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“My job is not to worry about those people,” Mitt Romney said of the 47 percent of Americans who are likely to vote for Barack Obama. “I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

There will be plenty said about the politics of Romney’s remarks. But I want to take a moment and talk about the larger argument behind them, because this vision of a society divided between “makers” and “takers” is core to the Republican nominee’s policy agenda.
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Wait, he actually said those exact words?  I mean, I know the who 47% thing is ridiculous anyway, but who thought it would be a great idea to have Romney say those exact words in any context whatsoever?

Flabbergasted, I am.
I am a very successful Project Engineer, and I make about
$90,000 a year.  I pay plenty of taxes.  I am also
Very dedicated to Obama and the Clintons

So let me sum it up


thanks for listening
+Craig Miller:  I pay taxes too, and I don't make nearly as much as you do.

Oh, and thanks for paying those taxes :).  I like having roads and police officers and what not.
He's right.  Minds are set in cement.  Too many have grown dependent on Gov't programs.  While we all acknowledge that we should take care of our needy/sick/elderly, etc....(and we want to) there has been an explosion onto the social programs that our economy Can Not sustain.  Time to take away the incentive to give up, quite looking, wait for a check.
+Shaun Duke : Well, he said those exact words, but Ezra has changed the meaning slightly by condensing it.  What Mitt said was more like that 47% pay no income tax, that everyone who pays no income tax feels "entitled" to food/housing/healthcare at government expense, that everyone who pays no income tax will be voting for Obama and not Romney in order to keep the gravy train of entitlements coming, and that anyone who pays no income tax does not take responsibility for their lives and Romney will never convince them otherwise.  See the video linked in the article for the full context.
I don't mind paying my taxes at all
What I mind is years of lame excuses
For why richer people than be should pay Less taxes

That was not in Economics 201 when I took College
ANd I pray it never is!
I also mind the republicans saying that
47 percent that vote for Obama are on welfare

How is that not RACIST??

When you apologize to me, then
we can have a seriuos discussion

This probably means you too +Jennifer Freeman 
Pft. South Park did it. Gods and Clods by Kyle Broflovski.

Is this really the best the Republicans could trot out? 
Romney doesn't hate America. He's just an idiot, that's all.
he only cares about the rich +Aaron Lord 
I'm a very successful middle class person

And see what he said about me?
on welfare, casue of they way I want to VOTE

Doesnt sound like a democracy to me
I can vote for whoever I damn well please!
I've seen the full quote.  That doesn't exactly endear Romney to me.  It just makes him look more out of touch than I already thought he was.

And the 47% is an absurdity derived from a previous argument than half of Americans don't pay taxes.  They've just condense it to the only aspect of that which is true, but the implication is there:  they don't pay taxes and mooch.  Except they don't.  Much of what they "mooch" off of are things they pay into, such as social security, etc. etc. etc.

He also implied that this is the class of voter who sticks with Obama, which is equally specious.  I pay income taxes and all sorts of other taxes.  I'll be voting for Obama.

There aren't many ways he's going to come out looking particularly good in this.  He's attacking a voting block who have suffered from systemic unemployment for decades.  The idea that these people have work to go to, whether now or during more economically viable times, is laughable.  If you look at the unemployment rate across the decades, it hasn't been under 3% since 1953, and only under 4% a handful of times.  The last time it was under 4% was in 2000...for a few months.  After that, the rate has been above 4%, but more often in the 5-6% mark.

Ezra has the right of this.  And it's a poor choice on Romney's part.
Funny how the argument that 'richer people than me' should in some way pay more taxes is only valid until the person speaking it is one of those "richer than me" people, and also requires that it would remain possible to become "richer than me" if that larger amount of taxes is paid, because if not then the reality of reaching for the brass ring is entirely false.

The Fair Tax is the only equitable solution: tax based upon expenditure, a sales tax beginning at 23% while entire income is kept.
+Craig Miller I know, right? Not just me and my wife with our Obama bumper stickers, but also our neighbors across the street with their boat, Ford Excursion, and an Obama sign on their lawn!
P.S. Since we're all testifying to how we pay taxes too, I should mention I'm self-employed, so I pay twice as much SS & Medicare as everybody else.
Aaron:  And I thank you for helping keep police on our streets, teachers in our classrooms, construction workers fixing up our roads, and so on and so forth.  A+, sir :)
I'm not sure its 47% but the facts are that under this president there are more Americans than ever before getting some type govt assistance. This is because we have a president that doesn't know how to create jobs. He just makes is harder for companies to hire if anything. Instead of passing a jobs plan we got a president that passed a huge government take over of healthcare which taxes the living daylights out of companies and creates ton of uncertianty in the jobs market.
If only they didn't all get laid off and de-unionized already…
+Bradley Frederick: Obama tried to pass a jobs plan.  It got stalled on Congress.  The fact that more people are on government assistance stems from the recession.

It should also be noted that the lack of jobs in the country has little to do with whether we can create the jobs, but with systemic insecurity in our economy.  There isn't enough demand, for one (global or domestic), and no indication what the future will look like for businesses, giving them little incentive to invest.  It's not like the President can snap his fingers and create 5,000,000 jobs overnight.  This is a far more complicated problem than that.
+Bradley Frederick btw Brad, Obama increased the amount of government grants too so that people from lower income families can afford to go to college and get a job, which is exactly what I did and I noe pay my fair share. I agree with +Shaun Duke on this one. More people will take advantage of social welfare if it is available, especially during a downturn. Some people will use it for good. Some people will take advantage of that. People at the top do the same thing. Some use policy for good, some use it for evil. Mitt probably hides money in offshore accounts to avoid taxes along with tons of other rich folks all in the spirit of greed.
It is so intellectually dishonest to bring these myths concerning taxes and a wanting dependency to a site that has disproven this garbage so consistently/factually his site is wildly popular. So either these folks are lost or like RomneyWorld facts just get in the way of their twisted reality. 
That 47% doesn't seem too far off considering some history. Back in 1980 Jimmy Carter was completing a dreadful first, (and only) term as President. Unemployment, inflation, interest rates, and gas prices were all out of control. Despite those major issues, 41% of the US voters wanted to give Democrat, Jimmy Carter 4 more years instead of putting Republican, Ronald Reagan in the White House.

Has 41% grown to 47%? We'll find out in November.
Bradly: please read the referenced article – "So notice what happened here: Republicans have become outraged over the predictable effect of tax cuts they passed and are using that outrage as the justification for an agenda that further cuts taxes on the rich and pays for it by cutting social services for the non-rich."
Bee Z
As a Ron Paul supporter: I pay well over my share of taxes. I do not believe in Mitt/Ryan and if Obama had a little more support in bringing back the middle class, we'd probably be a lot better off.
P.P.S. I pay a lot more than Romney's laughable 13%!
+Antoinette Moore :  Huh? I'm not judging.  I simply restated what Mitt the Twit said in his video, to contrast with the shortened phrase that Ezra led off this article with.  The meanings are slightly different, and +Shaun Duke had asked if this is what he really said.
Oh noes, we found a handful of examples of people abusing the system.  What ever shall we do?  Jareth, please save us from these statistical outliers!  If only these abusers could be like those other classes of Americans, who never include statistical outliers of abuse.

<bows before the greatness of cherry-picking reality>
It's as if there is no other tax/es we pay but income taxes!  How about sales taxes?, property taxes?, other government fees? Think about it, EVEN BEGGARS PAY SOME TAX/ES, huh?
+Craig Miller lol, welfare is racist? Did you know it's a majority of white people that make up the welfare rolls?

So why are you so racist that you only believe minorities are on welfare?

Here's what's really racist, 96% of black people voted for Obama in 08 and he'll likely receive those numbers again. 96% of a demographic based on genetic pigmentation of the skin agrees on politics? Yeah f-in right.
We need to take care of those who can't, not those who WON'T. 
I pay taxes and if not for my Dad would be living in poverty.  I could probably get federal assistance for some stuff.  It took a year however to prove that I could not afford my insulin to the makers of the drug.  Of course I just want free medicine.  I pay a fourth of my pay on my health insurance.  That does not count my medicine.  How dare this elite snob say that 47 % of us in America pay nothing and want everything for free.  I am so sick of this man.  Each four years the GOP puts up even worse candidates.  Try finding someone who can govern and not just pander to the handful of new money millionaire and billionaires.  Sick of Mittens.
This is a profound statement, and just the tip of the iceberg. The money in our country is completely mismanaged. Really American to disregard a specific group of our country. Last word -Unacceptable
I'm sorry but the comments here astound me. How does raising taxes on the rich help grow the middle class? Can someone please answer that?
+John Mahler : And do you have reliable statistics on the relative instance rates of "can't" vs. "won't"?  Studies you can cite?  Or are you one of those people who just "feels the truthiness" of the statement that the majority of people who receive government safety net aid are "won't" people?
If Mitt Romney wants to be the president of the United States his JOB is to be concerned with everyone. This is bullshit that he's being "selective " about who he needs to worry about. Fuck him and all his supporters.
It's dishonest selective amnesia its well documented that 47% don't pay taxes due to there wages fallen below the poverty level next they'll start babbling renters don't pay property taxes another myth the flock embraces. Why bring that noise to a place where "the truth matters".
+Arabella Imbriale : To be fair, it's pretty clear from the context of this particular statement that Romney is only talking about not "being concerned" with them to the extent of winning them over to vote Republican.  However, it's also pretty clear from Romney's policy proposals that he will also not be concerned about them as citizens once he's elected, so your overall point stands. :-)
Romney was highlighting a true problem in our society. Half of the country doesn't pay income taxes. That same half is upset that he wants to lower the rates for those that still do.

The choice is simple, do you want a majority party who has a history of improving good and bad economies, or a party whose best record is stagnancy? If you prefer the former vote Republican. If you prefer the latter vote democrat. It's that simple.
BTW, there is also a group of ultra wealthy Americans tat live off of the interest they earn. They do not take a "paycheck" and therefore do not pay the typical "income tax" or payroll tax. Is Mitt incensed at them too? How about making sure every child under 16 has food and shelter before we go cutting their access to dinner, a bed, or a checkup?
+Devin Christensen :  Ooops, looks like you switched the the words "Republican" and "democrat"  in your last paragraph, if you really are citing the "majority party who has a history of improving good and bad economies". 

Unless you get your history only from Fox News. In which case, I recommend that you see any of the news about the recent studies on the correlation between top tax rates and job growth as a starting point to learn about reality.
Tim Max
Dear Mr. R,

I make well over 100k. I pay quite a bit in taxes. I don't believe I'm sucking off the govt teets. I work my ass off. And I wouldn't vote for an arrogant ahole like you in a million years. F you.

Apparently one of the 47%
Taxation is theft. 47% of people sounds like a good start to freedom from government force.
The real takers are the Corporations .. they suck more from Americas tits than the Social Programs... About $59 billion is spent on traditional social welfare programs. $92 billion is spent on corporate subsidies. So, the government spent 50% more on corporate welfare than it did on food stamps and housing assistance in 2006.
+Jennifer Freeman let's see if this is reality enough for the libs.
Our governments power is divided into 3 parts, the house, the Senate and the presidency. Whichever party controls 2 or more of them has control.

Democrat Control
-Avg unemployment rate of 7.7% with an avg. high of 9.6% (2010) and a low of 4.6% (2007)
-From the beginning of their stewardship to 2011 there was a loss of 4.3% in employment.
-GDP grew at an average rate of 0.55% with a high of 3.02% (2010) and a low of -3.53% (2009)
-There were two years of GDP contraction.
-There was 4.386T of deficit spending over this time, an average of 877.24B/yr (adjusted for inflation)

Republican Control
-Avg unemployment rate of 5.02% with an avg. high of 6% (2003) and a low of 4% (2000)
-From the beginning to the end of their stewardship there was an improvement of +1.0%.
-GDP grew at an average rate of 3.25% per year with a high of 4.87% (1999) and a low of 1.09% (2001)
-There were zero years of GDP contraction.
-There was $1.279T of deficit spending over this time, an average of 106.67B/yr (adjusted for inflation)

Democrat control
-Avg unemployment rate of 6.24% with an avg. high of 7.5% (92) and a low of 5.3% (89)
-From the beginning to the end of their stewardship an overall improvement of +0.1%.
-During this time GDP grew at an average of 2.82% with a high of 4.1% (87 and 94) and a low of -0.26% (91)
-There was one year of GDP contraction.
-There was $2.308T of deficit spending over this time, an average of 288.55B/yr (adjusted for inflation)

Republican control
-Avg unemployment rate of 8.1% with an avg. high of 9.7% (83) and a low of 7% (86)
-From the beginning to the end of their stewardship there was an improvement of +2.7%.
-GDP grew at an average of 3.28% with a high of 7.19% (84) and a low of -1.98% (82)
-There was one year of GDP contraction.
-There was $1.749T of deficit spending over this time, an average of $291.55B/yr (adjusted for inflation)

Unemployment rates from:
GDP Rates from: google public data: GDP
Party control from:
Government spending from:
Politicians are morons. What a ludicrous conclusion to draw, that 47% that pay no income tax, for whatever reason, are (a) all Obama voters, and (b) people who will not take personal responsibility for their lives. Why do we all fall for this false dichotomy? The only real takers are the govt. We private sector workers are all makers. Only the govt is truly unproductive.
YouTube Paul Harvey if I were the devil says it all
+Devin Christensen : Oh I see, you keep using the word "control".  I don't think it means what you think it means.  A party is in control if they have a majority of two of the three parts?  Ever heard of the filibuster?
I like to stick to the facts. I have a brother in law that believes if you vote democratic, you must be poor! He is the type of person who will close the doors of opportunity behind him. Makes him feel good if he knows that a neighbour or even family is not doing so well financially, that he is being better off. Never invites for dinner only waits to be invited. To me he seems to be the taker and not maker. Btw, he is a financial director at a big firm. You would never know it looking at him. He prays on the good will of people around him, but he never gives back. In my mind he embodies Republican tendencies very well. Trust me no matter who you are, you would not want him for your neighbour. May God help us if there are a lot of people like him.
Taking isolated soundbites literally and adding a period is bad analysis for both parties. Meanwhile if you don't see the overall agenda that Obama and the "progressives" are instituting is creating  a massive dependent class (voting block), you are sadly ignorant. What is wrong with challenging people to greater things in their life? Move up, move on with a hand UP not a hand out! There is always help for those that want it. For those that don't, there is now big government. So very sad, what America has become. Divided, lazy, ignorant and Godless. 
+Jason King Romney was illustrating a point that the takers won't vote for him. If he truly believed it was all of the bottom 47% he would be retarded, which is absolutely absurd since he successfully ran Bain and the Olympics as well.
The Takers.. are the corporations .. your foolish to believe in the WELFARE MOMS...
Delusion.. Yup wasn;t that the 9billion dollars you could see from space .. and somehow it just disappeared.. yup a delusion..
I have rarely seen such a clear exposition of fundamental republican philosophy as in mitts statements. Most have the sense to try and hide behind Orwellian double speak. I suppose we should thank him for his clarity and honesty of speach.’s so much suffering in the world. It can all get pretty overwhelming sometimes. Consider, for a moment the sorrow in the eyes of a CEO who’s just found out that his end-of-year bonus is only going to be a paltry $2.3 million.
This also speaks to his religion in which each individual is responsible for their own salvation. If you aren't successful, it is your fault. You see how it fits.
Now we know why he doesn't want to give specifics.
The morom church..nJune 2011, a member of the Mormon general authority used LDS Church email to solicit campaign contributions for Willard Romney’s run for president. W. Craig Zwick, who is a member of the church’s First Quorum of the Seventy and father of Romney’s finance chairman wrote “How much can you contribute to the Romney for President Committee today? You can only give $2,500 max for you and your wife. Let me know — let’s take back America!” According to Revenue Ruling 2007-41 of the IRS, the law “prohibits political campaign activity by charities and churches by defining a 501(c)(3) organization as one “which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.”
Just vote; and live with the consequences! That's what a democracy is, or isn't it?

There's no need for vitriol!
When are you guys going to grow a brain. He was simply talking about his strategy for the election. Must like obama isn't going after religious gin owners. It's not that he doesn't care it's just not his strategy for the election. Of course Romney cares about poor people. then again I am sure you never read his book or tried to learn anything about him. no sense in doing your own thinking.
So, J.S. You're ok with buying votes with handouts like food stamps (now used by a disgustingly high percentage of the population), circumventing the constitution by giving illegal's the right to vote and diminishing the populations personal  worth down to a bunch of users and takers? And I'm not talking of those with legitimate needs in society. I see all too many abusers and how they play the system. Meanwhile, leadership brings people up from their circumstances, not keeps them down as victims. The left destroy human dignity quite on screwed up.     
And yes entitlements will despot our country. It's important to help those that need it, but there is a better way.
+Robert Kappel How is paying 15% of your income being a "dependent class?"  Please explain.  If you're paying 15% of your income, I assume you are working, in which case the government isn't giving you money, you are giving it money.  Of those people that are working hard, do you think they don't want to "move up in life?"  Why are you the dictator of who is lazy and who is not?  Didn't your God say not to "judge not?"
Does Twit even know what a middle class is....?
+Jacob Manteufel Yes, except that's not where the money has gone.  Just look at a graph of where the money actually is.  And learn something.
Again.. attacking the folks who no fault of there own.. lost everything.. Welfare MOMS don't exist especially driving cadillacs..  The American Government Spends BILLIONS on Corporations and on Other Nations.. BILLIONS.. So what if Johnny and Mary lost their homes cause there jobs got sent oversees.. and They need a helping HAND... It ok if everyone else sucks on Americas Tits.. but god forbid.. a poor folk need a helping had... 
This guy just loooooves ayn rand huh? There are "takers" in this country. No denying it. But it isn't 47% and his philosophy isn't the answer. How are we supposed to turn this around when we produce nothing in this country and still manage to out consume the rest of the planet? Both republicans and democrats over the last forty years have created an environment where it's easy to outsource manufacturing jobs and destroy the workforce. NAFTA anyone? As a result we have very few jobs a person without a college degree can support themselves on and wind up needing government help. Add to that the fact that our education standards are falling yearly and young people (generally speaking) are more concerned with entertainment than anything else and you have the situation we're in now. It isn't just one thing that needs reform. Our entire system and way of thinking needs an overhaul. Myself most definitely included. I'm in my late thirties and just in the last few years realized how much time I've wasted.
Hey remember when the GOP said "arugula" was out of touch? I think a presidential candidate not understanding payroll taxes > leafy greens.
It seems none of the GOP supporters read the article who are commenting here, why does the right wing insist on making parodies of themselves?  
Good job +Malcolm Sloan You know the three branches of government. Now apply some critical thinking and realize I said power not branches.

Being that your issue is reading comprehension problems and/or semantics I'll take that as you don't have a good rebuttal.
+Devin Christensen Why don't you stop acting like a supercilious jerkwad and make a point instead of making claims about others reading comp problems?  
It's an "election" to Romney (along with the accordant analytics).  Problem is, in fact the same is true for Obama.  Neither of these jokers will fix ANYTHING.

I hope I'm wrong.
Both Parties have run the Nation into the ground, and all they do is argue about who did the worse job between the two.   

9 out of 10 city, county and state budgets are in deficit, this spans party lines.  Remember, they cannot print money right before an election like Bernanke can with QE3.  

Republicans are crazy when increasing spending, demanding tax cuts, "entitlement" cuts, and multi-trillion dollar bailouts.  Democrats are crazy by doubling bailouts, increasing spending and creating 20-30 million new customers for the insurance companies and calling it "Healthcare for all".  

We're FREAKING broke people.  BROKE.  Wake up.
+Jennifer Freeman Yes, because empirically backed up evidence is the lengths we go to, to prove our side, vs. rebuttals like 'ever heard of a filibuster'.

Do you honestly not see the stupidity of your argument?

Here, let me illustrate it for you:

You need 40 votes for a filibuster. So if Party A has 55 seats and Party B has 45 seats which party can do a filibuster? Both. Which party will have a harder time performing the filibuster? The minority party. 

And since republicans vote with democrats a whole hell of a lot more than democrats do with republicans I don't think a filibuster has been a real issue until the communist started destroying our country.
Let see Mitt talks about accountability and all good things ! He has paid more tax than all of us put together! Yah he looks for creative honest ways to save money ! So do i with my business. Who wouldn't ?? He also donated his dads inheritance to the poor. Nothing is for free we have to pay back the 1.3 trillion a yr. If Obama was against sending work to china. Then he wouldnt let GM go to china ? Clinton hated Obama but know he has ties with Obama. So of course hes want obama to win now !! This is just my thoughts.  
Gross generalization. It's really sad if this is the caliber of candidates America has to choose from.

There are a lot of people that really try hard but still need govt assistant. Fact of the matter is not everyone can be rich. Fact of life is life is not fair. Some are born to wealth, privileges and opportunities some are not. Some yes choose not to contribute and they so remain poor which is their loss.

However claiming that 47% of Americans are leeches bums is down right wrong no matter how you put it. Romney really is out of touch with common folks.    
Anti-poverty programs increase all of our standards of living, that is what these right wing social Darwinists don't understand.  These entitlement programs are what keeps our society from slipping into becoming a country where old people have to eat cat food again, children work in coal mines etc.  
Thank you Ezra!  I see you have stoked the mighty derp fire and unleashed consternation upon the internet with this post.  Props to you, kind sir.
+Devin Christensen Whining about others reading comp problems is not a rebuttal, it is a sign of intellectual laziness.   
+Rarian Rakista you speak of laziness yet you still haven't ventured on up to through the comments to see my original point. I know scrolling that mouse wheel can be hard, but you can do it, I have faith in you.
+Jo Ann Thompson is right there are way to many handouts and bailouts to the very wealthy through risky investments that the middle ends up paying or huge contracts for $1000 toilet seats and bridges to nowhere.
+Mark Topham Thats the liberal way. Get caught up in semantics and miss the message. It's the only way they see obama as the superior leader. His semantics are grand, his messages are pathetic.
He will pay 3.2 million in taxes this yr. Obama spent 1.3 trillion of are money this yr ! Hmmmm.....
Without so many still not seeing the real meaning of life we will be a destructive country .... so sad how we are debating on things instead of sticking up to all mankind our brothers and sisters, children, our family, earth, all living things not materials items.
People should learn self responsibility, not depend on the State to provide everything for them.
An economics course teaches that war has an overall net benefit. We know this to be false. I wouldn't trust any economist who thinks war is good for the economy.
+Robert Kappel according to David Corn, who has watched the whole tape of the speech several times, it's not taken out of context at all. Furthermore, there are more clips to come. Also, Romney and GOP chairman have pretty much confirmed he was on message there.
Nobody owes the collective anything. The collective doesn't owe anybody anything.
We are all individuals. Only the individual thinks. Only the individual acts.
+Aaron Lord you're correct, it's not technically out of context (all of the words are there). however the meaning is lost on those who refuse to look further than the words and understand the issue he is talking about. We all know we have never generalized to make a point, nope, only evil politicians do that. [/sarcasm]
+Jennifer Freeman What in the world are you talking about? What do studies and statistics have to do with my statement? I don't care if 1% of people are that way, they are an unnecessary burden. Are you suggesting that it's somehow our duty to take care of those who are quite capable, but refuse to do it for themselves? 
+Alex Middleton totally agree with you, every one should be thinking that way so that people should feel more and more responsible not only about their own self but for the state as well.
The President of United States is the leader for all citizens; whether people vote for, or vote against; the president candidate should not have divided vision. The President needs to have whole perspective. Sum of the parts cannot make it whole. Is the RNC decision final? Could RNC change their candidate? Could they nominate any one else?
Aaaand todays grammar fails are brought to you by Education Spending Cuts! My favorite of today was someone using the word "are" as the word "our."
You pretty much have to be a politician if you want to become financially independent just through government handouts.
While I agree that we should take care of the needy, sick, elderly, etc. those programs which do should take care of those who are truly needy and not the individuals who are freeloaders.  I'm talking about the people who are on welfare/food stamps/assistance and spend their cash money on weed, meth, crack, beer, and smokes.  Additionally there are individuals who will intentionally not take a job because it will jeopardize their assistance.  These forms of assistance are for those who have no alternative and not those who are too lazy to earn money.  It is a temporary means to an end (which is scoring a paying job) not a means to stop working.  That's called retirement which we hard working, tax paying individuals are working toward.  Guess to sum it up is that I'm ok with providing assistance as long as it's regulated to ensure the people it is going to are actually looking for work (not just a few applications to keep the programs satisfied), not screwed up on drugs or other forms of substance abuse, and are actually reporting any income they do earn in the interim. 
Let me see if I get this correctly.  The republicans got their way & cut taxes so much that many Americans don't pay any federal income taxes & now these same republicans are saying these same Americans are moochers?
+Marvin Vanover No one has a problem with that. Now they may have a philisophically different view, that your neighbors, charities, friends, and family should be doing that and not the tax payer. But the reason for that difference in view is not because they don't want to help you, but rather that it's morally wrong to steal from one man no matter how noble the cause.

If I approached you in the alley with a gun and demanded you give me X amount of money so I could help someone else that I deemed needed it more than you did, is that morally right? Of course not.

I a group of people (democracy) approached you in the alley with a gun and demanded you give them X amount of money, because they were all going to give money, to help someone they thought needed it more than you, is that morally right? No.
28 million Americans on food stamps. Fire him.
+Bala Sankar the president is suppose to do his job which is serving the people. Romney has served people his whole life. All obama does is campaign. We need a president who will do what is best for the country and not himself. Obama puts all the hard decisions on hold until after the election won't give congress a budget and has the audacity to blame everyone else for the countries problems. A leader does not ands can not please everyone.
Nathan wasn't Chuck Norris saying that so many Christians stayed home and didn't vote for Obama and he won and now you are telling me to stay home and not vote instead pray? Sorry my brother I will do both as a God fearing Women. 
I second +Shaun Duke - flabbergasted!

By Mitt's definition I'm more of a maker than him since I paid twice as much in taxes. C'mon, Mitt! I can't carry you any longer, you Taker.
Obama took your civil rights away in the first 300 pages of Obama/Plocey care what's that worth probably nothing to you. Its the blood of my ancestors that means nothing to a Democrat these days. When Christ comes back what side will you be on then? Do you think A Jew would ask an Obama Democrat for stock advice?
Many people desperately need help. But that doesn't mean that it is the governments job. we the people need to step up. Welfare has become more if a political tool than it has a help for the needy. It is the nature of "entitlements".
+Antoinette Moore The answer is always ask for help, from dems or reps. The difference is where they want you to turn. Dems want you to turn to them, to give them power over you in the future. The reps want you to turn to your neighbors, charities, family, and friends, those people that ACTUALLY care about you and will help you to not only get through rough times, but to get back onto your feet. And in turn, rather than paying it forward by giving dems control of your life, you pay it forward by helping your friends, family, neighbors and the charities in your community.
To those worried about poor people getting a free ride on welfare, a lot more of your money is going to the fat rich guys. Follow the money!
Very incisive analysis on part of Romney. But, perhaps some people have made themselves comfortable on welfare for a reason(s). The workplace, much like the schools these days, could be made safer, more democratic?
Really, in all fairness, I'm sure there has been a few years that Romney didn't pay any income taxes....
There's not a single thing wrong with what Romney said. Looters realize that they can vote themselves more entitlements off the backs of the producers.
Ezra you posting an anti Romney post shocking you fucking MSNBC weasel, BLOCKED
I do hope romney wins so the people will rise to the call for the evolution of the USA.Or if people actually care about this country they can elect me as president via a write in. 
+Robert Kappel this was no "Isolated sound bite" the complete video can be seen easily enough and the context is exactly as portrayed in the OP.
Romney is unacceptable for POTUS by this comment & this comment alone.
I am so disillusioned about the political process in this country that I had decided not to bother voting.
This video has convinced me I was wrong I will be voting for the "better" man and this video shows that man isn't Mitt.
He had little chance of victory before this but after he's done, thankfully
I am so sick and disgusted what I thought our country stood for now I understand why so many signs are present.
I am voting for a Libertarian. I am tired of the extremes of both the Dems & GOP. It makes me sick.
As an unemployed person, I planted a garden & grew some of my own food.
Mitt Romney is one of the biggest fucking leeches this country has ever seen....he's got some set even bringing this topic up. Suck the blood until there's none left....Buy and bankrupt, right Mitt?
Romney proving yet again what an out-of-touch elitist he is and why he should NEVER be entrusted to be the President of the United States. He has a warped perspective about who actually creates jobs in this country (consumers, working people, the middle-class), and what a social safety net is in place for (to help those in need of it, not a disincentive to be productive).

I have news for this arrogant SOB, I voted for Barack Obama and felt better about that vote than any election I voted in before, I will be voting for him again. I am not a "taker", I'm a worker, I take responsibility, and I care about my life. Save for a short period years ago of unemployment when my job was offshored due to NAFTA, I've worked all my adult life and have never used the social safety net that my taxes help pay for (yes, I pay taxes, including income taxes, and I'm taxed at more than 13%!).

There is no way I would support someone like Romney, not because I believe in hand outs or can't grasp his rhetoric about being productive, and it is certainly not because I don't appreciate or comprehend responsibility. It is because he offers monumentally bad ideas, he is completely insincere, cannot grasp what it is like to actually work for a living and live from paycheck to paycheck and he most certainly does not deserve such a noble office. 
+Dan O'Brien LMFAO, pathetic and hypocritical. I donate over 10% of my income to charity, I donate my time and efforts to others on a regular basis. 
That's just considered normal for us conservatives, we actually help our fellow man and want you libs to start putting up as well. 

So before you decide to accuse conservatives of not caring how about your side actually starts putting their time and money where their mouth is instead of taxpayers time and money where your mouth is?

"...research has shown that conservatives donate about 30 percent more than do liberals."

Read more:
I wish they play that video before the election night
Kind of reminds me of the guns and religion comment by the then Senator Obama.
Being from NH and dealing with arrogant people from mass. is an every day event if you don't them you really should't defend the extremely offensive.I understand arrogance defends arrogance deal with reality he uses his wife's MS as a tax deduction all the on the campaign trail says if any other person has MS it's a preexisting condition that shouldn't be insured.  
I find it amusing to have stepped away to do work and return to find the thread has been taken over by dozens of bizarre crackpot conspiracy theories (oh noes, the commies be taking over).  These things have become so ubiquitous that nobody even bothers to try to defend them anymore.  It's enough to cry "COMMUNISTS" or "FASCIST PIGS" or what have you.  Far be it for anyone to actually prove any of that...
As a potential president of the "people of america" , his remarks were extremely offensive and hypocritical. He said he DOES NOT CARE for 47% of America based on a very conservative, unsupported, and subjective "theory". This does not comply with his championing of "God" and "Christianity" which teaches humility and charity.  
I see elders working coming out of retirement I see children working at 14 years old I see the rich with companies overseas protecting from being taxed I see people with 3 or 4 houses that are empty and just used as vacation homes I see the rise of food I see the rise of gas I see people working in 2 to 3 jobs to provide for there family but still coming up short I see a president that is aware of our crisis and still taking the Leap of Faith to help his country and stay in office to work for the people. Obama has my vote.
+Dan O'Brien Is exactly what is wrong with american politics.

"a lot of the people who vote for Romney would very much appreciate you dying."

Are you kidding me!? Because of their political affiliation, they want you to die.  Does anyone actually believe this crap? This sort of outlook on the opposition only leads to division and hatred.

I don't believe most anyone would wish death upon me, especially because they are part of the other party.

You're a sick human being dan, mentally ill.
+Devin Christensen why are you so quick to stick yourself in a category? If your this good person you claim, it has nothing to do with your party affiliation. I am sure most people are referring to actual politicians and their stance of where we as a people stand. Careful claiming your affiliations and being so naive to believe they even care of YOUR best interest....last, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.
yep +Dan O'Brien That's why i provided a source, because they were just made up stats.

I can't take this idiocy any more. You provide no substance dan, you divide and hate. #blocked
+Antoinette Moore just please stop you are hurting my brain. NOBODY CARES THAT HE'S BLACK. HE CAN'T DO THE JOB, VERY SIMPLE. +Devin Christensen as much as I enjoy reading your posts, there isn't any point in arguing with rocks. I don't want one of the few intelligent people in this country dying early from high blood pressure
Romney is an insane man, I would never vote him 
"If your this good person you claim, it has nothing to do with your party affiliation"

You're right, but my values and beliefs have a lot to do with my decision on party affiliation. 'birds of a feather'. His generalization was what prompted the defense of conservatives.

I don't believe any politician has my best interests at heart, only the naive do. Which is why their power should be limited.
+Craig Miller You are truly an idiot!!! That comment about the 47 percent had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with "RACE" it had to do with a class of people whom would rather sit on their ass and collect free money.. You made it a racist comment because in your mind you categorized those people as being from a certain nationality or skin color, therefore, you ARE the TRUE racist here for exposing your most inner thoughts and beliefs....JACKASS!!!
I pay a higher % in taxes than Romney does and I support Obama. I'm what you might call a producer, I make things for a living. Romney is just another kleptomaniacal financier. 
D Block
Oops!!! Someone call Rick Perry??
Thank you +Blake Williams 

I normally have low blood pressure, but probably not right now. I just can't take the lunacy that will destroy our country. 

Anyway, I think I'll take your advice and go to bed. Enjoy your evening.
+Devin Christensen  You are the biggest tool I have ever heard in my life. Keep drinking the kool-aid, brother, and keep believing that anyone who is not a conservative is your enemy. You are so quick to judge others, label them, put them in a box and hate them. Fuck Romney, he doesn't have a chance in hell to win......but before you label and judge me, I am not voting for Obama. 
+Dan O'Brien um myself and other like minded conservatives don't care about race, unlike you who in every argument inserts race as a one-up. I feel bad for you man :/
I blame Apple. They have billions in cash just sitting around. They could go spend it. Invest it. Create a few jobs. How many other companies are sitting on wads of cash that could be stewing a bit of progress? Just thinking out loud here...
Skipping past all the entitlement zombies here, it comes down to this: Take care of yourself. I'm all for giving someone a hand when they're down, but that's not forever. If you can't find or make a job for yourself in a year's time, you're not trying very hard. You're living on someone else's labor and if you're not ashamed of yourself at that point, you should be. I refused to live off of someone else's labor, and I MADE my own job by starting my own business. It hasn't been easy and there were many nights at first when I had to skip meals just to keep the lights on and a roof over my head. But I didn't lay around feeling sorry for myself and living off the work of someone else. Now I'm making a decent living again and, BTW Mr. President, I DID build that. Not you. Not anyone else. I did it. So yeah, Mitt is right on this one. GET OUT THERE AND MAKE A LIVING!!! Wash windows if you have to. Work fast-food. Do what it takes to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and stop expecting someone else to take care of you. In all but a tiny fraction of cases, it really IS that simple.
There is no point arguing over this. Neither party can offer us help. Nobody in power will ever sacrifice anything to help out. How many government jobs are sheer waste? How many secretaries secretaries are important enough to bankrupt the country? Are all the government jobs helping us AT ALL? All this completely foreseen bickering is the smoke screen to allow the government to do what they have always done..... KEEP EVERYONE RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE.
+Antoinette Moore and what if a rock falls from the sky and hits you in the head and you can't work the rest of your life?

I'm just illustrating the absurdity of this claim. Most charities I'm involved with don't ask many questions, other than how can we help.

Let's do a little case study, and next time you are in actual need, can't make it without assistance, go to a charity first. See what they say. IF they say no, my guess is that they'll direct you to another charity that deals with your specific needs.

I've been on the receiving end of charitable organizations and individuals a couple of times, they are great to deal with. They actually help you move forward with your endeavors and they are a lot less paperwork.
Well I'm a under class american who works 50+ hrs a week to take care of my family I pay my taxes and yes I get help from the government if they didn't help me I would have to live in the ghetto in a trailer with my 3 daughters daycare is so expenses for one kid it is 250 a week without help. With help from government I pat about 75. Thank you Obama my family voting for you.
+Craig Miller please rethink your statement. If you can find where race comes into what YOU said in a direct quote then I'm happy to listen. I'm against racist remarks as much as anyone. Welfare is an income based (or should be anyways; there are some exceptions to this) situation, not a race based situation.

You are the one who brought race into the conversation. Prior to you there was no mention of it.
Austerity is a serious mental disorder.
It's funny how all you lib sheeple can't see the irony in your pathetic arguments. A true conservative wants less government and more personal responsibility right? Well if we want that, why on earth would we want a growing lower class? We wouldn't...but why would liberals want that? A growing voter block. Yawn this is like 3rd grade stuff people. Might be hard for you I suppose...
And If not for Obama my wife would not be in school right now. She also works a full time job How dare some rich snob say we are lazy we work more and harder and have a better appreciation for what we have than any class
He is so out of touch from us
Romney is the epitome of the taker class!  He took everything from everybody, that is, he took an enormous slice (percent) out of our American economy when he sold out the vast majority of our good paying upper-middle class manufacturing jobs, and sent them overseas to the highest bidder.  That is how he built his fortune.  Yes, he personnaly did it, as the founder and brainchild, not to mention single stockholder (100% owner) of Bain Capital, the company that Romney started for that purpose, and which did almost all of the outsourcing---a nicer word for sending almost all of our American jobs overseas.  Oh yeah, he REALLY loves America, all right.  He might be able to squeeze us for a few more trillion.  Then he despises and derides all the 'bums' out there, with no jobs.  Now, he's promised to end the Food Stamp program, when he becomes President, that one third of Americans are now dependent on, to stay alive.  I wonder if he plans a humane execution program, or will he just wait for the coming zombie apocalypse?  Hitler was kinder to the Jews. 
+Blake Williams while your scenario is brilliant, unfortunately, it is completely negated, do to the fact that you think either party looks at things that deeply. This is what rich people do as a hobby...its called govern. It allows them to protect what they have and create the ability to gain more.....for themselves.
Mitt Romney has lost his "Damn mind" Hay Romney I'm in that 47% that is voting for OBAMA. I'm not a victims, I am a American.
+Steve Sampson I completely agree. I hate that this issue is not top of the list. Unfortunately it gets blocked by "man of you white, you racist". Super frustrating that nothing can get done
Good thing I don't pay taxes or I'd be pissed! Poor Mitt I feel bad for him. It's line that kid that was forced to play the piano so he intentionally played bad to mess it up. He's got to be doing this on purpose! 
That's just a load of crap and it is against federal to to record anyone without their knowledge. Which is how this statement was acquired. If that's what the opposition has to do to demonize Mr.Romney then maybe we should really think about who some people are actually trying to re-elect.
+Tyler Durdin I don't argue that. However, that doesn't mean race has to come into everything. It's also not one sided. I'm a conservative because of its ideals...Not because class or skin color. It bothers the shit out of me that the only thing a democrat can argue with is that I'm rich, white, hate poor people, hate black people, am selfish, yatta yatta.
+Jo Anne Thompson I hope you realize the rich benefit off of govt programs more than anyone else, in the form of tax breaks and other incentives. Romney is a typical rich guy telling the middle class to blame the poor.
I used the help that is out their but I always have worked.people do need to take control of their own lives. I say give more power back to the state. You don't like it move
+jackie watts you cant be serious?.....tell me for real, you think this guy or any politician aint sayin this stuff behind closed doors? look much smarter than that.
Give generously to the poor, not grudgingly, for the Lord your GOD will BLESS you in everything you do. There will always be some in the land who are poor. That is why I am commanding you to share freely with the poor. Deuteronomy 15:10-11
+Antoinette Moore you sound like you know what you're talking about. Would you mind explaining to me how the economy works? I need to learn from you

Romney can kiss me ass and my vote goodbye. 
Reading all these comments over the last hour, It's apparent and extremely sad how truly divided a country we really are. The only things we seem to have in common are our intolerance, complete distrust of anyone or group that is different, and our disregard for spell check and basic grammar. Black people, stop playing the victim and being baited by small minded comments, we're better than that. It is so obvious that the "Right" has this complete disdain for minorities, and it's insulting that you think we can't see that. Condy and co. just give you plausible deniability. Still, it must be frustrating dealing with the fact that in order to advance your ideology and protect your way of life, you have to back this man who has clearly proven he's inept. If some of you would put down the watercress sandwiches and take five minutes to get to know someone outside the Limbaugh fan club, you may find that some of that 47% that you dislike so much are not the drain on society you thought. Some are actually good decent people, hard working tax payers even, but I drive a Prius, so what do I know.
Michael -  I deleted my last comment, and I apologize. I am not going to judge you man, I am sure you pay more than your fair share of taxes and it is frustrating to see others who have it easier than you. My point was more about not everyone who is poor or receives some type of government assistance is a lazy, worthless SOB. Yes, there are those who take advantage of a broken system, but you cannot tell me that the wealthy assholes like Romney care about you in any way......nor do the wealthy Democrats either. We gotta change the system, and that starts with not voting for either of the two evils. 

Jill Stein 2012  

or if you are more conservative,
Gary Johnson 2012
Divide and conquer......Vote A or B its all Goldman Sachs and Rothschild profit
First he said the middle income is between $200.000-250.000, then 47% of Democrat supporters depend on gvt handouts. Welcome to the IDIOCRACY!
You need a new attorney because you are getting ripped off! You should not have to pay anything if you have them 1/2 a month period. Just pay your expenses while you have them! Use the next $1,600 for a new lawyer! Not my business anyway just a comment! Good luck!
Romney told that 47%  not to vote for him unless we believed being the number one Super Power was more important than the people of the United States. That is what made the USSR cine apart.
Wow do none of you see the division Obama has.created in the America ? All u obamorons need to wake up and educate yourselves although Romney is.far from a.choice.conservative.candidate he is miles better that obamoron the baby killing piece.of shit who's.foreign.policy is.basically blaming us.for.everything and what he doesn't blame on.American people he.blames on bush grow up good God
+brett arney how the fuck is a gross generalization like 47% of people feel like the deserve free housing an accurate statement? I think 100% of people will vote for a president based on party affiliation ALONE. Am I accurate? I have to be more so than that nonsense you're agreeing with.
We tend to chiche and sterotype in this country so much that unless you go down in the street today and talk to one hundred people of all races and economic income?  You will tend to believe what others say about the very people you should be talking to directly.
+Adrian Atwater I was right there with you until you brought out the stereotypical argument. So if one republican if racist, all are? I'm so tired of it. Nobody argues that there aren't good, decent, hard working people at the bottom, and if they are they're stupid. But you completely contradicted your first point with your second point. I'm disappointed in you sir
Is there a way to designate your taxes to pay for the national debt? If I could pay more, and know that it was going to pay down the debit, I would most defiantly pay more. Unfortunately, I do not trust our governments cash management abilities. It seems there is always some crisis that forces over spending and there is no end in sight....pretty scary. If Obama can fix it, great. It Romney can fix it, awesome. It just don't see anything changing for the positive no matter which party is elected, it seems like some sort of scam. 
In general many republicans think any type of government safety net is bad. They are on record as wanting to reduce spending on entitlements (read social security and medicare for seniors and childrens health). Note that social security and Medicare collect specific taxes for the benefits. And the politicians have squandered the social security surplus built since 1983. 
With clowns like this trying to run the country what do you think
the drug abuse and crime rate will look like in five years?
And any.of you.who support lazy asses who refuse to work and just.gather welfare food stamps.and dust are a burden I'm.all for helping the poor and.disabled and elderly but not the stupid asses who just keep.pumpin out kids with no desire just.collect off of you.and I and by the way before you disallusioned assclowns start in on me I fought country and am a disabled veteran but I know.the difference its.too bad a lot of yoy dont
With a name like Billy Graham, wouldn't expect any less than a hate-filled moronic statement that ends with "God"
And give up.the race card yoy morons so.sick of.yoy playin that bullshit
If 47% surely won't vote for him, does Romney expect 95% of the remaining to support him so he wins? Bubba was right about the arithmetic not adding up.

Also, isn't it likely that a significant % who pay no income tax (I.e in the 47%), pay more than some others by means of property tax + sales tax + capital gains etc.?
+Billy Graham voting for someone just because its not what you currently have is not a good strategy at all.
Lmao I dont hate common sense or values or faith or morals I however do hate ignorant shits like you who base you arguement solely on name.calling and race no.policy no hey we r better now because you need an education but with obamoron inoffice its no.wonder your uneducated
+Daniel Reidy That is true...unless however, you are secretly recording said conversation and are NOT a party to it, rather and outsider in which case that is illegal. Read again carefully.
+brett arney don't let the door hit you on your way out.  Keep searching for that conservative utopia.  Have you considered Somalia?
I agree Tyler and I'd love to see Paul win but come on we both know that's not happening most Americans just want their welfare.checks and they don't care Hell over 50% don't even know what obamoron stands for cause they like.him should.have to take a test to vote
Okay here is the problem with this post, who cares what Romney said, if you are saying something bad about him it is because you are a dem, if you are saying good you are for him! No one here has pulled anyone to one side or the other. The problem is they are both lying about something, they are both going to spend money the U.S. Doesnt have. They will both have their supporters. We as a people have split in the direction chosen before this election came to term. We fight and bicker about parties and not people. You do not know what kind of a president Romney is because he has not been one, sure obama has but is/was he any good at it? Just about all the middle east hates us, russia is mad because we are bigger them now, north africa hates us, in fact its most of the Islamic nations that wouldnt mind wiping us out and yet we fight more and more amongst ourselves of who is the better candidate, i do not care who you blame bush or obama but these last 4 years on his watch have not been great due to the lack of foreign policies and us standing up instead of tucking our tail. Now you can say it is due to lack of jobs, old people having no money and work longer, poor people burdens, or what ever else you all are twisting the words of the post before yours but until we are a united nation on a broader band we will not have to worry about these post very much longer, every great nation before us imploded as will we if we dont get a grasp on reality and the fact that we are the greatest nation ever in history with our freedoms and abilities, but we have to come to a resolve as a nation for our children and children's children if we ever want them to have a nation to take pride in and not a dried up has been that is owned by some other country we owed money to!
+Antoinette Moore you didn't really answer my request but I'm not surprised. I figured you'd bring up Bush. Tell me what exactly you think he did? Was the mortgage crisis his fault? Or was that caused by Clinton and his deregulation? Was it war or was I the only person that wanted it after 9/11? Was it his Obama-like bail outs?

Bush was a pretty moderate republican and Obama hasn't done anything different (patriot act, tax cut extensions, more bail outs). How is it that you can attribute all problems on Bush but not Obama? Are you that short sighted? Were you born in 2000?
I watched some more footage from that 47% clip - and wow; the comments about his wife, unions, Mexicans, and saying that he inherited nothing does not help his image as far as I am concerned. I guess he was right about not worrying about the 47% (which is me I guess) and is focused on being more extreme in order to create division among Americans. 
Been to Somalia where I was disabled as.matter of fact during operation restore hope
+Tyler Durdin "how many government jobs are a sheer waste"? How many are a sheer need? We do not have enough people researching infectious diseases, sustainable food use, anti terrorism units and coping with a Chemical/Biological attack. All these are just the "insurance" personal the government provide. I.E. we may stop a bug from infecting every crop in the united states. These are low probability research jobs and often unprofitable. Yet they may just keep us alive. 
The dirty little secret are things like him and half of Washington are a
bunch of dysfunctional coke heads,this country is done look for
total economical collapse in the next five years also.
+Kevin Schirado how have social security profits been squandered? They've been used as intended...and that's why I'm on the record saying I want reform. It's NOT sustainable. Doesn't mean a safety net is bad, but it's not good if even the people who need it in the future can't rely on it.

Man I guess I'm racist because of that...
Well +Nicholas Marzola thats incorrect, there are plenty of trolls out there like myself that claim NO PARTY AFFILIATION. Nobody should be claiming ANY allegiance to this scumbag or any other. This Mitt Romney character is proof positive that we will vote for whatever party we are registered to vote for. This is part of the GOOD ENOUGH government.....people will vote for anyone.....I still talk to people who say they wanted Donald Trump
Vote for the one of less evil acts. Abortion?
+Tyler Durdin I'm right there with you. I'm not voting either. Thinking about joining the Texas secession movement. You should come on over :)
Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who CLOSE THEIR EYES TO THEM RECEIVE MANY CURSES.Proverbs 28:27
+Antoinette Moore Please for the love of all things holy, trying to make sense of all your grammatical jibberish is severely hurting not only my reading comprehension but also my intellect....So please just stop and go to bed already!!
both parties and candidates are the same thing.. 
i am tired of paying taxes so some lazy fuck on welfare can get free healthcare, when I struggle to pay for my own.

I think there should be a new policy. If you don't work a job, and you have never served in the military or for the government in any fashion, then you SHOULD NOT BE ELIGIBLE for any government assistance.

ROMNEY 2012!!!
+Shaun Duke context: "The very poor have a safety net, so I don't care about them. If there are problems with the safety net, I'll fix them.
I don't need to care about the rich, they're fine. My campaign is all about the 70% in between" paraphrasal, but the context matters.
+Dan O'Brien you argument is already invalid because I'm not racist. Sooo...Good luck with that.

Obama has sent just as much, if not more, jobs overseas. If you didn't know that, figure it out. Good luck with that one too...
This subject has some complexity, and I can write as simply as Romney spoke and appear I don't care for the poor. Not so. What I don't care for is 'poor' as a perpetual institution that will not improve in spite of all the countless millions spent to help. And how frequently do you hear the poor thank their fellow Americans for their help? Never.
Here's the reality of the situation folks...  If you're voting for either one of these goons, your freedoms are toast.  If people opened up their eyes and voted by who would follow the U. S. Constitution to the letter, we wouldn't be arguing about who should be president because in our hearts, we'd automatically know and agree with one another.  Instead, we'd be arguing with our fellow neighbors who's going to be Governor of our respected states.

If the common people were smart, they would vote Libertarian for the US Government positions and leave the rest of the mess up to the state governments.

I honestly can't see either one of these "top" Candidates as someone who respects civil liberties as stated in the U. S. Constitution.  You do realize that our current president signed a bill that allowed our government to detain any American citizen indefinitely without having to provide any reason whatsoever?  Personally, for the distant future of our country and freedoms, I will always be voting Libertarian.  +Gary Johnson is the one I'm voting for.  Everyone else can vote for the lesser of two evils.
I don't care for the poor. I say it without fear and I don't give a damn what anyone thinks of me for saying that. I've been poor. Living in a one bedroom shack, doing any odd job, and service for my neighbors and landlord just to make rent. 

I was able to Pull MYSELF out of that hole, ON MY OWN. There is NO REASON, why others can't. It's a choice, you can stay poor on welfare, or some other government program; or you can grit your teeth, tighten your belt, and dig your fingernails into the dirt. Life isn't supposed to be handed to you on a silver platter. You are SUPPOSED to WORK for it. 
The only thing I have to say is we are all people poor rich and whatever race we are we were created for a higher place then this Earth and all the little things that will remain here after all is gone remember your calling to The One and Only The Almighty
I suppose this is what happens when politicians put reality aside and go with their gut ignorance.
+Zander Gavin let's not go that far. There needs to be assistance. Assistance at a reasonable and beneficial level. I do agree that it's at a ridiculous level right now
+Zander Gavin with that mentality......NO MATTER WHAT....SOMEONE SINKS TO THE BOTTOM. Something tells me you had a LITTLE help somewhere. If not.....there before the grace of G_D goes you, I guess.
Blah, blah, blah.

With few exceptions, all I've learned from these posts is how much one side hates the other, and what each side is against. Wake me up when you have solutions and you're ready to tell me why I should vote for one party...not why I should vote against the other!

(I don't know why I bother to read comments. All they do is make me sad. I should know better by now.)
+Zander Gavin Mitt Romney had his wealth handed to him on a silver platter. He didn't work for his riches, his father did.
Ahh so much passion... If only the politicians on all sides cared about us as apparently we seem to care about them...
Why do you NEED to vote +Shawn Alvira? 
+Antoinette Moore I have 3 degrees under my belt. I've had all "learnding" I can take from you. Unfortunately some where along the line you lost the ability to think critically. Instead you are told what you're opinion is and spew out party pick up lines. With that said, I will end my conversation with you like this: I think you're part of the problem. Is it because of your skin color? Nope. It's because you are unable to provide one factual statement and therefore do not know what you are really supporting. Good luck
+Tyler Durdin (implying no-one else recognizes that name)

I'm not denying God may have had a hand in my success. What I said was, the Government DID NOT. Which brings me to another point. Why did you CENSOR "GOD"? Those who are ashamed of him, have no business speaking of him or his works.
Should of had a Black Republican run, just so that race wouldn't be a factor, we as people should be more than surface skimmers when it comes to information. We need to vote for who is more qualified and prepared, you need numbers and facts not promises. Ask for outlines and blueprints and not speculation and jargon. But hey for some reason everyone expects the economy to be fixed in 4 years forgetting that it takes time to rebuild confidence in a system that failed. Only time will tell until then I'll stick with Obama 
Anyone with any intelligence knows what was really said when they watched Mitt Romney's speech on shows like Rachel Maddow or Chris Mathews... The speech given recently at a Republican Fund Raiser by Mitt Romney refers to 47% of American voters (half the country) as moochers, freeloaders and "victims". Romney went onto say:
"... It's not my job to care about THOSE people..."
it was always obvious that he wasn't concerned about the middle class but now it's evident that he doesn't care about poor whites either.
Let's remember that "most people on food stamps are white".
So he doesn't care about them too? Shameful for someone asking to lead ALL"Americans" as the President of The US of A!
Mitt Romney wants to be President of 1% of America!
And you +Zander Gavin have no business addressing THE father by ANY name. Your vile tongue shows him no honor....look what you have spewed against his sick. I pray he does not remove your tongue.
+khiefer bell I really do believe most people do skim below the surface. Does that mean all do? Nope and that's really unfortunate. I wish there was something to be done about it. This problem has been growing for decades and it will take decades to fix. I don't think the current and last president helped at all
+Stephanie Mims you literally put words into his mouth and took one sentence out of about intelligence. Geez (don't worry I don't like him either)
Mr. Williams, you are absolutely right. As a matter of fact I know not all Republicans are racist. But I listen to a lot of talk radio, the right included and you must admit there are a lot of racial overtones. I will admit that the argument has been used so much its lost a lot of punch, but if it walks like a duck. Here in NC Republicans don't seem to have a problem coming up to me and giving me their very candid opinions about the President in very disrespectful tones. And I never once heard anyone scream at Reagan "you Lie!". But shame on me for buying the hate. At least we're talking and for the most part it's been civil.
One thing this article neglects to mention is just how many of those who pay "payroll" tax are only working the bare minimum so they don't lose their monthly government check. If they make too much they will be kicked off welfare. I see it every day working in the library system. 
Anybody pointed out that before reagan, the top bracket income tax rate was over 70% and capital gains taxes were more in line with the income tax rate.... since then it has slowly been reduced to the current 15%. The rich has essentially lobbied congress to pay less taxes based on the debunked myth of trickle down economics.

If business investment is supposed to create jobs, how come the recovery of the stock market has not returned unemloyment rate to its pre-recession levels? How come the conservatives don't talk about the fact that the gov't can create jobs, at least temporarily in infrastructure projects and public-private sector partnerships. In fact, many so called small businesses do business with the government. Oh wait, The House under GOP control has tried to block virtually every piece of legislation Obama supported, slashed thousands of jobs from the public sector... etc. But i digress.

The most troubling implication of this quip by Romney is that anyone who gets a shred of gov't money are moochers when a good number are just people on hard times who just need a little break they earned by years of payroll taxes. By dehumanizing them into a statistic he has basically ignored their dignity. This is a subtle way for him to engage in talk about class warfare by dividing the country into anonymous us vs them statistics. Sad really...
I am afraid rich people still pay most of the taxes in the US and UK even if it is unpalatable to hear
I find it amusing that so many people parrot the same "I don't want to pay taxes just so some lazy bastard can get free healthcare" crap, as if all your tax dollars go to such people and not to infrastructure, defense, and so many other things upon which a functional society relies, including health care.

So many Americans are convinced that "socialized anything" equals "communism". They are no longer able to even consider the notion that a socialized approach to some things (not all) is the better way to go. Indeed, many other countries have socialized health care and while such systems have their own quirks, they are far, far better off in this regard than the U.S.
+Edward Turnock  That's because we have a progressive tax system with means higher amount of income get taxed more.  If you think about it, taxing poor people more wouldn't be effective in terms of funding government services and it would be a vicious circle into even worse poverty for the poor.
Your absolutely right +Darren Schebek but it is not their fault, this is the nonsense their party feeds them. The reason its the subject of every election....because what better way to get people to like you, than to be the guy telling you, who's hurting you. The mentality of a true snake. Become popular by eliminating the focus on yourself....turn the public against each other.
+Paul Chambers ...Very saddened to read of misfortune....and the belief that things could of been made easier for you in your time of need. Let me offer this advice.....Do not waste one more second or hour life worried about any of this earthly nonsense. None of it. Rack up bills, waste your money, buy new gadgets, put no limitation to anything, enjoy your family. Sure, you seem smart, so you are thinking easier said than done.....or this Tyler guy is an idiot. Its easier than you think......try it ;)
I only agree with Mitt cuz there are too many dumb and lazy people , still I vote Obama 
+Tyler Durdin The thing is, people don't have to eat what they're fed. This race is so insanely polarised, everyone is saying either "the Democrats ruined the economy" or "the Republicans ruined the economy". In my opinion, they have both been taking turns ruining the economy over many years.

Neither side is perfect. No side can be perfect. Both sides have done good things for the country and bad things. Some of these things are superficial and some have long term effects, for good or bad. A good government would, I think, try to do things where the bad side effects are as superficial as possible and the good side effects have long term benefits.

But it seems Americans these days simply will not stand for anything they perceive as bad regardless of the duration. So what do they do? Confirmation bias. They focus only on all the good things "their" party does or stands for and only on all the bad things "the other party" does or stands for. From a rational standpoint, it's absurd.

Here in Canadaland, we have... Stephen Harper. I wouldn't vote for him in a million years and he's already done so many bad things that I can't believe he hasn't been thrown into one of the many pointless new prisons he's building. But even I will acknowledge the good things he's done, such as investing in infrastructure, trying to reform the senate, etc. In my opinion the bad stuff he's done far outweighs the good stuff and I hope he burns in whatever hell he believes in, but that doesn't mean the good things he's done aren't any less good.

People need to look at all sides of the picture. Nobody ever does any more.
Every time there's a big heat wave or cold snap the morgues fill up with dead pensioners who couldn't afford heat or air conditioning. I find that at odds with the 47% characterization of freeloaders on a gravy train.
+Robert Kappel
There is nothing wrong with challenging people to more and greater things. The problem is not everyone is capable of or desires more or greater.
Both parties have been building massive dependent classes. The Right constantly blathers on about handouts [Welfare, Soc. Sec., Unemployment, Workers Comp., etc ...] that are "enslaving" people but have been unilaterally resistant to curtailing their own handouts [tax breaks for the rich, tax breaks for businesses, relaxation of the definition of the word "person", more tax breaks, relaxation of anti-trust laws and enforcement, extended and enlarged tax breaks, etc ...]. We The People have given up most of ours [even if not by choice], when will you give up yours?

@Devin Christensen
Romney is both retarded and absurd. What Olympic event was Romney running in? 100 meter dislocation-of-employer-for-increased-shareholder-profits? The Blame-put? Discus-nothing-of-import-to-the-working-class?
Vote Obama?  Get off your uneducated ass and understand what Obama has done...oh, that's right, NOTHING.  Understand that our constitution that WE KILLED and STRUGGLED for was build under a foundation that we take care of ourselves, and that means family and everything.  It is NOT up to the federal government to take care of this...and if you honestly thing that it is, you are a pathetic human being how needs to move to Cuba.   As Americans, we have the right to do what we want to be successful and if you do not agree, you are a sad, plan and simple.  I'm so glad that you honestly think that the federal government needs to make your decisions for you, good job!
David, where have you been?  Our presidential elections have lasted this long for years that's why a president has to get his agenda implemented in his first year because his 2nd year is the congressional election & he needs to start running for re-election in his 3rd year. 

Our western allies need to defend & prrotect themselves instead of calling 911 (the US) & expecting the US to rescue them.
I received my first paycheck with taxes deducted when I was 12 years old for delivering papers for the San Francisco Examiner. Mitt Romney's first job ever was a desk job he was recruited into at 28. His second job at Bain Company resulted in a bankruptcy like many companies Romney's been associated with. These bankruptcies have resulted in tens of millions of dollars in unpaid federal taxes and federal pension bailouts. Lots of those dollars ended up in Romney's overseas bank accounts. 

Don't even give me any bullshit about handouts. 
He said all that look it up on YouTube its him in his own word being such a bitch sorry people his an idiot
Racist comments thats likley coming from Mitt The Cheater. Haaaa
+Curt Dox The problem with a 23% expenditure tax is that wealthy people can spend their income in any country they please. Therefore only lower middle income and below families would suffer such a high tax rate. 
I'd have to agree with Romney, on to much dependency for liveing on gov. For voteing for who you want is your choice, for fair taxs (was any of those ceo's charged any more taxs? for getting bonus for being the ones behind high unemployment, job losses, forclosures on homes, homelessness, ect.) Even depend livers pay a sales tax. But we can't continue to live another 4 years with under such ideals any more. Take a closer look for yourself. If all parties on capital hill can get togeather and cut the BS and solve problems instead of being problem builders then this nation can be truely blessed once more. End of story.
why can't america look beyond republicans and democrats. where are the other parties?
Isn't Mitt Romney the award winning journalist from the well respected Fox News?

SPOILER: Sarcasm may or may not have been used in this post
Question from a non US citizen: doesn't the Republican party see itself as the more Christian party? How does being Christian, i.e. helping those in need, loving your neighbor as well as your enemies go with the egotistic, elitist, anti-charitable mindset of this candidate? His idea of society seems to resemble the ancient Hindu caste system with a left on its own pariah class of poor people rather than an inclusive Christian society (no, not trying to judge Indian society, love India in fact). Anyone?
Why is it when we give citizens anything its "welfare" or a "social program" but for corporations its an "incentive" or "economic zone" ?
I would gladly pay 10% more in taxes to feed a child or get a sick person available treatment and medicine than fund one more billion dollar wonder weapon that doesn't work....
To bad there is so much hate comments. D. M. aren't we are being screwed now? Think about it!
The MOST IMPORTANT part of what Romney said, by far is — "What I have to do is convince the 5 to 10% in the center." — THAT is what American Politics has been for as long as I have been an adult the last 20+ years. Democracy? Hardly. 2 parties fighting for the 5 to 10% in the middle for a winner-take-all gamble is NOT the epitome of Democracy and Representative Government. We vote either way — and we get 2 different approaches that satisfy that NEXT 4 years requirement the parties have for themselves but the long-term, neither side is doing much to look into. Each vote matters but critically THE LONG TERM matters MORE because that next 20 years will be far more turbulent than the last 20 given the world we live in and the number of people + resources in it. Keep that in mind when you are actually voting.
+Hugo Diaz Get out of here with your "knowledge," "wisdom" and "logic." Don't you know this is a political discussion? 
If everyone turned out to vote a Kardashian would be in office.....
If you Yanks vote for Romney after what he said you really are a bunch of twits.
I consider myself an intelligent person, college degree, and for the most part most people seem to agree with me. But I have no idea what Hugo just said in the least bit at all. I'd like to be more knowledgeable and educated with politics, but can never seem to get the interest. I do charity work, started a 501-c organization. I don't want to ever seem unhumble and I'm not saying look at me or I'm great, but I do think I'm doing my part. I just can't seem to ever feel like I can make a difference by getting involved in politics.

I very much enjoy charity work. I would love to be a part of a committee in government that does work to help people. Kids, helping educate kids and adults, pretty much helping people in every and any way they need. I do have a college degree in education.

Ok, sorry for the long post, I guess I was just talking to myself. I think I know what I want to do with myself in the future. Thank you.

 _“I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."_

You don't have to Mittens, they already did and voted for Obama.  It may not be the best solution (Obama works for his donors like you do) but it's better than signing their own death warrant.  When I see starving bankers and CEOs begging on the streets I might be willing to think again, until then I think "your gang" needs to learn a new tune.
+devin mynett never overestimate the quality of American education, we don't teach our kids to think and reason, just to believe and consume.  It's more efficient don't ya know - all that thinking just gets in the way and costs too much money.
Would the poor Republican voters care about this, I don't think so. As long as it's not Obama, they'd probably believe even when Romney is telling them the earth is flat.
From: Clay,
     The difference between the Democratic, and the Republicans party in 2012, is that the republicans stand for protecting their wealth and growth, for the private business sector. If you look at most of Willard M. Romney' strategies they evolve around tax cut, for the wealthy or are based on gains for upper class businesses. The Democratic party  on the other hand stands for equality, by fighting for the rights of the people, for the people.  

        Equality is what makes our country into the great nation we are today.  But,on the other hand Romney's strategy’s is designed for the rich, and only the rich. The only thing Willard wants from the middle class Americans, is for  middle class families to pay higher taxes, to create loop holes for tax cuts, so the wealthy can pay less on taxes. I don’t have anything personally against Willard, but these statements are true and based on facts from information I retrieved by conducting research and based on information from news sources; and from media resources, pertaining to both parties, the Democratic and Republican.
+Karen Young
Australia like many other allied nations never asked the United States to "help them" in times of war as your post seems to suggest. Ironically those smaller nations actually came alongside America when America asked for their assistance.
This is what allies do. Btw. Many of those allied countries were fighting years before America entered the two great wars... Americans entered those conflicts... Last
I think you are being a bit unfair. The United states didn't ask Australia for assistance during either World War. Your Queen did.
I've worked all my life and paid my taxes and I'm going to vote for Obama again.
And I think history is pretty clear that Great Britain eagerly asked us to "help them".
I do agree with everything else you said.
And your votes are administered by a company registered in Spain that is run by two Ukranian brothers....
Go figure.
@ Andre Fennell

What and the US "helped" the UK & the Commonwealth for for nothing? (Save for the few US volunteers who joined up early out of conscience)

Both times it was because the US was provoked that they joined battle and in the case of the second war, if you're going to have a jump-off point to invade Europe, it's handy to have a place where they kinda speak the same...

Plenty of money made by the arms manufacturers, plenty of bases in Europe post-WWII to keep Uncle Joe's minions at bay, stopping UK development into breaking the sound barrier, yeah, go look up where Bell got the intel from to stabilise the XU-1 - the UK got reamed for years whilst Europe was rebuilding.

You should seriously study US history and US-GB history in a country other than the US.

And believe it or not, HRH QE2 is not 112 years old and there have been four monarchs since World War 1, which started in 1914.

She's not "my Queen" because I didn't vote for her... OOh, Dennis, there's some lovely filth here.... ;)
Way to ignore context. I thought you guys knew context after "you didn't build that".
He needs to be rejected with and repudiated in the election with a loss so big my fellow republicans wake up and smell the coffee

This guy is not good for America we need an honest man 
No one said it was out of nobility or altruism , like any other nation in any other war.
My error about who other than the United States called you to war. Us Yanks aren't too swift when it comes to monarchy after all
No one said it was out of nobility or altruism , like any other nation in any other war.
My error about who other than the United States called you to war. Us Yanks aren't too swift when it comes to monarchy after all
I disagree with the analysis of Mitt Romney's statements.  It is historically true that there are die-hard Democrats who will vote Democrat no matter what.  The same with Republicans but I've found this to be especially true with Democrats.  The point being made is that many in this large group include those under entitlements that have become dependent on them.  In fact, and I can swear by this in my daily dealings with people, it is far more beneficial not to work and continue receiving entitlements than it is to work and strive toward independence and dignity.  Basically, he's being truthful in noting that no matter what he does he will not be able to sway this group of core followers of President Obama.  Naturally then, you need to concentrate and focus your efforts on those whom you can persuade and affect.

I work closely with a variety of businesses.  Most fear expansion and will not hire due to the pressing mandates on businesses and especially the health care situation.  The cost now to support an employee just doesn't justify the hire in the first place.  I don't care how egotistical people are about business they need to understand that without business they have no livelihood and there would be no prosperity.  These caps and regulations on businesses need to be lifted, yes even taxes, in order to allow them the ability to expand, grow and hire.  It's called the free market.  It's capitalism.  It's not perfect but it has enabled millions the pursue their dreams.  Allowing businesses to naturally grow will help the poor with their situations better than government entitlement programs design to oppress and keep them under thumb of dependence.

The same with health care.  This country was founded on expanding the liberty and freedoms of it's people.  Allow them the liberty to choose their health care plans rather than have it appointed unto them.  Let the health care industry compete thus driving down cost.  To throw a blanket over the nation drives up cost on everyone.

Those who like to point fingers don't want to hear it but you must deregulate business in order for business to flourish and provide the people the opportunity to prosper through personal choice.
I would never vote Republican or Democrat.
+Rarian Rakista why would anyone read a biased opinion piece that takes words out of context for personal gain?
+Sebastian Boppert your barking up the wrong tree with Romney. He is probably the most charitable presidential pick we've had in a hundred years.
"So notice what happened here: Republicans have become outraged over the predictable effect of tax cuts they passed and are using that outrage as the justification for an agenda that further cuts taxes on the rich and pays for it by cutting social services for the non-rich."

Wait a minute guys...the elderly, disabled, military...etc don't pay taxes...WTF Mr Romney???
+Erick Lampro .... oh and Romney has NEVER taken our president's words out of context for personal gain? Please!
He's absolutely right. All the government has done is create a class of people who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives, feel as if they are "entitled" to things simply because they exist, and have no interest in being independent, meaningful, and productive members of society. THAT IS THE WELFARE STATE. People are happier when they DON'T need the government to take care of them. 

And once that number gets to 50%+... good bye America and hello Europe. Wonderful times all around. The entitlement society will be in full bloom and we'll have squandered all our Founding Fathers gave us and entrusted to us!

This really isn't a political issues - it's an independent versus dependent issue. Do you want to be free or do you want "Big Brother" looming over you, taking "care" of you, and controlling many aspects of your life?
There are indeed "makers" and "takers" in society, but that is so simplistic of an approach to categorize this way, for there are a huge group who are both, and a huge group who for whatever reason are not in the position to simply say, "hhhmm... I think I will be a maker instead of a taker."  We will always have both and should always consider both. We will always have the poor, the ill, the handicapped, the disadvantaged, and those for whom life just happens -- nay, shit happens. 
Do you have any idea how long it took me to scroll down this far (on my phone, no less) just to mention +Gary Johnson ?
The sustainability of our social programs has become the crux of the Repugnantcans propaganda lies. We turn a blind eye to out of control defense spending, and tax avoiding millionaires (like Romney) and focus on our elderly, sick, and poor, who need assistance. The fact is that there is much less abuse of these social programs that the right wing want you to believe.
I am a long time Republican and I will not be voting for this jerk. All he cares for is the rich and shipping more jobs overseas.
Is there some reason why fiscal conservatives are fine with reduced income tax on things like capital gains income (i.e. no work involved) but reduced income tax on people receiving assistance is an example of bilking the country?  I assume the latter are those to whom Romney is referring in his comments. 
+Jesica Engle Do you actually know what the Tea Party movement is about or are you getting your "information" from MSNBC, NBC and the others? Here's a hint, if you're listening to anything the Main Stream Media tells you (ANY of them), you're misinformed and listening to an agenda, either on the right or the left. 

The Tea Party movement wants the government to abide by the US Constitution, cut spending, balance the budget, and stop implementing Eurosocialist entitlement programs. There are fixes for the healthcare system that don't involve government, for example, allowing competition across state lines. That would help tremendously.

The government isn't a solution to anything, that's the core philosophy. Americans are capable of doing anything and that spirit is what sets us apart from every nation on this planet. The government is killing that spirit generation by generation with entitlement programs. Interesting word "entitlement". A lot of implications there.

Oh, and the Tea Party isn't racist. I love that red herring. They don't want the government growing larger and engulfing more of the economy, yet because President Obama is an African-American, that makes the entire movement racist. Liberal logic right there... when you have nothing of merit to counter with, the other side is racist, sexist, homophobic, blah, blah, blah. 

And Minimum Wage isn't meant to be a living wage. It's meant as a motivation to get off your butt and make something better of your life (not you specifically, the general "you"). It's meant for teenagers and the like for entry into the workforce to see how things work and get some experience in keep schedules and dedicating themselves to something. It speaks volumes of this country that people are trying to be content with minimum wage instead of fighting and working to do better. 
The left grasping at straws once again.

Anything to not have to discuss the unemployment rate that has been over 8 percent for 43 out of 44 straight months under Obama.

Or the fact that the average length of time on unemployment has jumped from 20 weeks in 08 to 40 weeks today.

Or the fact that this president set the goal of cutting the deficit in half by this time in his administration, and instead its up by 5.4 trillion dollars.

Or the fact that the median households annual income during this administration has dropped by just over 4 thousand dollars.

Or the fact that Americans in general have lost 40 percent of their net worth since Obama took office.

And on top of all that the foreign policies that were supposed bring back the support of the world to the United States and make the world a safer place have instead left our embassies throughout the middle east under attack and our people to be murdered....

Yeah... Let's talk about anything and everything but that stuff....
+Michael Torres what you said doesn't add up there. ($120,000/26 weeks) x 0.14 = $646 every two weeks at 14%. Next, you made the decision to have six kids. Did you consider how much it costs to raise each kid for 18 years? Every time you decided to have a kid or decided not to take precautions, you should have asked yourself "can I afford another kid" and "how will this impact my quality of life?" Now, because you resent having that many kids and look at others with envy of how they dress and live Just saying - that is what I heard. Personally, I make less then you and I still pay more taxes - over 1-1/2 the taxes you pay. It is not my favorite thing to do, but it is the cost of citizenship in the US.

Also recognize that many of those people turn to drugs out of hopelessness. Many of them have criminal records. I don't imagine it being easy to think that the best job you can get is taking out trash or cleaning up bathrooms or flipping burgers. Let's see you try to take care of your kids, one kid even, on $1200 a month working the best job you could possibly get - not using drugs or alcohol. Those are the people who need welfare the most to fill the gap. Just because there are moochers that does not mean that no one should get it.
At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if by next month he admits to having a drug addiction and a secret mistress in each of his Caribbean getaways.

Go Mitt go!!!
+Chris Janecek No one is talking about raising taxes on anyone. We are talking about expecting them to pay their fair share, and they are expecting a get out of paying taxes coupon from Romney because I am elite and people are just going to take advantage of welfare.
Btw do you really think your "Popular Vote" matters?
Romney video has more truth in it than 4 years of Obama.  Spare me the fake outrage from the democrats who want free healthcare, free abortions, free transgender sex changes, free food, free housing, etc. etc. etc.  

This is just another distraction to Obama's disaster at home and in the middle east.  I'm sure most of you Obama supporters have no idea Obama was caught in a huge lie that they were not warned about the Embassy attacks.  

Useful idiots.
It seems like this US Presidential elections will be about two very different models of government. Have you ever had such a sharp distinction between the two candidates?
I'm shocked there aren't more pluses and comments listed here. These comments are insulting and inflammatory to say the least. To say that those who vote for Obama believe they are entitled to healthcare, food and housing... Really? I think everyone is entitled to healthcare, food, housing, air, sight, hearing and a slue of other things as human beings! By the way if I don't pay taxes, I want all that money back. I've been getting robbed for years. 
It's not a new concept....

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

Romney is just smart enough to recognize the reality of what he's running against.
Romney is right. There is a part of America that is heavily dependent on government benefits. Hell, that's one reason why Obama was elected.
End welfare and all entitlements. If you can't afford it you don't need it, daddy government shouldn't provide it for you. That is all.
Reelect Obama and we'll have at least $20 trillion in debt by 2016
The evidence shows that corporations and the rich AND conservatives are eager to take from the public treasury when they can. That Government acts as a referee to protect those with no resources is good for everyone, not just those protected.
@byron there are plenty of bloodsuckers in every society and every organization, doing as little as they can to get as much. There is also great honor and hard work among these same organizations, and many highly intelligent, self educated, proud and solvent Americans voted for Obama. In contrast, many of the people rabidly pushing for Romney are old failures who would have no bread on the table without SSA, would have no way to pay medical bills wo MCare and are collecting some BS money for some equally BS "disability" -- or are getting sibsidies they are too dumb to even know they are getting. Many of we "overeducated elite" voted for Obama and many of us got that way by working and going to school and the GI Bill and a lifetime of hard work and good luck. Your generalities are no more valid that Idiot stick Romney.
Romney has sucked at the tax system and the bankruptcy system like a greedy, newborn piglet
no such thing as a non taker in american society or any society .The only difference is How much people take and from whom and where and what for. and how much it affects other people.
Even mitt must off taken from the government at sometime
Of course it is Obama and his healthcare and other reforms that jump-started the debt... You don't even recognize that huge spending (through debt) were the 'realpolitik' of those US politicians that posed as 'liberals' and wanted 'small-government'.
Sad but true. Our system is flawed in favor of both makers and takers, hence the diminishing middle class. Economic status needs to be regarded as a journey not a destination. Contribution to society, not government, needs to be the focus for all members of it.
Romney could get some of the 47% to vote for him if he promised to try create an America where they could earn enough to pay federal taxes instead of slagging them off for not earning enough. 
That's not what he said, no matter who you prefer to win the election at least be truthful
To be quite honest i agree with mitt many people in america expect to be hand fed by the government so they can be lazy and live meaningless lives
  There is a part of America, dependent on government benefits.  The elderly, depend on SSI, Medicaid and Medicare.  Some very young people are on the same boat, because of health issues at birth.
  23+ million Americans who are and have been out of work for months and even years now, depend on food stamps and TANIF, for their families.  Of course, it wouldn't do any justice for Mitt, to speak of the jobs he took away and outsourced to other countries.
  In the past years, retirees have lost their retirement, people have lost businesses, jobs, their homes, and much more.  These are the 47% Romney speaks of.  But Romney says they aren't victims, they just want to rely on government handouts.
  These are the people, Mitt Romney views as the enemy of "His," America.  These are the 47%, that Romney wants to erase from the earth, to make "his," America more profitable, more streamlined.  He can't seem to grasp that millions have ended up this way, after stock market manipulations, corporate greed, and a corrupt government, that was content to let it all happen.  Because the politicians have their own personal interests in the same things. 
  Romney's a businessman alright, and as any businessman would understand, to make more profits, you have to downsize your payroll and your overhead.  And you have to eliminate liabilities.
  America, if Romney is elected, 47% of us can expect to get our "pink slips."  The day is again coming to America, when poor people will be scraping  trashcans for something to eat, because people like Mitt Romney doesn't think being rich, is rich enough.
  And God bless the sick and elderly, the children born with birth defects, the unemployed, the pregnant rape victim, and all the rest of you leeches, on the government tit.  Because according to Mitt, it's all your fault that America is in such a state, and if elected president, he'll make sure to clean all of you out!
How is that racist Craig? The whole notion that the rich don't pay their fair share of taxes is a lie. The top 3% of earners pay over 51% of the tax revenue the government collects. While almost 50% of the the other 97% pay no taxes and most get more money back from the government than they even made during the year. If anyone isn't paying their fair share it's probably you. And by you I mean you.
How about Obama's theory of richness?
Not surprisingly, whenever someone says "the top 3% of earners pay over 51% of the tax revenue," they intentionally neglect to mention that the those same top 3% control an even larger percentage of the monetary wealth in the country.  So, yes, they are covering a larger percentage of the tax burden, but that's because they have a larger percentage of wealth.  We call this inequality.

If you want people in the bottom 97% to pay more in taxes, you have to give them better incomes (on average) and stable employment.  We've been doing the exact opposite for over 40 years, and it's getting worse.
+Aaron Houk If you like math, why aren't they paying 97% of the income tax?  Since they have 97% of the wealth?  
Romney is right. Most of those people feel entitled to housing and money. I know plenty of those people. I pay plenty of taxes as well. And Obama is the worst president ever. Romney all the way. 
Ppl should really take a look at the core of our problems in America. If all we do is treat the symptoms then we never can find a cure for the thing that actually keeps us unhealthy. Let's take a look at the three major holocausts committed by a government onto a group of ppl, Jewish, African, and white American. Of the three only the first 2 were treated, which results in the third group being so devastated that they remain in that state of oppression and death. White America's are in the most hurrific holocaust of our times. Instead of chains around the wrist and gas chambers. The one percent has created a group of ppl so driven by hate and misinformation that it has lead to the most deadliest form of slavery.. The vote against thy own interest.
How about we get poor people to pay their fair share? The conversation is ludicrous, because it is true. Everyone getting govt aid is voting Obama so they get more. Your fair share is actually zero. End the wars, end the welfare, end the ponzy schemes, end the bloated evil in DC. End taxes. Tax Chinese junk to pay for the highways and be finished
+david greifzu You've obviously have never been poor. What exactly is a fair share for poor people to pay?  10% of their income?  5% of their income?  20% of their income?  I suppose 10% of 20,000 dollars is only 2000, that still leaves them 18,000!  That's plenty to live on.  Especially after you increase the taxes on cheap, imported chinese junk which they most likely are the consumers.  
I enjoy how informed everybody thinks they are by repeating campaign slogans and misusing statistics. Maybe capital gains should be taxed more like income, but entitlement and government spending needs to be reeled in also.
Here is a summation, from what I understand, of the basic principles behind the Romney and Obama parties.

Romney is supporting economic growth from the standpoint that the rich will create jobs. He believes in the trickle down effect where the rich get first dibs and then create jobs in a corporate ladder where the next highest gets second dibs and so on all the way down to the poor class. This would be a great system for everyone if it weren't for mechanization (the replacement of humans by machines). It is now more efficient for machines to do boring jobs that poor people used to do, like automation lines, checkout clerks, and pretty much any minimum wage job you can imagine. Machines don't need vacations, pensions, 401ks, hourly wages, or sleep. This results in poor people losing jobs. If people don't have jobs they can't afford the necessities of life like food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare. They then have two options. The first option is to live in the "Government hammock" as Romney put it and let the government take care of them and hope that their children have better opportunities at education than they did. The second option is... Well, to give up and die. Sadly, from a monetary perspective it would make more sense for them to die, and that is what a lot of people who are not poor class seem to support. It makes sense that the next evolution of the monetary-market system is for boring redundant jobs that nobody wants to do to be replaced by machines, while the poor go away and the educated thrive on. However, if you're a member of the poor class or the "takers" as Romney put it, you're likely in less agreement.

Obama seems to believe in a humanitarian approach. He thinks that it is our duty as a nation to help those who are in need whether it be people suffering overseas or in our own neighborhood. All of his bills, including the infamous "Obamacare," are aimed at accomplishing just that. He is attempting to tweak the system by creating programs designed to assist those with financial needs that are not currently being met. It seems that his ultimate goal is to take people who are born poor with inherently less opportunities and give them a fighting chance. He is doing this by trying to update the education system and make college more affordable.

Romney seeks to eliminate government spending on programs that support the poor. My prediction is if we were to abolish many of the systems currently supporting the poor class such as welfare and food stamps, their would likely be a huge surge of criminal activity as they fought to survive, and then many of them would just die out or be put into our prison system where we already have the highest number of citizens per capita in the world. The kids today better hope they work hard and get an education because there are no more safety nets.

The Obama approach seeks to create more systems to support the poor class, and take the money they require form the rich. This will likely result in less middle class jobs as the rich have less money to afford them, but will reduce criminal activity and give many children born to poor families a higher chance of joining the educated class.

So to sum it all up, Romney's approach seems to be more practical from an evolution of society standpoint, while Obama's approach seems to be much more humane. In my opinion (have to keep pointing that out) the next stage of our society is here right now because of the advancements in technology. It's just a matter of how we transition. Do we want to live in a society where the economy advances while we let the uneducated die on the streets or in prison, or do we try to give them opportunities to grow and become members of the educated class at the risk of of economic collapse? I believe Romney supporters seek the prior and Obama supporters seek the latter.

Fun fact: approximately 75% of the jobs present today could be replaced by mechanization tomorrow. So what class are you really in? Something to keep in mind when you vote.
The remark about those who don't pay taxes was about 8 words at the end of a paragraph discussing those in this country who believe the government owes them everything.  And someone else should pay for it.  Leave it to Klein to pick the fly specks out of the pepper, and try to bend the whole discussion in a direction it wasn't leading toward.  Liberal lapdog.
ANYONE is better than Obama. I'm voting for Romney.
Taken out of context, I can see how people might suppose that that he has no interest in representing those who don't pay income tax.

But, he's talking about his campaign and more specifically likely voters.

Now it would, be truly decisive and hateful if he actually said that during a campaign speech, say to rile up his supporters.

But that's Obamas job, Mr "guns and bibles".

The hypocrisy is astounding, but not surprising.
That wouldn't have anything to do with the difference in income between those 3% and the rest of the country, would it +Aaron Houk ?  

Almost 50% of us get more money back form the government than we made during the year?  I call bullshit.
Racist? Really? Look up the definition, moron, and then get back to me. SMH
I have been poor, and I am poor. Taxes are only required to keep the DC gravy train running. We dont need taxes. Fair share is zero for everyone. The government is causing poverty. the Democrats divide people on race, sexual orientation and class. Both parties do everything thing they can to not do anything for us, just to maintain their jobs and make Americans hate each other. republicans and Democrats are equal in their ability to sell out to special interest groups. You people are doing exactly what they want you to do, slight of hand.
How does the Church of Latter Day Saints' welfare system work? Are all of those people victims?
so if these  people arent takers should we just shoot them or use some of the nazi's methods...since they are useless to the Republican party,  hope none of your family members fall into this class..but on the other hand..less Christmas presents you may have to buy..;)
It's not my fault that I born poor, growing up in the ghetto, rely on American cheese. But I worked hard. I work while was in school. Even with financial aids in College, I still have to take two part-time jobs. Now that I have graduated, getting a job that pay $70K/yr. I am paying back my fare share of taxes.
Same tax laws apply to rich and poor alike.  Everyone has the SAME opportunity to leverage the tax laws the same way everyone has the SAME opportunity to leverage welfare.  I was on welfare at one point, now I make over $100k.  The system works, but you have to get off the system, which is the POINT of the system.  To give a hand up, not a hand out.  It is the responsibility of capable adults to produce and contribute to society, not for society to produce so that others don't have to contribute.  Sould the rich pay for the poor just because they are richer..... no.  They took risks, they built something, they deserve the money they earned.  The SAME opportunities are available to EVERYONE, the question is are you punished for taking it and succeeding?  I hope not, that is VERY UN-AMERICAN written by an American that has fought for his country and knows men and women who died for it.
Fuck you romney and all his followers.... I work hard and i pay everything i have to and never get benefit from nobody sooo fuuckk youuu
Ezra, With yet another distortion, you add yourself to the ranks of the "true believer" duped class--since you apparently like to talk about class division. There is no Romney theory of a "taker class"--that's your theory. What is truly disturbing is your "bread and circuses class" (think ancient Rome; Google it) to whom you are pandering.
oh I think we know who the duped class is.. ahemm..
If you remove tuition assistance and keep driving down wages through outsourcing how can a person be responsible for themselves.  Oh wait I know, guns.!  A person can use a gun to be responsible.  That's a great world you desire Ezra.
John Patti. Look outside your own personal back yard. The GLOBAL economy is in the tank. No country is immune to it. It's Republican policy that help create the problem, and they wouldn't have done any better solving it over the last four years.
Mitts finally come to realize he's not going to become president, so now he's helping Obama win the race.
It really doesn't matter who is president. The US government has nothing and is practically on welfare itself, and no one man can fix that.
Obama does ride on the backs of the entitled classes of I deserve some free... whatever. And Romney will alienate a lot of these so called Obama cares about me.. But the numbers in a comment up above show all this best ... Democrats deficit spending is nearly double what Republicans have been .. and until a family knows how to budget along with government ... no one will win..
J Gohil
Lets see .....who take off ....
I dont care how you spin the numbers , the rich still pay the bulk of the taxes. Not by percentage of their income or wealth, but rather by the sheer volume of money that they have to be taxed in the first place.
I would never vote for Romney but he is not out of line here.
+Robert Hewes that's the dumbest thing I've ever read. Nice try, I'll trust the private sector and free market every time over the government in growing the economy and creating jobs. I'll use Obama's 2009 stimulus as my example, incredible waste of tax dollars with zero to show for it. Still in a huge financial mess. 
+John Kennedy "Fair Share" is a very subjective term and who are you to define it? Wealthy currently pay 70% of all taxes, is that not enough?
I wonder if Romney is intentionally sabotaging his campaign. At the very least he does not comport himself as presidential. And his remarks on the middle east are even more concerning.

He continues to reinforce the stereotype that defines him.
This person couldn't have been that great at Bain Capital, he can't even manage to get a campaign right.
61% of the people #MittRomney believes take no responsibility for their own lives paid more in taxes that Mitt did!
"Among the Americans who paid no federal income taxes in 2011, 61 percent paid payroll taxes — which means they have jobs and, when you account for both sides of the payroll tax, they paid 15.3 percent of their income in taxes, which is higher than the 13.9 percent that Romney paid."
ter nea
Self destruction of a Presidential campaign?   Just like John Kerry? sure looks that way to me also. Every time this idiot opens his mouth, he trips over his own stupidity!   No one can be this stupid without trying, and the Illusion of Democracy marches on....
All I know is: I want to get on Obama's payroll :-D

In any case, Romney seems to have struck a nerve. Doesn't bother me, as I'm not in that 47%. 
Although some of the facts can be debated, Mr. Romney's point is clear, and is about how any politician must run a campaign.

There is a portion of voters who will vote for the opponent no matter what he does or says. His comments were focused on how to win over swing voters, and the message they need to hear.
Frank M
At least we heard his position before the election. The Post's article is actually quite revealing, too - I really suggest reading that!
Are we to think the "takers" are not those with money?
Are there ANY of you that actually get what's at hand here?
Personally, if this happened in real time, I'd leave you all behind. Seriously??? Is naivety so rampant? Is lack of thought so bewildering that you cannot possibly comment in a fashion befitting less than Planet of the Apes??
I am personally ashamed to be within the same species. if you want to make a difference, stop pretending, stop bullshitting, stop. stop. stop. stop. if you gave a shit about what happens next, go ahead and give a shit, Stop what happens next or don't, but please don't think you're doing something by commenting on web sites.If you want to do something and if i am able to help, my email is
otherwise, please do attempt to be quiet. it helps us that are seriously trying to do something.
Frank M
Would you care to elaborate what exactly you're trying to do? I mean, other than insulting us with rhetorical questions?
John:  You have to recognize that there are gatekeepers on the web who prevent us from getting each others messages sometimes.  What are we trying to do?
Ezra, I'd say Romney was in the Taker class.  Am I missing something?
ter nea
There "are" some takers... maybe 3% of the people, but then... there are "thieves" like Romney!   A tax cheat... a draft dodger plus a convicted liar. "Nuff said"! Oh wait... and a complete idiot to lose an election that if he had just kept his stupidity to himself he would have won by more than 100 electoral votes. Amazing!    Only in America, huh?
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