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Original #knitting and #crochet patterns by Fiona Campbell.
Original #knitting and #crochet patterns by Fiona Campbell.


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Directory of all free #knitting  and #crochet   #patterns  on FC Knits! :) Discover something new to hook or knit today. xx <3

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This is a really short, quick survey. If you have a couple of minute to spare, I'd love if you could complete it for me! :) All it really asks is whether you knit/crochet and what sort of patterns/content you'd like to see on the FC Knits website. #survey   #knitting   #crochet   #yarnlove  

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This is a cute, practical project for everyone who's ever had hundreds of plastic shopping bags overspilling their kitchen drawers! Hook a few and stash all your plastic bags in beautiful mini bag savers - keep them at home (for bin liners), in the car (for grocery trips), at work (for emergency decluttering), etc. #crochet   #crochetpattern   #freepattern  

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One of the many free patterns I've been editing and re-coding. :)

#hedgehog   #crochet   #pattern   #free  

Haven't been thinking about the plussy one for ages... On the down side, I had a lot of server issues. On the plus side, those are fixed. :) New site, new blog, new day. Will get around to posting more updates soon. xx

Been working on fixing the main website and building some backup redundancy into the online presence... It's coming along nicely and the main website is (mostly) back online, after some serious server issues and downtime. Thanks for your support, plussy ones, and keep watching for more news updates. :) xx <3

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Summer hols too long for your kids? Time for a new toy. ;)

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If you're looking for Brits on Google Plus, then take a look at Donna's fab circle. :) x
UK Google Plus Users

Google Plus use in the UK does still lag behind other parts of the world and, as a result, it can sometimes be hard for UK users to find and connect with other UK people and businesses.

It can sometimes be hard for new users to find people to connect with full stop.

I therefore give you my UK Plussers Circle 1 which includes some of my very good friends and some great engagers. It also includes some more novice G+ users who are looking to make some new connections.

Take a look at the circle and you'll maybe find some people who interest you and with whom you wish to connect. If not, don't worry!

If you have received a notification about this post it is simply because you are included in the circle. However, this is not a circle train and there is no need to plus, comment or share, unless you really want to!

Happy connecting!

If I have included you in the circle and you would prefer not to be included in any future shares of this circle please let me know - thanks :)

Happy New Year! :) xx
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