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Fabian Plartinez
Si puedes entender esto, sabes leer. Felicitaciones! - If you can understand this, you can read. Congratulations!
Si puedes entender esto, sabes leer. Felicitaciones! - If you can understand this, you can read. Congratulations!

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Recently I have been informed about a vulnerability in some sites of the sharepoint farm I'm working on.  It's related with the cookies, so searching on web I found a couple of articles about the use of the HTTPOnly. I modified the web.config and added this line <httpCookies httpOnlyCookies="true" requireSSL="true" />  inside the <system.web> tag and recheck that I was modifying the web.config of the reported webapplication.
Trying to test the change, I did use firebug and look for the HTTPOnly flag, just to find that none of the cookies were marked.
Does anyone know if there's a way to check the correct implementation of the HTTPOnly, or do I have to put the httponly in the web.config inside layout folder also?.

Thanks in advance!


Recently I have been looking for off-site works. So far I have seen that with Sharepoint is perfectly possible...but I would like to know from someone how was the experience? also I was wondering if there's something like trying some sort of freelance administration of farms from other countries that use sharepoint or office 365, or maybe job opportunities with this kind of off-site administration?

Thanks beforehand

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I need help to restore the search service from a production enviroment to a QA. I have been trying to follow the steps on the microsoft article ( ) but it doesnt work for me.

The problem is that the url of sites from one enviroment to another are not the I don't know if that could be a problem at the moment of restoring the search service. For example in Production the sites are like but in QA the url of sites are

The other situation is that I need to do the restore using SQL server tools, because the databases search,crawl and property are kinda big (around 20 GB).
I restored the databases to the QA instance so far....

Do any of you have another guide I could use but the microsoft one? this is actually the first time Im trying to restore the search service to another enviroment and Im kinda lost...

Thanks you so much for any help that any of you could provide.

Hi there,

Is there a way to change the publictoken of a WSP?

The situation is that I migrated a couple of site collections to another server, but when I try to access to one of them an error display saying this:

Could not load file or assembly 'Contoso.PortalKM.Common, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89083dd8940c5bb9' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

I did setup the solution on the server but the public token of that one is PublicKeyToken=3c29a9bd9b1ef0b9.
So I want to know if there's a way to change the public token of that WSP Im trying to setup to match the one that SharePoint is looking for.

Thank you in advance

Is there an easy way to transpose the view of a library list using dataview webpart and designer?
So far, the only option I found is using java to convert rows into columns modyfing the <tr> into <td>

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Por favor compañeros colombianos y mas explicitamente Santandereanos, corran la voz o nos van a incluir otro impuesto en Bucaramanga.
Acaben el concejo y así tendrán suficiente dinero para los dizque "Megaproyectos". No salimos de la llaga que ha dejado el impuesto predial y ahora nos vienen con otro cobro.

Hi, my name is Fabian. 

I have worked with sharepoint since 2010, that time I was a student in practice, well somekind of pre-junior or starter in a company, where I learned about the platform.
After 6 months I did setup my first personal farm with the help of a lot of guides and forums.
I'm still learning about sharepoint, rediscovering stuff of 2007, experimenting with 2010 and trying to setup a farm of sharepoint 2013.
Im still new and maybe cant provide useful guides but hoping to learn more in this community and maybe help people who just begun their journey in sharepoint.

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Just to share an experience with sharepoint 2007, been working with it for like 1 year, still a newbie.
My boss wanted to display some values: average, sum..etc, and he wanted that to look something like a KPI list. So I did use KPI list at first. He said "I dont like all those fields and I want the average of a column called activities and after that I want that value to be divided by another value which is in another list". so first, as far as I know, you cant add columns to a kpi list...well actually you can..but they wont display....of course my experience ( maybe they will show with a bit of code..I dont know), and I dont think that you could actually make some operations on a KPI list since you cant add more columns (again my experience...)so I was stuck.
I read on a forum about the amazing data view webpart and some tricks that you could do using sharepoint designer.
So first I did a Join between two list using sharepoint designer ( here a good guide how to do it  thanks Sahil )
and then using a dataview webpart I started to play with the values of both lists, and I made a view like a kpi list as my boss wanted. Then He said "I want that to display only the values of the present months and all hte months before...since the column was showing only the number of month with a couple of tricks and using a condition I did it!. I was like "oh, its working!".
This is how one of the code lines look:

<xsl:if test="(@Title= 'Diciembre') and number(ddwrt:FormatDateTime(string(ddwrt:Today()),1033,'MM')) &gt;= number(../../../Programa_de_Capacitacion/Rows/Row[@Mes_plan=12]/@Mes_plan)"><span><xsl:value-of select="sum(../../../Programa_de_Estudios/Rows/Row[@Mes_plan=12 and @No_x002e_eventos_real_x002f_mes&gt;= 1]/@No_x002e_eventos_real_x002f_mes)"/></span></xsl:if>

And when I was about to show the results to my boss he said, "dont worry I used a spreedsheet on excel and I'll upload it on sharepoint"...duh!......waste of time.
Well actually I learned something new on sharepoint 2007 but well..I hate my boss...heh....I wonder if this method to join list and dataview to show stuff would still work on sharepoint 2010 or 2013...does anyone know?

Sorry about the long post and my english, but wanted to share. I kinda feel better now hehe.
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