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#SYRIA -  Syrian government forces reportedly killed approximately 100 people, including a number of children, in Syria's central province of Hama on Wednesday, opposition activists said. The Syrian government on Thursday denied responsibility.
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Syria is such a tragic scenario. The government is oppressive, but the rebels kill those they capture who do not turn, and tend to kill innocent Christians. Both sides have committed massacres.

It reminds me of my own nation: people tend to just believe the rebels, but often both sides are as bad as each other!
Rebels didn't kill any civilians , maybe you should read more about Syrian revolution .
+Faisal Alsilk  'While the Syrian opposition forces have been guilty of violence, abuse, torture - as stated in a report released yesterday by the NGO "Human Rights Watch" - in Homs there is "an ongoing ethnic cleansing of Christians", carried out by members of the "Brigade Faruq", close to Al Qaeda. So says a note sent to Fides by the Syrian Orthodox Church, which includes 60% of Christians in Syria. Militant armed Islamists - says the note - have managed to expel 90% of Christians in Homs and confiscated their homes by force. ' -Vatican Agenzia Fides | 'ASIA/SYRIA - Abuse of the opposition forces, "ethnic cleansing" of Christians in Homs, where Jesuits remains' by Staff at 21/3/2012
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