as spicy as I expected it. The real problem dish was the half roast duck. Half of it was barely decent, clearly frozen, gummy skin very hard to chew through. I endured less than half of it until I bit into the quarter of the duck that was extremely overcooked and bitter as heck. Anybody who knows anything about poultry will instantly realize what this poor excuse for a chef is doing. The duck was not only frozen, it has been clearly left in contact with the Fridge's walls long enough to be burned. Then instead of throwing the ugly thing away, the chef decided to try his luck and overcook that abomination so that the unburnt side would be edible. That is called cheating and its just a disgusting way to turn good customers away. I wouldn't be as bitter if the waitress didn't start arguing about taking that thing off the tab, so we ended up paying half price for awful food that I wouldn't get paid to eat. Well, there goes the tip!
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Food: Poor to fairDecor: Poor to fairService: Good
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Since i started working downtown some years ago i ate there almost daily (work days) and couldn't get enough of their tri-tip sandwich and double cheeseburger. Great food, great people and they remember you! These guys serve food all day long, hundreds of orders a day and they still remember names and faces! Prices are reasonable, starting at your average 6 bucks for a hot dog all the way up to the top of the menu, and still affordable. 10/10 on the take-out bags. No leaks, no mess, perfect office food.
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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There is no better place than the Alameda Artwork for a Giclee printing business, and Greg and Sharon do a fantastic job and they take the time to walk you through the equipment (that Betterlight Scanback is something worth seeing...!!), and will give excellent pointers for artists looking to create limited edition copies of their artworks. It's definitely worth checking their studio, also for art photography!
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David Beck is a certified financial planner with extensive experience in college financial aid. I would definitely recommend him to any family who needs advice on how to plan for their children's academic future in a way that's financial viable for their situation.
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