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Thanks for removing the online indicators from the chat (or Hangouts or whatever) window. Another fucking retarded decision that makes the interface completely unusable. Is that coming to Android too?
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Is the tiny green line under an avatar not a status indicator then? 
They are still there, aren't they? It shows a green line underneath the user's image if they are online, no?
Not sure if the green line indicates a running chat or the availability of the contact...
It's def not running chat, as I just checked Fab has a green line underneath his avatar and I don't have a chat with him.
those tiny green lines under the avatar are presence indicators for those of your contacts that haven't started using Hangouts and are still using Google Talk (be it on the phone, tablet, or desktop)

Hangouts indeed does not have any form of presence notification, other than the little avatar of the person underneath the conversation to show where they have read up to.

Yes it sucks.
I am chatting to someone right now that does not have that greenline...
I guessed thats what it was, but as I would have to agree with +Dan Hilmar Racek on this one, more a running chat
availability of the contact because in my contact list are people marked green, that are using hangout but with who i dond't have a conversation open
To be fair, a useful presence notification is hard to impossible to pull of for a mobile app. (Users are always online, how do you know if they're paying attention to their phones?)
It does actually show you the users currently looking at the chat, that's what the small avatars at the bottom are for
+Thomas Jollans indeed, with Google Talk on mobile devices, your presence would go to 'away' when the screen was in standby (switched off). Not very useful.
I already sent them feedback on the online indicators. I want to see people's statuses and be able to set my status to "Invisible" or "Busy" if I choose.  And only people I have set to "Can Chat With Me" should display on the chat bar.
Between this and removing XMPP I'm not much enjoying the "upgrade".
+Dave Barker XMPP hasn't been removed. It's still available via Google Talk.

XMPP wasn't removed, because it never was a part of Hangouts to begin with.

Don't know why people are having such a hard time understanding this.
XMPP will be gone soon. It's only available at the moment while some people are still using Google Talk. That will go away, Google said they will not be supporting it.
+Fabian Scherschel actually Google have said quite the contrary, on video no less.

Of course, that doesn't mean too much I guess.
+Andrew Bates I know of several colleagues who have contacted them about it, if you don't believe me, ask Google. From what I hear "for the foreseeable future" means about 6-9 months until they can be sure anyone who they can upgrade with the new in-OS upgrade system has been upgraded. I think you are falling for wishful thinking and non-comitting PR babble there. "For the foreseeable future" can be spun to mean almost anything.
+Fabian Scherschel as someone who's employment status is uncertain due to changes in the call centre, I fully understand what "the foreseeable future" means.

I'm simply providing you with a documented statement where Google have said that it isn't being cancelled.

Can you provide such a document? I am not going to contact someone at Google, I'm afraid I'm too small fry to know anyone.
You could just email their PR. Or you could believe me. I did some research on this and I am pretty sure what I stated above is their intent at present.
The other statement is well documented as well. There are several stories on this by CNET, The Verge and also (cough) Heise. Whereas you are going by a PR pitch. But whatever floats your boat. I am just telling the general public in this thread to consider that the statement you are referring to was most likely a bit of PR to calm developers.
this is why google plus will never be popular at all!!
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