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I have just published my 2000 word take on Google+, and where I will most likely post from now on:

Hope people get some insights out of it, I had a lot of requests to write this up.
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Could do with a few more paragraph breaks, I think.
I dunno. those were the logical divisions. I tend to be conservative with paragraphs. :)
"we have to face the fact that Diaspora & Co. are nowhere near ready for daily use" - Friendika are doing pretty well, although it's not quite as polished as Google+.
Well, maybe we disagree on that. I haven't looked at it in the last two months, though. Last time I checked it was a big meh.
Well for me I've certainly been more active on G+ than the other social networks I'm a part of...
Once Google+ is fully public (don't know if it is yet) then I'll probably either ditch my Facebook account, or just minimize the amount of stuff I have there. Like Fab, I can only really sustain a presence on one social network at a time.
Good read Fab, I understand your points and agree it does read as a breakup letter. Though myself included may have jumped onto G+ mostly to test it out, I feel the federated features of both statusnet and diaspora are being overlooked (not by you) by the new social networking developers the ostatus I think is vital to the success of any otherwise its back to strictly a popularity game.
One thing which concerns me about Google+, Facebook and similar systems is the walled garden effect, and what that might lead to in the longer term.
+Moritz Schmidt-Degenhard Yes, I think about these things a lot. Social networks are a huge part of my life.

I totally agree with your sentiment about "making Google a place on the web" BTW. Very nicely put. It just moved beyond being a mere portal and email service.
+Stephen Mahood I agree. Federation is very important. This was written out of the view of an end user though and they don't care about that stuff at all...
+Bob Mottram G+ isn't a walled garden like Facebook. If you make your stuff public (like I do with all of mine), it's just another website.
+Andy C I totally hope I am wrong. I did have a bad feeling about this for about a year and shut up because I really like Evan but G+ has totally forced the issue...
+Stephen Kellat I don't think +Máirín Duffy's objections make sense beyond a general "Google is evil and proprietary software gives me a bad feeling" sense, but that's personal. I think has UX issues that needed addressing for years. +Katharina Klein has complaining about that since I got her to join last year. Those issues are a lot more important to me.
+Fabian Scherschel it has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not Google's software is proprietary or not. How dismissive!
+Fabian Scherschel +Andy C though the corporate side of statusnet is worrying though I feel in a we'll say marxist sense that the community development structure of statusnet would survive the revolution per say
+Máirín Duffy maybe I misunderstood you then. I thought that was your main point behind the data issue. I don't get the privacy angle at all since a social network should be all public all the time to me.
+Stephen Mahood I think the corporate side of SN is brilliant. In contrast with Twitter that will do worse things to finally monetise, it keeps the service viable. But then, I'm not a Marxist although I've read all of his stuff. He's an alumni of my alma mater, after all. ;)
+Fabian Scherschel that is pretty nice! not many can claim to have gone to the same school as Marx. But true I do agree the business model of !sn is great! in comparison to twitter and others plus it seems it can easily integrate into a ground up built economy. I can't say the same about google though
I dunno. I think for Google this is all about the +1 buttons. They get a lot of human-filtered information to substitute all the algorithm stuff they do with. That is much more valuable to them then selling your data or putting ads on the site.
I dunno, seems pretty clear reasoning to me. They are enforcing the name policy. I get the fact that they are sometimes slipping up there but they aren't making a secret of it at all.
Neat writeup, Fabian. As I wrote this morning on, G+ resembles too much Facebook to please me 100%. And really the stream interface is still a bit puzzling, sparse and attention-consuming to me. For me my instance of, federated with, is still the main inlet/outlet on the "social" end of my practice and advocacy. That being said, thanks to +Michele Azzolari I can post publicly from G+ to Hence, still experimenting. :-)
What a great article Fab. For me G+ fills the gap when I want to say /link something that is too large for a dent and too small for an article in its own right. Ive been so impressed to date and had so many decent conversations about a diverse range of tech subjects and Ive only had it for a few days.

Great work btw, love the show, love your work...youre an inspiration!
Ha. I was just listening, on the way to work this morning, to +Fabian Scherschel rant about how he couldn't get in (yeah, I'm 2 weeks behind) and how +Dan Lynch didn't see what the big deal is.

But I'm like you, I've already moved.
Nice statment Fabs. I understand why you are going with G+, and I self had come to love when I first started to listen to LO. I even meet yaMatt +Matthew Copperwaite on there and realised that we work for the same company, and in 3 weeks are going to meet in London for the first time. I also believe that there within some short time will be a tons or so of application when Google opens up the API. Let all get' together and back Google on this great social media called G+ (Thumbs up for coming clear)
+Fabian Scherschel I can have a social relationship with you without you knowing all of the details Google does. I can have a social relationship with you when you don't know what my real name is.
Biggest problem for me is that I trust Google as much as a trust Apple or Microsoft. Identica seems decentralized in a way where I don't worry about someone using stuff in a way I don't agree with.
Nice article, just read it. I have found myself using G+ more than or Twitter in the last week. But I don't post half as much as you on any of those services. This is probably why I can maintain more than one social network in my life. I don't focus that hard on any of them, but I always reply when people talk to me. Hope G+ works out and keeps improving. I am linking it so far.
Amy H.
Very good article. There is a mobile app on android, which I'll be giving a go... too bad we don't have an api yet so i can use it through mustard/gwibber. I also agree with Tim Dudek up there with the decentralized thing.
Interesting read, keep up the good work. And btw, love the show!
Very interesting take. I'm finding I largely agree with your assessment. I still have some issues with G+ (different ones than you do, I think), but it's a successful product, even this early in its development.
Interesting post, Fabian. I have never used social media a lot and I don't think G+ will change this. Well, but I am playing around with an own StatusNet installation and that will be definitely the way I will go. It’s the freedom that matters.
Nice article. As someone who tends to consume rather than create content on social networks I have found it quite difficult to track all the different threads on especially with the sheer volume that people like you can produce at times. But here its much easier to just skip a thread if it doesn't grab me, and its also easier to catch up with a thread if I arrive late to the party so to speak.
It was hard to read but I agree with the sentiment. Google+ is the best out there in my opinion because it gives me more freedom to communicate.

On LinkedIn, I post assuming recruiters will see it. On Twitter, I'm more casual, but with the mind that it's still mainly a promotional tool for my web site and blog. Facebook is waaaaaaaay too casual for my liking.

Google+ is better. Only here do I feel I have total control over my degree of casualness and with whom. I can have some of the weirder ones I know in their own circle and not have the whole issue of them asking me why I wouldn't "friend" them. And I can share news as well. It really is that good.
+Dylan Thiedeke Hehehe.... Maybe I should approach some Linux publications. I'd love to write more of this stuff. I've become way too rusty in writing about tech, I usually just talk. :)
+Stuart Langridge Well, G+, like Twitter, is a much more diverse community than and I can see what you like about that. I really love how many comments I got on this post. That is amazing! :)
Not actively participating here at the moment, but will probably be dragged in sooner or later.

I certainly understand why people like this place. The UI is really neat compared to the alternatives, "everyone" is already here after such a short time, +Fabian Scherschel and +Leo Laporte love it and the asymmetrical following combined with circles really is a killer combo combining the best of Facebook and Twitter and taking it a step further. Friendika has it too IIUC, but yeah ... network effect.

+Bob Mottram I registered at +Charles Roth's (?) instance today after seeing some praise of its connectivity on / . That can probably become a platform for public writings to push to, although only twitter seems to be working in that particular instance at the moment. Esp. the facebook two-way integration in Friendika seems interesting, as most of my AFK connections are there and it would be great to be able to reach them without leaving my primary social interface. Hopefully Friendika will gain a G+ integration when that becomes possible.
I think Google is aware that a lot of people want that. ;)
I think you nailed it in the article. I immediately love G+ and my only worry is that I one day open my stream and will be greeted by "Manuela needs a sheep. Can you help her?" Then it would be fucking over if I don't get the option to mute all game updates till the end of time.
Then we all can only hope for the next thing coming around the corner ;)
Nice to see I'm not the only one thinking this. I really love but to be honest, Google+ is sooo much easier and more fun to use!
I like the article!
You listed all those things which many of us discovered in time by using/trying other social networks.
At Google+ I don't like that kind of rigid attitude in what they called it "Terms" (or whatever it is). I've expected more flexibility and, why not, more creativity. I hope that they will not become in time another Facebook.
Thank you for article and thoughts!
Several of us have used Diaspora for some long convos. It doesn't have the integration into Google sites of course. That integration is nice, if somewhat creepy (in just the Google knows everything creepy sort of way, which wasn't caused by G+).

I think it's worth helping them out by promoting them, even if you still use G+. The only way they are going to get better if smart people that know UI and social networking help them out.

EDIT: sorry for the spam from the other account. I wish it had an icon down here to tell me which one!
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