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Fabián A. Juárez Martínez
The simple and spicy old-fashioned programmer! Again!
The simple and spicy old-fashioned programmer! Again!

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Since a pair of months ago, I have required any support to configure correctly an #IRLP node. Based on PC. Can any of yours give me an clue to find an step-by-step document to setup and configure it?

Note: The computer is a X86 architecture based PC and the operative system is CentOS. All work fine but I don't know how to register it on #IRLP network to put it available for all my colleagues.

Any suggestion?

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¿Necesitas acceder a tu equipo?


I has published recently a post where explain that I need any directions to configure an put-on-run an #IRLP PC based equipment.

I share the original post to know what is my problem.ánAJuárezMartínez/posts/Uh7eBwDeNDH

Thanks in advance!

A question about Ham Radio License.

How can obtain a Ham Radio License in United States if I am a Mexican citizen?

I wish to obtain the license to can use my radios and I can use the ham radio resources. In Mexico, is so difficult to obtain a License and is too much expensive. Many radio clubs requires the use of Morse Code to deliver a validation of knowledgment in radio operations.

In a recent meeting, a colleague says me: Why don't attempt to obtain a Tecnician License in U. S? This question shot my interest to know how obtain it.

Thanks in advance!

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I need information about how to setup and configure an #IRLP equipment based on a PC.

This equipment belong to my radio-club and I has been assigned to check, give maintenance and put online as soon as possible.

I am a Linux/Unix user and programmer and a Ham Radio enthusiast. My ham-mates comment that this equipment was received as a gift, new, but they haven't experience in the installation and operation of this craft.

I suspect that the "technician" that attempted configure it, can't put this equipment online and he left the task suspended.

My colleagues wish to put this equipment to serve as a new node in one of their repeaters, but they doesn't know how to it.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance!
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#Comparto  El Sistema de Patrullas del Capitán Roland Phillips. Un ejemplar que no debe faltar en la biblioteca Scout.

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Ya he criticado a infocató por tergiversar la verdad y acomodar información de manera prejuiciosa y perjudicial. +Alejandro Bermudez es un caso ejemplar de ello.
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