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FAWN hung out with 8 people.Jessica Wang, Jessin Reyes, Mallory Routsong, Vazendak Schnarr, Betty Young, Brent Schnarr, Minx Moni-Q, and FAWN
Fawn Hangout with Michelle Phan
FAWN and 8 others participated
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I want to be a part of this =(
I think that black screen is me D: my webcam isn't working!
I did not hangout with Michele Phan -- slander, LOL!!!!!!!! j/k
oooh I so want to be a part of this! it looks so fun!
wanna be part of this must b so much fun.
thats amazing to watch it on live!!
Wooowwwww i love you jay and michelle!!!!!11
That is truely amazing!! o.O
I want that blank space! lol So does everyone else I believe hahaha
haha yeah I really want it so badly!
can other people join after a time? do you switch the persons? :) would love to join!
Does anyone else feel like this is the BIGGEST tease? lol
KevJumba is still coming up!
okay :) I'll continue watching then :D
I love how there is only asians in here.....
All I want to hear is her journey from when she began to now -.-
asians asians and more asians
At some point, may I join the chat? I have some good questions for both you and Kevin.
Yea its invite only, then are people who were chosen to be back up. Im one of those girls and I just want to get on! lol
and I'm the same. I want on so badly haha!
Aw, well can you tell me how I can get on next time? Hopefully you get to go on soon, that'll be really exciting.
it was a competition she opened yesterday so keep your eye out for any more!
Well she posted up a youtube video yesterday, so from there thats how it guided us to enter the contest and win! I pray she has another soon.
How far in advance did she give out invites?
Hi Michelle and Jay, I'm a guy, I don't wear make up or have any hair but I have to say that I Adore FAWN ... I didn't miss one of your videos Michelle or Daven's HBFF #LOL ...Jay I LOVE your hair it's such a statement !!! I hope you read this and maybe you can shout me out ... With Love From Curacao
how can i be apart of this?
what time will Kevin be on? :) it's 2:40 am in my country
Fail....can't get on with my iPad or phone :(
u girls are just so buitiful like wow
Kevjumba hasn't came on just yet. Thanks so much for the info ladies. I appreciate it. Hopefully you guys get to get on soon. But watching live is just as fun. We all have similar questions.
Thais, how far in advance did she do invites?
^ I got my invite this morning
BlogTV is better so you will have more viewers to participate 
Hi Michelle and Jay, I'm a guy, I don't wear make up or have any hair but I have to say that I Adore FAWN ... I didn't miss one of your videos Michelle or Daven's HBFF #LOL ...Jay I LOVE your hair it's such a statement !!! I hope you read this and maybe you can shout me out ... With Love From Curacao
Yea I got my invite this morning, but I was late for the reply. So if there is another hangout, I really do advice to stay next your computer ALL DAY AND NIGHT lol
Idk why some of them are so quiet! lol I'd be asking every question in the book!
I think we should play "What is in Michelle's purse!"
gaaaaah I want to be a part of this so badly! I was told I was the first backup so I really really really want to do this D:
Im hoping theres another hangout session soon :/ We gotta get on it Holly!!
same:/ yeah I know!! We'd better! I'm so gutted we didn't get on :(
you have no idea :/ I went through every emotion within the past hour lol
yeah my heart was beating so fast and I was SO excited haha! especially this morning when I got the email saying I was going to be part of it. But then I found out I was only a backup... :(
Don't worry girly, our time will come lol
So I have a big crush on him, really sucks not being apart of this Hangout :/
why don't you look at the comments? :(
can I please join?? this is my only way to talk to you :( I live in norway you see :)
the black screen were the tech guys at google. they were trying to make sure the live chat was working correctly:)
I'm not Asian people! ^_^ I'm Hispanic so don't blame Fawn. I just look Asian. 
it was so nice to meet you jessin:) and you're sooo pretty^^
to everyone: btw, i'm sorry if i got overly excited or if i was annoying.. i didn't know that the keyboard made sounds and that the screen switched as people spoke. i just assumed that people would see michelle as the person on top. i was truly excited to see michelle and kevjumba since i've been a fan of theirs since 2007 and jay manuel since antm came out. i'm so happy to have had the opportunity to participate and meet such pretty girls:)
+Jessica Wang It was nice meeting you too. I thought you were super cute and you made me laugh a lot because I could tell you were excited ^_^
:) hahahah i think everyone can agree that "excited" is an understatement in this case. anyhoo, seriously during the chat i wanted to tell you that you are suuuuper pretty!! and btw, your baby is soooooo cute:)
+Jessica Wang oh thank you! I thought you were really cute! Thanks...I love my baby girl so much! She makes me want to have more!!! Lol ^_^ and don't worry about the negative can't please everyone and you were just happy and excited! 
+Jessica Wang People were brutal on Youtube, but you know half of these people that make comments just say mean things for fun. I think both you and I were the only ones people complained about. You were "too excited and cute" and I was "the redhead that wasnt paying attention" hahah. So I guess you cant win either way. I was pretty bummed my mic was being funky the whole time but I was def. paying attention to the chat. I just had my friends and siblings surrounding me throughout it hehe~ it was fun though <3
Zabi D.
Getting sleepy..
Hi all, i hope guys are
I'm wondering why you guys don't see me? Not that I want to be seen because I'm actually writing a paper on virtual software that can be used as a training tool. 
It's pretty cool you guys are using my given name for this network :)
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