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Metalhead and open source developer
Metalhead and open source developer

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Is anyone out there using for Dart to unit test HttpRequest based methods? I can't seem to make my tests work (in this case fail) because apparently content_shell is blocking the HttpRequests.

The file I'm using for (and respective project):
(You can see my other tries by consulting the previous commits.) build log:

Thanks in advance, I've lost a couple of hours yesterday trying to figure this out to no avail so any help would be great.

I'm writting a simple library in Dart to work with the v2 webapi, and I'm thinking about publishing it on Pub. Now I don't work for the company and I'm not sure if I'll be able to implement the whole thing for lack of freetime (especially the authenticathed methods)  so naming it "twitch_api" or something along those lines might inder someone who does a better job at it later (or even Twitch devs themselves if they ever change to Dart and want to publish their own library). Any advice on naming my package? Thanks in advance guys :)

Is there a way in Dart right now to handle Roman numeral conversion?

Can anyone recommend me a good album of Stoner/Acid/Space Rock? Something on the lines of Melvins, Samsara Blues Experiment, Electric Moon...

To all my British and American friends I thank you for all your efforts in the aftermath of 9/11. I have no doubts that your [nation] efforts have helped the civilized world recover and re affirm that we love life and freedom more than the enemy loves death! Today we remember the cost of freedom.

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Payed increase level cap that doesn't give you skill points and payed single-area complete-in-an-hour DLC. Good job Gearbox you just managed to disapoint me again...

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In the wake of the NSA overreaching spying "scandal" you may want to start using secure methods of messaging. There are a couple of tools available and the one I discovered today was Bitmessage. It uses a technology similar to Bitcoin to allow true anonymous and encrypted communication. If you feel like testing it, send me a message: 


A tutorial on how to use Bitmessage follows:
Running Bitmessage on Windows

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A great talk by Martin Amis and Christopher Hitchens about Antisemitism, the Jewish tradition and Israel. Christopher Hitchens - [2007] - 'No Laughing Matter' with Martin Amis

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Air drumming till your arms drop: Melvins - 'The Bride Screamed Murder' (Full Album HD)

"No one is willing to live under someone else's religious tyranny, which is therefore the easy and simple proof of the superiority of the atheist and secular point of view. Among our other achievements we take care of the rights of these people who believe all this crap. Which given what they say about us it's pretty generous.", Christopher Hitchens talking about the importance of the American revolution and how in his opinion it's the only revolution still alive and worth looking up to.
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