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How can I change all my posts to be shared publicly, everything that I post on Wordpress is posted on Google+ but it says shared only with me?

All my post says shared with only me, my posts come from my blog, how doI change them to be viewed publicly?

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The prideful will fall to ruin. 
Their prejudice will be their undoing. 
And William Darcy will be the first to fall...
Check out my newest release, a contemporary retelling of Pride & Prejudice co-written with New York Times bestselling author H.M. Ward.

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Bar code scanner not working at least with Stocard app on Galaxy S3 i9300 Blisspop Nightly version 3.4

Is there a way to access the system functions like *#9900# on Blisspop? As I need to change the battery setting but it's not working.

Sorry to ask but I kind of not know about Kernels, can someone explain them for a Galaxy S3 i9300? Somone told me in another post that I might want to change the Bowffla Kernel to the Archie to solve some issues.

Well my S3 is having overheating issues, also is lagging but Blisspop has somehow helped in that department as well as Greenify app, but it goes a lot into black screen and takes a while to change application screens, just to load facebook app takes forever and most of the time an error appears, battery drains fast (battery is new original), just booting from power off takes 2%, but this have been issues I've been carrying since last stock rom 4.3 and as I said Blisspop has somehow helped fo get it more less working. I think changing kernels from what they said and I google might be the way to go, so can someone tell me and teach how to change it and use the basic stuff or point me to where I can find info?

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Got this error just now con v. 3.4 nightly i9300 any idea? It was working before ...

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Clock on lockscreen is not centered or the location info is too big. Nightly v3.3 for i9300
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