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This is, in the end, likely to be the ironic legacy of the Tea Party and the tactics it chose: It arose in ferocious opposition to Obama’s agenda, but by driving Specter out of the party and pushing pure conservatives over more electable Republican candidates, it gave Senate Democrats the majorities they needed to pass and protect the key accomplishments of Obama’s presidency — and that’s before you get into whether the Tea Party’s influence in the Republican presidential primaries forced Mitt Romney to the right and gave Obama a crucial edge in a close presidential election.
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Are all of you living on another planet?  First of all Obama didn't vote much as a senator (state or us) as he didn't want a record but still manage to be the number 2 most liberal.  The tea party (I am not a member) has been noithing more than folks in a lawful respectful way exercising the constitutional rights. Spector decided on his own to go back to being a democrat which is why is no longer a senator.
Like I on another planet. 
Don P
No such thing as the Tea Party, never really was. It was just the Republican base rebranded wearing tri-cornered hats. (Hey, I'd try to run away from Bush too)

Cost them 3 senate seats in 2010 (NV, CO, DE) , at least 2 in 2012 (IN, MO).

Interesting to see if the Rockefeller Republicans can prevent the party from becoming the party of the SEC,Big Sky and Big 12 (regional). I'm guessing they can't.
I think another reason Spector is no longer a senator is that he's dead, Peter.
Pushing conservatives right and moderates out may seem a poor tactic in the short run, but in the long run it will lead to a stronger, more unified Republican party. The stronger party will be much more effective at governing effectively according to conservative principles, and eventually in creating the wide umbrella that will include a majority of American citizens. 
Eric, I think Spector switched back to a democrat 3 years before he passed. This has been exciting to read these posts. can someone tell me how I can get myself out of fthis insanity loop.  I don't want to catch any conspiracy or liberal diseases :)
LOLz @ Peter

Gary Graves - as long as Republicans refuse to RIOT over having Romney rammed down their throats amid constant evidence of folks like Ron Paul and Rick Santorum getting more votes...  yet the local Republican party HQs still claimed that Romney won... Crap! there is NO Replublican party to strengthen. It's a disgusting wreck! The only thing that will fix our governemnt is a complete breakdown of government and a fresh Constitutional Convention where we resdet the Constitution since 1788 and tweak it a bit based on what we've learned since then...!
Obama had the Senate and the House in his pocket for two years after his election and managed to never pass a single U.S. budget.  He passed Obamacare, the biggest infringement of American rights in years.  He delayed the SEAL attack on Osama binLaden for political expediency, to the outrage of the armed forces.  He rammed the Don't-ask-don't-tell reversal down the throats of the people and the army.  More "executive orders" than is hardly imaginable.  A cabinet that didn't pay any of its taxes.  A attorney general held in contempt of congress.  A massive coverup during and after the Bengzhai fiasco.  Friend of Bill Ayers, Pentagon Bomber.  Husband of the woman who thinks fat kids, yes, FAT KIDS, are America's greatest enemy.  Bows to the King of Ethiopia.  Gives the Queen of England an iPod full of recordings of his own speeches as the official American gift to the U.K.  Hos done nothing to support Israel (he disses them at every turn) and apologizes for America's greatness.  THAT is the record of Obama, THAT is what you are trying to defend, and THAT is where America will go if the friend-of-Muslims/Campainger-in-Chief is reelected to lead the greatest and freest nation on God's green earth. 
Democrats did not have supermajority for 20 out of 24 months.
"We won't let fact-checkers run the campaign" 
I have NO problem with you voting against Obama... Jon Carnes

but with all the horrors this man has committed... how can the Republican insiders play politics on the voters like that?

Remember 2006...?

They haven't learned to LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE.

The Republicans DESERVE 4 more of Obammer... since they couldn't see fit to give the PEOPLE Santorum or Paul or Cain, as they PEOPLE requested. Since they can't EVER seem to be as VIRTUOUS as they insist other be...!

The Democrats DESERVE the widespread death and starvation that 4 more of Obomber will bring about... since they are too stupid to see 2+2 for the 4 that it is. It will take a breakdown of the government felony system, for people to become brave enough to fight for their rights.
Why does everyone think someone, or the government, is out to get them?  Does it make it easier for you to justify something, or the lack of something, in your life?
"Dubya" could be the last Republican President ever elected.  No!!!???  It's the Hispanics --folks, and their massive Immigration over the last 30 years.  Statistics show that they vote 80% Dem!!!  Each year more and more "Anchor Children" attain voting age and even though their Religion forbids Birth Control they still vote Dem.  And of course, even without their continuing Immigration they have a higher Fertility Rate than Protestants!!!  Yes, I'm aware a small percentage leave Roman Catholicism!!!   A couple of Master Strokes the Dems could pull off!!!---initiate a Mass Amnesty and bring Puerto Rico in as another State!!!  As for the Economy--the American mania for foreign goods and the resulting Chronic, Progressive Trade Deficits transfer wealth to the Gross Exporting Nations and the US is less and less the Master of It's Own Destiny!!!
If only the tea party would have elected Republicans that act exactly like Democrats.  I don't see how electing a Republican that acts like a democrat is better than trying to elect a real Republican and losing.
Love the TEA party, ok not as sophisticated as other political players but good honest people prepared to admit that they don't like obama simply because he is black.
Tea party are good honest folks, sick of the mainstream media selling how good Left wing socialist comprimises are, they took it too the Republican party "all or nothing boys", all or nothing...
Romney would have won if he had been a moderate, The TEA party stopped that happening.
Koch bros will write off Tea Party.
they will stop funding it and the members will move to a mountain in North Dakota and grow potatoes
Honestly folks, nothing really bad is going to happen. The world will just keep on doing its thing. There will be good times and bad times but for the vast majority of us we will live out our lives peacefully. Seems to me every generation thinks the end is near. I have to admit I have enjoyed reading the freaked out semi racist ramblings of angry republicans. Good night
A tea partier made a comment about where he can move to.  I was going to suggest Russia. :)  Where would you suggest? 
Amid all the opinionizing and speculating about why Obama won, there is little being said about who the real winners of the election are; human people, all of us, Democrats and Republicans alike.  By this I mean that the declaration by the U.S. Supreme Court that corporations are persons and, as such, are entitled to the same constitutional protections and rights enjoyed by human beings placed the character and essence of our society at extreme risk. In the Citizens Union case which held that corporations are people for the purpose of exercising freedom of speech through limitless campaign spending, our country was placed at risk of becoming a third-world banana republic controlled and manipulated behind the scenes by the likes of the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, big Pharma, international gas and oil megacorps, not to mention Karl Rove and all the secret corporate donors.  I submit that the net result of this election has more to do with what real people stood to lose if Romney prevailed.  The Court as it stands now has, in reality, been the most politically activist court in the history of our nation.  In case after case, the court has swept aside precedent to effectuate a far right wing philosophy that serves no interests other than big business.  In the next four years, it appears likely that two, maybe three, seats on the Supreme Court will be vacated either through illness or ageing.  President Obama will have the opportunity to reshape the Court into a more moderate presence in our society.  The litmus test for any new Justice must be the return of sanity to the Court by reversing the ‘corporations are people’ bent that the present Court has cultivated and refined through its pseudo-intellectual reasoning process.  

Just Saying . . . 
Some very naive comments about the Tea Party. 
In the end, this was about Rupert Murdoch's choice of Roger Ailes to head his cable news channel. No single factor did more to destroy the GOP. 
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