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Ezra Klein

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A mere 4 percent of kids born into the bottom quintile make it into the top one.
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Wendy W
I wish you'd post more here.
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Ezra Klein

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Love that "Alabama" came from the Choctaw word for "plant-clearers." And it's possible -- though not certain -- that "Iowa" means "sleepy ones." #maps
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Sweet home, Alabama.
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Ezra Klein

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+Ezra Klein you are one of the smartest economists around. I am happy that this is over for now. I hope a lesson has been learned.
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Ezra Klein

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Hey Ezra, how come you post more to Facebook than to Google+ when Google+ is so much cooler?
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Ezra Klein

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On Monday, simply by doing absolutely nothing, the 113th Congress allowed the interest rate on student loans to double, from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. That might be permissible if they were busy with more important things, like inventing a cure for cancer that’s also a source of endless clean energy. But they’re not even working this week.
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Ezra Klein

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"Washington [D.C] is now host to more startups per million residents than any other region in the country."
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All of them Military Industrial Complex wannabes?
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Ezra Klein

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Twitter is about you... Facebook is about me... I already have taken care of me - it's you I'm concerned about - figuratively speaking.
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Ezra Klein

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Don't be fooled by the fact that it's Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post rather than Amazon itself, says Lydia DePillis. Over time, the two will come together. #amazon  
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Within a short time the Post will be home-delivered by UPS in a small cardboard box.
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Ezra Klein

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In 1974, President Richard Nixon’s health-care plan proposed forcing employers to pay 75 percent of the cost of basic health insurance for their employees, with some breaks for small businesses.

In 1994, President Bill Clinton proposed forcing employers to pay 80 percent of the cost of basic heath insurance for their employees, though a somewhat confusing series of caps meant that smaller businesses would end up paying much less.

But by 2010, health reformers had learned their lesson. They asked almost nothing of business. And last night, the Obama administration decided to ask even less.
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Well...Mr. Soyers, with respect, you're assertions are wrong. Every Western culture has mastered this with one lone exception, us. The most effective Universal Healthcare system in the world, Japan (Lowest infant mortality rates, highest longevity) costs 60% of what WE PAY IN THIS COUNTRY PER CAPITA. Our cancer treatments are no better than the rest of the world except (in our country) they are the purview of the wealthy whereas in single payer, Universal Healthcare countries, they are available to all. 18% of Americans cannot afford healthcare. So...I guess they're not getting good cancer care.
One of the most amazing characteristics of our country is the almost unlimited ability for our citizens to be duped by special interests through our legislatures (those people we elect and pay a lot of money to protect our interests?) and convince us to oppose what serves us best.
Many, perhaps you, strongly and violently believe we have the best yet that couldn't be further from the truth. In metrics widely supported, Cuba (as does Croatia!) has a better healthcare system than we do yet you make the assertions otherwise. Science and statistics be damned.
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Google Reader, you’ve been great. I’ve loved our time together. But maybe this is for the best.
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+Ezra Klein didn't utilize RSS to their max. He didn't find a way to make all his RSS feeds full-text, for example. He didn't use Reader to recommend other feeds to him, or to easily search RSS feeds for various topics (to make his "bubble" bigger).
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